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Get Out Your Flags! It’s Election Time!

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Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, this year’s election cycle marks the return of frantic Republican flag-waving. It’s the favorite sport of conservatives everywhere – trying to paint themselves as the true patriots while portraying Democrats as unpatriotic or downright un-American.

In 1988, it was Michael Dukakis who was the target when he was branded unpatriotic for vetoing a bill that would have forced children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. This time it’s Barack Obama who finds himself in the GOP crosshairs. The logic goes something like this: Obama doesn’t wear a flag pin, he doesn’t put his hand on his heart when he sings the national anthem, his middle name is Hussein, he wants to get out of Iraq, his pastor is critical of the country, and most importantly, the man can’t bowl to save his life. All this adds up to the fact that, obviously, Obama hates America.


I guess the bigger question is what exactly is a patriot? For many Republicans, patriotism has less to do with love of country and more to do with falling in line with the president’s policies, especially when it comes to matters of war and peace. If you dare to question or dissent from the official government line, you’re branded “unpatriotic” or “unAmerican.” Dissent equals disloyalty. In 1918, Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed, “To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

Freedom of speech is a great idea – just don’t step over the line.

In the GOP handbook, a true patriot must believe that America is better than every other country in the world. Why do Republicans feel the need to proclaim “We’re Number One” with such fervor? Never mind that the U.S. is demonstrably not number one in a number of areas such as education, health care, and literacy rates; why can’t America be the best country for Americans while allowing that maybe Japan is the best country for Japanese? Sure, America is a superpower and has much influence in the world culturally, politically, and economically. Does that mean we have to play the role of a braggart and lord it over every other nation on the planet? Is it some form of misguided patriotism that makes some people want to thump their chests so insistently?

Perhaps it has to do with how George Bernard Shaw once defined patriotism as “your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.” It’s the sort of nationalism disguised as patriotism that leads people to insist that people adhere to superficial symbols of patriotism (flag pins, etc.) as opposed to acting in a patriotic manner.

For some people, patriotism is reduced to that old bumper sticker: Love It or Leave It! Just shut up and don’t ask any questions. Apparently, if you see things in your country that are blatantly wrong (pre-emptive war, torture, etc.) and protest or try to change them, you’re being unpatriotic. But it should be clear that the real patriot is the person who loves his country enough to do everything he can to make it better.

Lee Greenwood sends everyone into a patriotic frenzy when he sings “I’m Proud to Be an American,” but is “proud” really the right word to use? Doesn’t pride have to do with a person’s feeling of self-worth because of some accomplishment? What did most Americans do besides be fortunate enough to be born in the U.S.? Immigrants, who really had to work to become American citizens, perhaps are more entitled to talk about being proud to be an American. Maybe “I’m grateful to be an American” would be a more appropriate way to express one’s feeling of patriotism. It reflects not a sense of superiority but a sense of humbleness; a recognition that we are, indeed, blessed to live in America, and are commited to do all in our power to contribute to its greatness.

Samuel Johnson’s observation that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” has never been truer than today. When Republicans find themselves on the wrong side of the issues, their first impulse is to attack their opponent’s supposed “patriotism.” Hopefully, Americans have matured enough to see through these bogus arguments and recognize that patriots come in both red and blue.

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  • Patriotism is abused on both sides of the aisle, but you’re right in identifying it as a principal Republican propaganda tool.

    That said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being proud of your country either, any more than being proud of your spouse and/or kids is wrong. But you make a good point that it should go hand in hand with gratitude.

    I’m from England, where patriotism is usually understated – far more so than for our partners in the United Kingdom: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. English patriotism tends to take a jingiostic form and is too often associated with the extreme right, so it has racist overtones. An English person’s patriotism, if expressed at all, will usually be in terms of their Britishness rather than their Englishness.

    Since moving to America, I have noticed myself becoming more patriotic. A case of absence making the heart grow fonder, no doubt!

  • zingzing

    also having to defend your fellow snaggle-toothed, oh-chort-chort-chort, i saay, dear [probably gay] chaps from all us trailer park living, pot-bellied, hey y’all, djeet yet? hicks gets on your tits.

  • JustOneMan

    Pretty funny! How come this isnt under Satire?

