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Germany Behind the Mask: Monster or Marshmallow?

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For over 50 years, Herbert W. Armstrong warned that a German-led European combine would thresh the nations. When Germany lay in ashes after WWII, Mr. Armstrong had no doubt Germany would be back with a vengeance and he pounded this theme home through the pages of The Plain Truth magazine read by millions worldwide.

Are We Wrong About Europe? by Ryan Malone of The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine, reveals how they continue in Armstrong’s tradition.

Konrad Adenauer said the West was “taking a calculated risk” when they started rebuilding Germany after the Holocaust. Before that President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill agreed: “It is our inflexible purpose to destroy German militarism and Nazism and to ensure Germany will never again be able to disturb the peace of the world.”

Nevertheless, Helmut Schmidt reported Germany was again putting on “imperial airs,” and author Bernard Conally wrote that France was struggling to “hold the old demons of Germany’s character in check.” Margaret Thatcher warned her deaf audience that “Germany is very powerful now – her national character is to dominate.” Are they all just crying wolf? Or is the German beast about to devour again?

Robert Locke, who is opposed to the increasingly fascist Europe (but doesn’t believe Germany dominates it) stated: “I can’t agree with you about Germany. It is a castrated PC marshmallow of a country, not a lion preparing to rule the world.”

Consider Luigi Barzini’s reference to “The mutable Germans” in The Europeans where he questions: “Which is the shape of the German Proteus this morning? Which will be its shape tomorrow?” Johannes Gross thinks his countrymen wear a mask. “But the day may come when someone lifts the mask,” he wrote. “The face that appears may be less full-cheeked and rosy than today’s… So long as we wear the mask, we remain hidden and continue to conceal the situation from ourselves.'”

Ron Fraser (Is a World Dictator About to Appear?) exposes: “Although Germany is the prime mover in all these [European unification] efforts, in order to dispel any idea that the country may have expansionist intentions, these initiatives have generally been made under the cloak of being for the common good of the European Union.”

This sentiment concurs with Bismarck, who wrote in his diary (November, 1876): “I have always heard politicians use the word ‘Europe’ when they were making requests to other powers which they did not dare formulate in the name of their own country.”

What is Germany hiding? Nuclear weapons? Who would be so foolish to imagine Germany without their own nuclear weapons when they were ahead of us in developing them? Certainly the grand design Franz Josef Strauss had in mind (with much at his disposal as Federal Minister of Nuclear Energy, and later Defense Minister) demanded independence from the United States. And Germany’s Dolphin submarines delivered to Israel, equipped to handle nuclear weapons, underscore German military capabilities, yet the United States continues to blindly promote their control of the European continent, oblivious to the dangers in US-German European policy.

How many German plants in America are serving the interests of Germany’s budding Fourth Reich? It’s not only German factories and German businesses in America proving “that basic thoroughness of the orderly German” (Johannes Gross), since the secret Nazis had predetermined such a strategy, but bought and paid for American prostitutes in diverse and perverse positions of power aid and abet them! They expose our country to danger and will leave us infected as a nuclear wasteland!

What is Germany hiding behind the mask? Even if skeptics dismiss the mystic relationship between Germany and the Vatican (both forging Europe into their image believing “the German spirit will heal the world” – Emanuel Geibel), and doubt the Bavarian pope is soon going to promote a particular strong man and platform to save Europe and the world from the threat of Islam, shouldn’t those responsible for our national security seriously consider the scenario of a United States of Europe betraying us? Shouldn’t the intelligence experts consider that possibility and prepare for it? Why suffer the element of surprise that Germany is infamous for? “The German is acquainted with the hidden paths to chaos…” (Nietzche).

“…it is once again important to keep an eye on the German Proteus in an attempt to fathom the probable shape of things to come. What form will he assume next? After all, Germany is still le coeur de l’Europe” (Barzini). Is the German marshmallow about to mutate into the German monster? Will the EU mask come off and expose the beast? Will the heart be healthy for Europe or dark and dangerous?

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  • Wow, what an excellent parody of the usual anti-zionist rant. Substituting Germany for Israel was a stroke of genius. I have to admire your ability to totally simulate the mental process of the rat-brained conspiracy paranoiac so perfectly. Brilliant!

    You neglected to put your piece in the ‘satire’ category, though.


  • [MR]Chip

    Greetings from fascist Ireland! 🙂

  • Ireland is rather Catholic, isn’t it?

    Some of my folks came from Killearny. One brave woman came to these blessed shores of the United States as an indentured servant (Mary Mull).

    I’ve seen much of Europe, but I’ve yet to enjoy the jewel of the Emerald Isle!

  • GERMANY has given the world two big reasons to be “paranoid.”

  • Napoleon almost conquered the world. Watch out, here comes imperial France again!


  • The French poodle is Germany’s lap dog. The French fool themselves that Germany will share power with them, but when all is said and done, they’ll find out they’re only a mistress and Germany rules.

  • Didn’t see this till now (21:40 Israel time, Motzaei Shabbat)

    First of all, David, this is an excellent piece. We don’t track on everything, but on keeping a close eye on Germany, we most assuredly do.

    So, I have a question for you. Have you seen any machinations behind Chancellor Merkel? Evidences of the Social Christian party of Bayern in action?

    Finally, for Dave Nalle and others reading this article.

    I’ve noticed that looking behind the conventional and comfortable sources of data, news and ideas is very difficult for you, to put it politely. It is for most people. But survival in the future will depend on being able to look beyond what is your comfortable source of news, data and ideas.

