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Getting a Divorce – Aquarius with a Gemini Moon and a Scorpio Lover: Astrology-Based Advice

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Dear Elsa,

My marriage is ending, which is a very good thing. I am seeing someone else, though (a Scorpio), who is adding to the confusion in my life.

He is foreign, ambitious, passionate, and exciting. When I am with him, everything seems so effortless and my problems seem manageable. Because we both are very busy people, we do not spend a ton of time together, but the time we do spend is very fulfilling. He is very demonstrative and affectionate, physically and verbally, and tells me he loves me and such. However, this is all tempered with days when he is not exactly cold or ambivalent, but close to that.

He'll be distant for days and then jump back to being adoring and attentive. It will seesaw like this. Days that are so lovely, then days that are upsetting, because it seems like we are wasting what precious time we have together. This confuses me.

Is this all just a huge mistake? He has been patient and supportive for the most part, but there are those times when he gets almost fatalistic. There are a million other things going on in my life that make every day a trial, and he has been the one place where I feel calm and like I can be myself for better or worse. But then there are those days when his distance adds to the pressure.

I am so confused, I don't even know what my question is. Is this worth it? I do absolutely adore him but are we just too different? Is this just crappy timing, or could this work?


capricornDear Overwhelmed,

Let me read this back to you, simplified, with my perspective added:

You have met someone new, and your life is in flux. This new person is supportive and has you energized; however he is a human being, with various patterns and quirks. The bastard doesn’t go left, left, left, left. No. He goes left, left, up, down, left, left…

Discovering this is part of the process of getting to know someone.

“Ah ha! My new friend is sometimes fatalistic! How interesting!”

Can you think like that? Of course you can. You’re an Aquarian with a Gemini Moon! So use your God-given air sign ability to detach and see this intellectually.

What’s messing you up is your Venus (love) in Capricorn (serious). You think you need to be building a partnership. You don’t want to make a bad investment! You don’t want to be doing anything frivolous!! And I say you ought to rework your Capricorn, so it sounds something like this:

“The reality (Capricorn) is that, I adore (Venus) this guy. And I can see how much the relationship and his love (Venus) supports (Capricorn) me.

So rather than be frightened I am doing the wrong thing (Capricorn) by loving (Venus) this guy, I think I will take my time (Capricorn) and see if this relationship (Venus) can grow into a real partnership.

“And if the relationship is not permanent, I will still value it (Venus) for what it taught me (Saturn).

Good luck.

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  • or, the divorce isn’t final and that unresolved baggage is taking up space…whether or not this alone is causing the new guy to take a hike now and then can’t be known because the last relationship isn’t out of the way yet…

    it’s never a good idea to maintain tandem relationships — even if one of them is on its way out…the last relationship isn’t over ’til the gavel swings…in this, the new one can’t start fresh or be seen with any accuracy…

    instead of trying to jump between two flying planes, how about standing still on the runway for a few minutes to get your bearing…

  • Oh man. OK, all I have to say at this point is that I am a hardcore Scorpio male (a good one). Gemini rising, Libra moon.

    For some odd reason, Aquarius is by far the most prominant sign making appearances in my love life. One took my virginity, just got out of one intense marriage with one. Many inbetween. God, my heart is a wreck, but more evolved at least.

    OK, that is all for now.

    much love