    This has been a tool and talkng points of the Dumbocrats for years in order to defend their socialist agenda and weak record on defense…It seems the Dumbs, as this author proves, are always bringing “patrioitism” up to somehow make up for their inadequacies…This is an old political ploy of putting your weaknesses out early – just as the NY Dumbocratic Governor did…to deflect future attack. (Read Chris Matthews Book – Hardball)

    As we near the general election I guarantee that Doug and his ilk will be copying and pasting Dumbocratic talking points such as these on a daily basis…


  • Zing2: you need a slap.

  • I made a private bet with myself about half an hour ago that JOM would be the first rightie to show up and drop trou. Guess I can cash in.

  • Morons are as morons do Doc. Just something we have to put up with around here

  • It’s not that Democrats hate America, it’s that they oppose the values which are characteristically American and support values which are alien to our culture and our constitution.


  • Dave, that’s bullshit and you know it, or will if you go to the Democrats’ website and spend five minutes with their platform.

    Currently the biggest threat to American values comes from the Christian Right and their allies in the so-called ‘Moral Majority’, who want the Constitution to defer to biblical law (as interpreted by themselves, of course).

  • zingzing

    Dave: “It’s not that Democrats hate America, it’s that they oppose the values which are characteristically American and support values which are alien to our culture and our constitution.”

    just what is “characteristically american?” our values have shifted over time, as a quick look at our history will confirm. just because you (or i) believe something doesn’t make it “american.”

    and how can half of america support “values which our alien to our culture?” don’t the people within a culture decide what that culture is? and isn’t our culture supposed to be diverse? with a plurality of ideas?

    as for the “alien to… our constitution,” well… republicans give the constitution a beatdown every now and again. more than the dems, the way i see it. but, whatever.

  • zingzing

    and doc, you know i’m right. you start to feel strangely patriotic when you are forced to defend your self or country.

    come on! get a dental plan! stop pronouncing french words incorrectly just to piss them off! clean the bog down the pub sometime! feh!

  • Baronius

    Dread – That’s an attack against the patriotism of the Republican Party. They’re constantly accused of wanting to overthrow the US legal system in favor of a Christian theocracy. Do you honestly not see that as an attack on their patriotism?

    I would guess that for every one reference I’ve heard to Obama’s flag, I’ve heard five comments about McCain sucking up to the theocrats. You’re calling us out on accusations of unpatriotism; that’s the pot calling a tennis ball black.

  • Doug Hunter

    It’s a broad generalization to say anything about any group, but I’ll throw my hat in the ring as well. Generally, democrats are not conservative, ie they believe a greater amount of change and government reinvention is necessary. It’s a simple logical puzzle from there.

    Dems want more change. People won’t change the status quo unless there is overwhelming reason to. Therefore, in order to create the environment for change Dems spend alot of time convincing us how wrong things in this country are. The problem is when, after years of frustration hitting an apathetic public, they resort to sensationalizing and outright misleading people into believing things are worse than the are. This is easily seen as being ‘anti-American’ and something that personally drives me nuts.

    When things really get bad you don’t need propaganda or a public awareness campaign to convince people, they can see it for themselves.

  • “Straw man” would be the relevant term here. The author’s description of Republican patriotism bears very little similarity to reality. Nah, most of us evil rightwing types are all in favor of public discussion of the issues, and criticizing the government and especially individual politicians. Very few would say you’re unpatriotic simply on the count of saying that Iraq was a bad idea.

    But then there’s the prominent leftwing contingent what pretty clearly does hate America, whatever phraseology they wrap it up in. There’s being critical of our excesses or bad strategy, and then there is the knee jerk reaction that America is pretty near always presumptively wicked and evil.

    There’s your Michael Moore and your MoveOn and so on, a good many of whom are clearly anxious to see US defeated and humiliated. There’s your NYT anxious to portray American veterans returning from Iraq as a pack of murderous crazies on a killing spree. There’s the constant stream of anti-American movies from the Hollywood crowd, such as Redacted. Hard to see any love of their country in any of that.

    No one expects “my country, right or wrong.” It would be nice, however, to recognize that we are in fact the good guys in the world. We’re mostly right most of the time, and when we screw the pooch it’s usually from trying to do good.

