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Ghost Hunters #206: Theater/Firehouse Hauntings

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Air Date: August 24, 2005

This was the epitome of the quiet episode. There was not much going on this week for the TAPS gang except for the departure of embattled tech manager, Brian Hornois, on a self-imposed leave of absence.

The first case was a theater where a spectral woman in a white dress had been seen in the seats and on the stage. There is absolutely nothing notable about this investigation. Devoid of both interesting storylines and evidence, it provided only the merest backdrop to some explanations of the equipment and method of the investigation.

In between cases, we get our weekly installment of the Brian Hornois saga. This week, Brian acknowledges the issues that he’s had in the past weeks and sits through the inevitable piling-on by Jason, and asks for some time off. Jason and Grant agree and Brian leaves, sans hand-shake or any sort of sympathetic goodbye. This segment had a cold, impersonal touch to it that made me wonder if it weren’t somewhat staged (either before or after the actual event) for TV. Or maybe things have just degenerated that far? Who knows.

The second case, although an interesting premise, is only marginally more interesting than the theater. The team investigates a firehouse. Stories abound amongst the firemen of spectral walkers. The team goes in and, noted several times by Grant and Jason, sets up and gets ready much more smoothly than during the Hornois era. I guess they don’t miss him, yet. The only thing close to a paranormal experience had was the surround sound system turning itself on, twice. Unfortunately, there were no attendant phenomena to be had so the team was forced to write off the electronic gremlinism.

In the end, for not the first week, it is the internal plot that is far more interesting than the investigations. Hornois is gone but not forgotten. In addition, the teaser for next week shows him coming back, meeting Grant and Jason at a softball park like some kind of low-level anonymous contact. I presume another surprise awaits. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to include ghosts.

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