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Get Earth Day Friendly with Earth-Friendly Products and Fashions

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Earth Day is April 22, 2008. That’s just a week away. Have you given any thought to that day or what it means? Earth Day is about celebrating the Earth. It’s not just a big ball of rock, but a living, breathing eco-system of which we are only a part.

Our symbiotic relationship is important. We may be a dominant species here on this planet, but it is our responsibility — and not just a passing idea– to work to help preserve that which we so often take for granted.

Take a moment, sip that cappuccino or plain old cup of java, and think about what you can do to help Mother Earth on this Earth Day. It's not as hard as you think. It could be as simple as recycling your plastics, cans, bottles, and papers, if you haven't already been doing that.

In case you are having a huh? moment, here are some companies who are doing their part in Earth Day. Maybe it will help you wake up and smell the organic and socially responsible java.

Kiehls is celebrating with a freebie. The first 50 customers to return empty Kiehls product bottles to one of their freestanding stores for recycling will receive a Kiehls reusable canvas tote bag.

It can be used to help reduce consumption of disposable shopping bags. There is a limit of one bag per customer. Visit Kiehls to find a store nearest you.

As you are focusing on environmental awareness, check out the new Kiehls Superbly Restorative products. They are available in Kiehls stores and other locations like Barneys, Neiman-Marcus, and select Nordstrom stores.

This collection of body products helps restore and maintain hydration, elasticity, and smoothness of skin and hair. It features 100% organic, fairly traded Argan Oil and comes in recycled plastic bottles, showing Kiehls' commitment to the environment and social responsibility.


Clothing of the American Mind (COTAM) is a clothing manufacturer that really does what it says. It say it proudly on the front of its' tees!

Created by a Hollywood set decorator, COTAM is a grassroots company committed to creating apparel that is environmentally safe and responsible. This is a fashion company making statements you can wear and they provide social awareness education. COTAM is politically and socially conscious, sweatshop-free, American-made, and fair trade.

A portion of their proceeds is donated to progressive social causes, issues, and political candidates working toward those same ideals. COTAM's clothing line features 100% organic, sustainable, responsible, high quality tees. The brand promotes activism as a lifestyle and choice.

Become a political activist without walking a picket line. You would be spreading a progressive message about the importance of this brand being manufactured fairly with a social consciousness when you wear this clothing. With a corporate mantra of "take corporate social responsibility to the next level," COTAM works hard to leave the lightest footprint possible on Mother Earth.


Kamik Shoe Brand encompasses quality footwear for men, women and children. The rain boots for women and children are two of the most popular products in the collection. Kamik’s fashion-savvy boots are available in an array of prints that will make any fashionista pray for rain.

Squiggle Boots for women provide an anti-fungal protection and have removable, replaceable insoles. They’re perfect for going out into the rain or for gardening. Kamik has created a recyclable rubber boot and some are made with synthetic rubber that can be recycled as well.

Stomp rain boots for toddlers and children come in solids and prints for all types of weather. It is spring, and April showers are still with us, so this might be a good investment. These boots are fun for summer if you are at the beach or lake, or just playing in the garden with a hose.

Not only are these boots recyclable, the fashion quotient also makes them stand out, making them a worthy item for gifting or donating to charities and thrift stores (another form of recycling).


There are many products in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories including food and beverages that are organic and more about sustainable products. I will revisit this topic as I run across more products that are eco-friendly and have a style or entertainment quotient that is fun and/or unusual.

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