    It’s totally cool if we’re on the same team and you want to criticize tactics and strategies. Perhaps the Iraq invasion was poorly strategerized. But then there are plenty of folk anxious to take everything about it from beginning to end in the absolute worst way possible, or to just start making up evil crap about oil company conspiracies or American troops as barbarians.

    Positively rooting against the home team just isn’t patriotic, even if you don’t approve of the coach’s game plan.

  • Pablo

    I find the republicans wrapping themselves with the flag quite amusing, and always get a kick out of it.

    My own position on patriotism as opposed to nationalism is this. Nationalism is an irrational belief that springs from self-righteousness, arrogance, and fear. It is frequently displayed by right wing facists under the guise of freedom and liberty. A classic example of a nationalist is Newt Gingrich, who prances about as if he loves this country more than his left wing counterparts. Yet it is this same so called patriot that is the first to call openly for limits on free speech as applied to political dissent. Annother fake patriot (nationalist) is William Bennett former drug czar. He more than anyone advocated random urinalysis tests for average working people. I am not referring to pilots, or bus drivers, but average joes, to prove to the state that their blood is pure enough to be employed.

    I find it ironic that the right wing is usually the first to abrogate rights that are guaranteed under the constitution, as set out quite plainly in the Declaration of Independence. I cannot think of a single right wing republican for instance that has ever raised the issue of the congress having the sole power of declaring war, and are all too eager to break the law of the land and hand this power to the president.

    Whether it is rights that are guaranteed to the accused in a criminal trial, or so called tort reform, to fourth amenment protections against unreasonable searches without probabl cause, to the big brother surveillance society that we live in now, you will invariably find right wingers at the core of such un american assaults on our freedom. Then if you bring in the boogeyman, such as al-ciada they are also the first to demand that we must give up our rights for security.

    Patriotism on the other hand is not nationalism, it is love of ones country, as opposed to obeyance to ones government. Patriotism in this country also demands that one give ones allegiance not to our lawmankers per se, but to the bedrock principles, and support of a constitutional republic, which is that a person is free, and the government is not, and the government is limited to its ability to deny basic human rights to its citizens.

    Unfortunately we have all but forgotten these tenets in today’s empty shell of a republic that was so great.

    A classic example of this phony patrotism that right wingers espouse is the USA Patriot act. The name itself should bring revulsion to all freedom loving americans, as it is the antithesis of what our country was founded upon. The right wingers and the neo-cons just adore not only giving up their rights, but everyone elses as well. From so called national security letters, to library snooping, and Ashcroft’s directive to no longer allow privacy between the accused and her/his attorney, the right wingers lead the way!!

    When people such as myself characterize such people as fascists or nazis, we are not being facetious, but literal. I certainly know that I am being literal. So I want all of you right wing republicans out there, and your neo-con bretheren to know that I for one can’t stand you, and will continue to resist your un american activities until my dying day. I despise you, and I will fight you politically in every venue until your totalitartian ideas are completely discredited and expunged.

    Rally round the flag boys, you only show your true colors every sentence that you utter, and they certainly are not red white and blue.

  • zingzing

    al: “No one expects “my country, right or wrong.” It would be nice, however, to recognize that we are in fact the good guys in the world. We’re mostly right most of the time, and when we screw the pooch it’s usually from trying to do good.”

    “either you’re for us or against us,” said a man. we’d like to think we’re the good guys in the world. it’s true. i’m not 100% convinced that we are. we’re the good guys for america, that’s for sure. but i think we are out there to further our own interests just as much as anything. if that happens to include doing some good, well, that’s just fine, i guess.

    i’m not saying america is always wrong or evil or anything, but we certainly aren’t always trying to do good for the world. that’s just ignorant. generally, we stay out of the stuff that has no direct benefit for us.

    what i’m saying is that we’re not the good guys. no one is. there aren’t any good guys or bad guys really. just people doing what they think is right. or will make them richer.

