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Get yer G.o.D. teddys er bears…

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It is a bit sad. really, but last night was the last time that G.o.D. will gather at Kingston Road to work on our music. The place has fond memories for us all and gave name to our demo. which we call The Kingston Road Sessions. It looks as if we will be moving operations, at least until John finds a place suitable for his Steinway, to Rob’s house in Orpington. Next Saturday, barring problems, we plan to reconvene at Rob’s to continue working on the tracks for our next album. Rob has excelled himself in learning the bass and was able to impress John with his playing of a rather hard 80s track. Now that we know he can sing, John and I are arranging a few songs for his vocal abilities. Having at least three different voices to play with is most useful and greatly increases the range of songs we can write and record. Once Rob tottled off home, John and I continued to work on music (aided by a bottle of Johnny Walter Red Label Birger had donated to the cause) well into the wee hours of the morning.

This morning John and I had a look at our merchandise and discovered a few rather amusing things. First of all the Teddy Bears are sold out and that whomever wrote the description of the thong has to be taking the piss. The plan is for the band to all buy golf shirts to wear when we all go out together.

The only other amusing things from last night were that there was wee altercation outside the pub while Rob and I waited for Tom. It involved someone who got banned getting violent with staff. A few of the more burly patrons sat on him (literally) until the fuzz arrived. On the other end of the evening, John and I lent our gullets to helping to clear the taps of a few of the beers in the pub. It was our civic duty to help them out before they cleaned the pipes.

Oh yes, and it’s time for those of you into sacrificing things to do so in the cause of our latest attempt to get a deal. If any advice is needed one of my co-writers at Temple of Dagon has written a handy guide. Of course if you don’t know the significance of Dagon, you do worse than read my handy guide to all that is Cthulhu.

Per-Ove shreds for all to hear.

John asked me to do my best impression of Jim Morrison.

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