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Gest and Minnelli Split

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Liza Minnelli, husband David Gest split

Here is the end of the biggest trainwreck known to humankind. Did anyone even believe these two had sex? Not only do I not believe they did, I am not sure it is even possible for two mutants like this to even do that. Thank God we didn’t have a reality show with these two like they were supposed to do.

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  • And they said it wouldn’t last.

    Guess they were right…

    Thank the goddess we won’t have to endure shots of them sucking face on TV anymore.

  • Eric Olsen

    The man has no chin – I am suspicious of the chinless

  • Hey, this thought just occurred to me: Guys (sexual orientation doesn’t matter), Liza’s a free agent again!

    Aren’t ya thrilled?

  • Eric Olsen

    She used to be kind of sexy, but this whole “fag hag” thing is a turnoff – that and the longterm effects of drugs and alcohol.