    “Hard to see any love of their country in any of that.”

    michael moore and moveon don’t want to see america defeated. they live in america. they just don’t want america going around making so that other countries think we deserve it.

    the nyt prints news. “happy solider coming home” is not a headline. returning u.s. soldier suicide and homicide rate spikes certainly is a headline. u.s. soldiers killing innocent civilians is a headline. it’s just the way it is. you know it.

    movies like redacted show a love of what this country SHOULD BE and not what it IS. if we’re torturing people–and we are–then, for love of country, point it out and do your best to put a stop to it. it’s despicable.

    i don’t think the left hates america. it loves it enough to criticize it, however.

  • Bennett

    Great piece Doug. I love my country, would love to see it live up to its noble ideals, and recognize its deficiencies.

    I loath the mud brained chauvinism expressed by chants of USA! USA! USA! at an international sporting event like the Olympics. The event is about the athletes and their accomplishments, not chauvinism masquerading as patriotism.

    Or a “Love It Or Leave It” sticker next to a “piss on whatever” sticker on the back window of a pick up truck. I always think trailer trash and wait for the McDonalds garbage or bud light cans to come flying out the window…

    Being patriotic does not mean that you think your country is better than other countries, it means you are willing to participate in the political process, speak out against injustice, fight for and perhaps die for the principles and freedoms that exist so that your children will have a better country to grow up in.

    You can wear all the pins and wave all the flags you like. It doesn’t mean a thing unless you back it up with action.

    Folks with more than half a brain know this.

  • Clavos

    The whole concept of nations and nationalism/patriotism is rapidly becoming outmoded, anyway.

    In the final analysis, were are all citizens of the world: right, Pablo?

  • Pablo


    What an utterly ridiculous statement that we are all citizens of the world. A cute catch phrase that means absolutly nothing.

    # A person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation.
    # A resident of a city or town, especially one entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there.
    # A civilian.
    # A native, inhabitant, or denizen of a particular place.

    You are as usual taking out of context and entering another definiton of citizen that has no application to the political process, unless of course you meant we are all citizens of the UN, LOL, which btw I am not.

    You may be a fan of globalism Clavos, but I am not, for a variety of reasons. Take free trade for instance, this phrase is almost as ridiculous as the phrase USA Patriot Act. You take a guy in China pay him 5 bucks a day, no health insurance, no unemploment insurance, no building and safety codes, no OSHA, no protection whatsoever, which costs MONEY, and then put up for market his labor making a product with a citizen of the USA, and call that free trade or globalism. It is ridiculous, and absurd.

    I do agree with you Clavos that the whole idea of nationalism/patriotism becoming outmoded. However this is due to such undemocatic authoritarian organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, The CFR, the UN, and various other groups whose agenda is a worldwide feudalistic empire controlled by multi-national corporations that have allegiance to no nation, and certainly to no constitutional rule of law.

    I unlike many of those on the right, believe in a constitutional republic, with guarantees for free expression, privacy, innocent until guilty, an informed jury, and quite frankly the sorvereignty of the individual as set forth in the declaration of independence, that being that we were born with rights, and governments are made to SECURE these rights.

    The whole notion of a democracy is absurd on its face. Democracy is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep deciding who is for dinner. Our sytem of government Clavos, is based on something far more refined and excellent. Which is lacking a 2/3 majority adopted by the states, the government is limited in its ability to infringe on the rights that we were born with. This is called America Clavos, the land of the FREE, and home of the Brave. Today we have the land of the coward and home of the slave, most of whos citizens do not even undertand that each state is a separate legal sovereign entity.

    Citizens of the world my ass Clavos.

  • Baronius

    Clavos, do you also eat hamburgers in front of the lion cage at the zoo?

  • Clavos

    Here’s yer leg back, Pablito.

    I knew I’d get your goat with that.

    I do not give my allegiance to a place simply because I was born there, and I wasn’t even born in the USA, though, by virtue of my parent’s nationality I hold a US passport, as well as one from my native country, to which I have no allegiance.

  • Clavos


    Of course!

    It’s the best fun in the zoo, watching them go nuts with the desire to rip you limb from limb…

  • Baronius @ #12:

    At no point did I mention Republicans in my accusation. However, now that you bring it up, I fell compelled to point out that the Christian Right aligns itself very closely with the GOP. If you can name a prominent American theocrat who’s not a Republican, let me know.

