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Ghost Hunters #203: Meehan’s House

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Air Date: August 10, 2005

They should have called this episode Ghost Hunters 2: Bayou Boogaloo. For the second time in three weeks, the TAPS gang heads to Louisiana.

In our weekly installment of the Brian Hornois saga, Grant and Jason are complaining that Brian is spending too much time on the phone with his sweetheart. It’s always something, isn’t it guys?

The first stop is a plantation house where a female spirit supposedly causes a fuss everytime the male homeowner brings over a “lady-friend”. The house itself is spooky: it is old, full of creaking, uneven floorboards, long halls and wide windows. A Cajun child spirit was rumored to wander the upper floor so up Brian and Steve go.

Downstairs, they try to stage a “lady-friend” event for the spirit but two different ladies can’t seem to lure the spirit to any naughtiness. Upstairs, although thoroughly creeped out, Brian and Steve come up empty. The analysis of the data comes up with one interesting phenomenon: one of the doors downstairs opens and closes itself twice during the visit. A camera inside the room catches the door opening inwards and then closing. Light flooding in from the outside, aided by a mirror, show no signs of anything pushing the door open or afterwards pulling it closed. When they go back for the reveal, Jason and Grant try the door only to find it sturdy, well-hinged, and too heavy for wind to budge much. Weird.

Next, the gang heads to the Big Easy where they are invited by Brennan’s restaurant to investigate some supposedly haunted dining rooms. They get a good meal out of it and some Halloween-worthy folk tales but the investigation is a bust. There’s a party upstairs with them that totally interrupts everything. At least they ate.

Apart from the mysterious swinging door, this was another quiet episode. The door video is, however, pretty compelling, as the light and mirror clearly rule out anyone being immediately outside the door to open or close it. And it happens twice. Jason and Grant give the homeowner some advice: put your foot down. Make a stand. I say forget that, write a script. Call it A Ghost Named Desire. It’ll be the feel-good hit of the season.

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