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Get Your Digital Content While It’s Hot! New Library Is A Tech Reader’s Bargain

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For those of us who are voracious tech readers, there’s a new tech buffet available. And it comes at a bargain price!

Packt Publishing, known for books on open source programming (and now commercial software products as well) is offering an extensive online catalog at an enticing price a little under $200 USD. That’s less than half of what competing online tech libraries are currently priced at.

The library contains over 400 titles, most of which are strongly geared towards the hands-on developer. All books are available on demand from a browser at any time, from any place. The content delivery system allows the user to search across the entire library. Other ease-of-use features include bookmarking and cut-and-paste capabilities. The modest subscription price allows the reader access for 12 months.

For those curious but not yet ready to buy, a free no-obligation trial is available. With the trial comes free access to nine titles so you can see what you think of the content delivery mechanisms.

One last side note that should be of interest to Blogcritics readers: Packt is known for publishing content on cutting-edge topics, especially from open source developers and primary contributors. So if you’re a strong techie who’s also a writer, you may have a shot at publication in this venue.

The library can be found at the PacktLib website.

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