    I just shines my spotlight where the perps is running…

  • JOM: This has been a tool and talkng points of the Dumbocrats for years…

    Dumbocrats? Hey, that’s pretty funny. Did you make that up all by yourself? Of course, Dumbo was an elephant, so I suppose it’s a pretty good epithet for Republicans as well.

    Al:But then there’s the prominent leftwing contingent what pretty clearly does hate America…

    You’re confusing America with the Bush administration.

  • Clavos

    America gave birth to the Bush administration.

    To the rest of the world, America is the Bush administration, and not without reason, either.

    George W. Bush is quintessentially American; no other country could have produced him.

    He’s pure Gringo.

  • JustOneMan

    And Clavos..whats yer point…To America – Felipe Calderón is Mexico…

    Felipe Calderón is quintessentially Mexican; no other country could have produced such as scumb bag.

    He’s a drug dealing, sister selling, wetback.


  • Clavos

    Thanks for proving my point, JOM.

  • In spades Clavos… If you’ll forgive the pun

  • Pablo


    I never said that I swore allegiance as well, you may or may not have noticed. However if I were to win a political office, or to be sworn in as a cop, or a soldier, and took an OATH of office; swearing to uphold (not the president, not the congress, not the preacher)but the constitution of the USA, I would honor that oath. Unfortunately what I see in our country today, is literally thousands of such people taking this oath, and violating its terms on a daily basis. Whether by ommission or commission.

    As I was born a FREE person given to me by the Law of the Universe, Providence, the Great Spririt, Jehovafat, or any other name of Deity you want to give it, I owe my allegiance to only those I swear it to. My freedom comes not from government, but from the very creative force in the universe. The purpose of government as you may recall is to secure these rights.

    The fact is that I do not believe in nor support democracy. I support a constitutional republic (a republic meaning representative with democratic principles) with a constitution and a bill of rights setting forth the limited power of the federal government over the states, and more importantly over the people, particularly the individual from whence all sovereignty flows.

    Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, the Rand Corporation, numerous others I could name… run… the… show.

    They are not Diety however, from where all life comes from, and whom all of us must answer to, I think they have some explaining to do, to that Diety. I can’t wait to watch the show!

  • Clavos

    “Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, the Rand Corporation, numerous others I could name… run… the… show.”

    Well, somebody has to; the peasants are too busy watching “American Idol” and “Dancing With The Stars.”

    And, as you point out, it’s not, and wasn’t intended to be, a democracy.

  • I’ve read through the comments on this “article” and will make the following observations, more unbidden thoughts from Samaria.

    I love this country (Israel). I’ll die to defend it if I have to (more than I can say regrettably, for the United States, where I was born). I’ll kill for this country, even though it may cost me very heavily in dealing with the Deity. This is my home, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world.

    That said, I regard its government as a bunch of traitors. I realize that its ruling élites are nothing better than money grubbing pigs who want the first plane out of here to goyland, where there will be no rabbis, no Torah, and supposedly, no G-d to coerce them into being decent human beings; their theory being that all of these things stand in the way of they’re being decent human beings, citizens of the world, cognoscenti of the world’s culture and smart kikes who can rip you all off. “Somebody has to pay retail”, they joke to themselves.

    The ruling élite rejects the Covenant at Sinai and every Passover flies away from the country to show their dislike for the G-d Who gave them freedom and a Sabbath to rest on.

    Notice, I haven’t even mentioned the Arabs. Basically, so long as my gun is greased and loaded, and I have plenty of clips at hand, I can get along with them. They believe in G-d, and they understand greased guns that are loaded and cocked, with a nervous finger on the trigger.

    No, my problem here is the ruling élite of unJews.

    Because of this, I look at the Zionist flag with suspicion, I look at the government with suspicion, at its police with suspicion, at its media with contempt, and am forced to look at the IDF – whom I should view as protectors – as merely another pack of Cossacks in the pay of Americans or Europeans.

    And I am not alone. The vast majority of us share the majority of my sentiments, and can add lots more resentments to my short list. The élite of unJews has exploited most of the Jews here, treated them with all the respect given Russian peasants, or Indian outcasts, and they spit at G-d with the same contempt. The élite of unJews only fears you – the goyim. The leadership has come full circle from seeking liberation from you to seeking to enslave themselves (and the rest of us) to you.

