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George Bush weasels on anti-abortion stand..

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George Bush was given a chance in the last Presidential debate to flat out say that he would only appoint Supreme Court judges who would over turn Roe v. Wade and make abortion rights a state matter again, opening the way for the banning of abortion on a state by state manner. George Bush REFUSED to make a statement in that regard. How can a ”pro-life” voter support a man who does NOT state support for the issues so seemingly dear to such a voter?

When George Bush had a chance on a national platform to be a leader on this great moral issue of abortion…GEORGE BUSH WAFFLED!! GEORGE BUSH WEASELED AND FLOPPED ON THE ABORTION ISSUE!! He does NOT deserve the support of anyone who holds such an issue dear to their heart.

If on the other hand, “pro-life” people believe that George Bush really WILL be applying an anti Roe V. Wade litmus test to Supreme Court judges, they must believe that Bush LIED during the debate. In fact they are BASING their “pro-life” support of Bush on the fact that he LIED during the debate.

Supporting a candidate for President BECAUSE HE LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE is an amazing turn around. Bill Clinton probably wishes he could run as a Republican in this “backwards world” Presidential race.

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  • Roscoe

    Quite a jump from not saying that he will
    not apply a litmus test to LIAR.
    As I recall he allowed as how he would appoint strict constructoinists or words to that effect.
    Now lets take a look at Kerry’s views on
    abortion. He has stated that he is per-
    sonally opposed to it,and furthermore he
    believes that life begins at conception.
    But he doesn’t want to impose this belief
    on others. Pity that this is the only one
    of his beliefs that he doesn’t want to
    impose on others.
    That has to be the only one of his beliefs that he will never ever vote for.

  • Roscoe, so you don’t believe that you can count on George Bush to appoint a Supreme Court Judge that will oppose Roe V. Wade?

    If you don’t believe that George Bush holds that issue as important, than I guess LIAR is over the top.

    HOWEVER, if you actually do believe that you CAN count on Bush to appoint an anti-Roe V. Wade judge to the Supreme Court if given a chance, than LIAR is the only accurate word.

    Take your pick, George Bush is an unreliable supporter of the anti-choice movement OR he is a liar. Which category do you think he falls into?