    A future that you do not understand at all is rushing at you with gathering speed. The riots in Damesek, the burning of two Danish embassies are just small signs of this.

    While I am not a Christian and do not agree with everything that David ben Ariel’s church believes in, the Philadelphia Trumpet has had a habit of calling events before they’ve occurred. That is something worth paying attention to.

    Occasionally, I would listen to some of the Christian preachers on TV while I lived in the States. Curiosity would draw me there. The majority were just hucksters with only garbage on their tongues. Herbert Armstrong stood out as one man making sense, a diamond amongst a pile of coal. He actually provided analyses, where the other preachers provided nothing but thin air.

    Again, I point out that I am no Christian and never will be. But David is worth paying careful attention to.

  • The Philadelphia Trumpet offers some insight on Anglela Merkel and others. Is Angela Merkel just the “pretty face” Germany puts forward before the mask comes off and bares the (Bavarian?) beast with its bloody fangs?

  • Dave Nalle

    I’ve noticed that looking behind the conventional and comfortable sources of data, news and ideas is very difficult for you, to put it politely. It is for most people. But survival in the future will depend on being able to look beyond what is your comfortable source of news, data and ideas.

    I have no problem at all looking beyond conventional sources. But when you do it’s very important to be able to differentiate the obscure and valuable from the insane crap. IMO the author of this post is buying into a good deal of bad craziness which originates not in reasonable analysis of real world events, but in faith/emotion based fantasy.

    A future that you do not understand at all is rushing at you with gathering speed. The riots in Damesek, the burning of two Danish embassies are just small signs of this.

    I certainly see the signs. I’ve been addressing the real threats since long before you came to BC.


  • Gosh, Dave, I don’t mean to imply that you’re not a sharp fellow and certainly not to imply that you’ve been around this blog longer than I. I still haven’t forgotten your piece “Kurdistan – the Other Iraq.” Mr. ben Ariel, – scoll through the November archives here and read this piece – its fantastic.

    And just as living in Israel gives me a perspective that you do not have, your having lived in the USSR and Great Britain (and I assume elsehere) has given you a perspective that I would never have. That’s why it’s worth reading what you have to say – even when I don’t agree with it.

    Ever since I’ve moved here, I’ve been writing – mostly about my neighborhood – the Middle East. It’s been quite a transition from Middle West to Middle East.

    But I have enough sense to notice when someone seems to be calling the numbers at the bingo table BEFORE they come up. This has often been the case with the Philadelphia Trumpet and its predecessor.

    Little things, like noticing that Germany would be the dominant power in Europe. Seems a no-brainer now, but in 1946?

    Dave, don’t assume that merely because something is outside the usual, it is insane.

  • Winston S. Churchill was also considered “insane” by those who refused to believe that Germany/Hitler was a monster with an insatiable lust for blood.

    Noah was quite unconventional too… and all the true Prophets and servants of God.

  • The backlash is coming against the Islamofascists. GERMANY will lead it, as the “Defender of the Faith,” with the collaboration of the Vatican.

    Europe Swings Both Ways

  • God save mankind from the “peace” that the German-EU will soon enforce.

  • NowPitching22

    Folks, I think our world far too often makes the grave error of completely discounting thousands of years of human history in the comfort that we live in a MODERN world where mankind has evolved beyond the evil, destructive, and inhumane things that happened in the past. We consider ourselves enlightened and ‘above’ things like mass pogroms, holocausts, and World Wars. We think there is an implacable series of checks & balances, like the UN or NATO, that would squash another ambitious leader from invading and conquering his neighbor. We look at horrible human events more as ‘distant history’ and less as the inevitable cycle of human events they truly are.

    Case in point is this discussion on Germany. I think it is actually quite gullible to have the opinion that Germany will never again be a threat to world peace. Just for fun, try suggesting this to someone – anyone – that considers themselves learned and make note of the reaction you get. You might as well talk about ‘area 51’ or black helicopters. They’ll think you’re a wacko. Just look at the reaction David got right here. Yet . . . this same nation, a mere 60 years ago, set up efficient industrial facilities with the core purpose of wiping out another race of people. They made well-prepared plans that detailed the enslaving of some people and the sterilization of others. This was not some ancient pack of barbarians (although this inevitable cycle goes that far back, and further), this was an intelligent, industrialized, civilized nation – and it wasn’t that long ago. 60 years is a drop in a comprehensive ocean when we look back through history. Some of the people that partook in these events are STILL ALIVE today.

    Not only that, but it should be obvious to any clear thinking person that Europe has actually once again handed the baton of leadership to Germany!

    Yet . . . speak of Germany being dangerous today and you’re branded a conspiracy crack-pot. Amazing!!

    Just watch: Before your eyes Germany will continue to shed the limp-wristed PC noodle image. They will lead Europe in re-arming, and will spring to the role of savior in the face of some inevitable world emergency.

    David & Ruvy: keep up the good work and clear heads. In the not too distant future we will likely have the curse of living in “interesting times”

  • Thank you for a well-thought out, most logical and balanced comment on how legitimate it is to question Germany’s intent and direction.

    Intelligent folks should be able to engage in such debates about Germany without the knee-jerk hysteria that finds too many ready to shoot the messenger and silence the critics.

    The EU is a German Ruse

    Germany’s Fourth Reich Spreads Its Wings Over the World

  • Thank you also, NowPitching22. Unfortunately, too few people have a catcher’s mitt to deal with the facts that you are calmly tossing out.

    Wait till the Europeans, under German leadership, start throwing the hardballs!!