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George Michael fears “Band Aid 2”

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George Michael advises “naive” pop stars against protest songs.

Singer George Michael, who has spoken out against a US-led war on Iraq, says most other pop acts are too politically naive to carry off a peace protest song.

The former Wham frontman criticised plans by Lee Ryan of British boy band Blue to gather stars for a paean to peace. […] “I’m begging, I’m hoping that there will not be a Band Aid 2 because the reality is that very, very few people in the industry now, that you’re hearing on the radio, make their money from their own hearts and minds,” said Michael, who performed on Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas? in 1984.
“They make their money from singing the words of others, and so therefore the weight of something called Band Aid 2 would be incredibly slight,” he told the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Hardtalk program in comments broadcast today.

George obviously never heard of the real Band Aid 2 that happened in 1989, did he? As for singing the words of others, that’s certainly something Yog should know about, cos that’s just what he did on his recent Songs From The Last Century album. Have a look at his Allmusic.com entry to see just who he’s done songs by. And George would also know all about what’s involved in creating “sophisticated” political art; after all “Shoot The Dog” was so successful at making W. and Tony Blair sit up and take notice, see the error of their ways, and pave the way for the golden age of peace and joy and love the world is currently experiencing.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent points, James, the hypocrisy flows. George is pretty much ignored in this country at this point.