    It is hard to be a Jew. And it’s hard to be an Israeli – not because of the strictures of the Law, though the Law can be restrictive; not because of the threat of the Arabs, even though they do constitute a threat – war threatens soon; not even because of a lower standard of living (some emigrants from the States can’t say that).


    It is hard to be a Jew because the vast majority of our leaders are traitors and we do not have the power to overthrow them; it is hard to be a Jew because a large number of our rabbis are moral cowards, and most of us do not have the courage to defy them.

    We love this Land; and we cannot leave it without breaking our hearts. This is as true for people like me as it is for those who do leave seeking what the Jew always seeks overseas – more money. Our memorial days are not just times to roast hot dogs. The visits to the cemeteries are frequent and painful. Our history – both ancient and modern – is all around us; and the world does not let us forget it, even if we should desire to.

    Every single day brings news of some Jew somewhere in the world beaten up or killed by a bunch of savage goyim.

    That’s you, folks.

    Goyim. Nokhrím.

    My wife tells me I should temporize in my comments – that not all of you are savages, either in your hearts or in your minds. And that is true, not all of you are savages, either in your hearts or in your minds.

    In fact, the vast majority of you who read this will be quite the opposite of savages, and will be offended by what I write. I’m sorry about that.

    The truth of what I write still stands.

    It is the reason that whenever I recite this prayer, I take it very seriously.

    Blessed is the L-rd, our G-d, King of the universe Who did not make me a foreigner;
    Who did not make me a slave;
    Who did not make me a woman;
    Who causes the blind to see;
    Who clothes the naked;
    Who releases the imprisoned;
    Who straightens the downtrodden;
    Who supplies my needs;
    Who directs the steps of Man;
    Who girds Israel with strength;
    Who crowns Israel with glory;
    and Who gives strength to the weary.

    After watching the soldiers and police of the State of Israel kick Jews out of their homes of three decades (under heavy American and European pressure), I understood the futility of worshiping the flag or the state. They are the mere products of men, and as events show daily, these products have been corrupted beyond repair.

    Watching Jews get kicked out of their homes by the “legitimately constituted”, but totally corrupted and treasonous “authorities” of the state was when I figured out that I should worship G-d in place of the symbols of the state; it’s the only way I can reconcile my feelings of love for the Land and continue to live here, in spite of the poison of the corrupt and traitorous unJewish regime. G-d granted Israel a Land Covenant (Genesis 12, 17) and granted us a Law, and a Heritage here. He inspired me to come, and events transpired that I could come here. So I have, and so I remain.

    Think about what I have written here the next time you are emboldened to condemn each other over stupid things like “unAmerican values”.

    Someone who makes your leaders and who makes you think hard about the ultimate values you represent – whatever his party or ideology – is a patriot. Blindly following corrupt fools is as bad a sin as choosing them, and G-d will hold you accountable for both.

  • Baronius

    Ruvy, I don’t think you should temper your criticism of the Gentiles. We’ve got a lousy track record. I do find your stereotyping of Jews to be disgusting. You’ve got to realize that some rotten people will consider your statements to be a confirmation of the worst thoughts in their heads.

  • Pablo


    What makes you think that democracy and freedom are the same? They are not. I am not a peasant Clavos, I am a sovereign human being that was born free.

    As to the mindless masses huddling around their tvs yearning for more brainwashing, that in short imho is the problem with this country. People like Bush, and his democratic cousins, are not the problem, they are a symptom of a much more insidious disease.

    The problem as I see it quite frankly is the american people who mindlessly go along with the program, never taking the time to really understand our system of government, blindly believing that their vote counts, which is absurd given the revelations of paperless, proprietary source code voting machines. I wish the problem was as simple as those that are in political power. It is far worse than that. People in this country have forgotten for the most part that freedom is NEVER given, it is demanded, and must always be continually fought for.

    You may characterize them as peasants, I far prefer the word sheeple, as they are led invariably to their own slaughter, for now in the rhetorical sense, but perhaps literally in the near future.

    I see little backbone, only mindlesss brainwashed people that love to wave their flag of patriotism, but when asked to explain the difference between a democracy and constitutional republic, will usually reply that you are either an agitator, or that you hate america. LOL

    What a world.