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George Bush puts soldiers in danger….

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George Bush’s reliance on excuses instead of competence in the war on Iraq is putting our soldiers in harms way.

“McClenny told her mother her unit tried to deliver fuel to another base in Iraq Wednesday, but was sent back because the fuel had been contaminated with water. The platoon returned to its base, where it was told to take the fuel to another base, McClenny told her mother.

The platoon is normally escorted by armed Humvees and helicopters, but did not have that support Wednesday, McClenny told her mother.

The convoy trucks the platoon was driving had experienced problems in the past and were not being properly maintained, Hill said her daughter told her.” From: ‘Platoon defies orders in Iraq’

After all this time the US Armed Forces STILL don’t have the proper equipment and support. Let’s get rid of the “What? Me worry?” boy in the White House and get some competence back in government. America CAN do better.

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  • Good for the platoon to stand up and insist on proper escort and protection

    They need all the help and protection they can get

  • “Good for the platoon to stand up”

    There is a right way and wrong way to “stand up.” If they in fact disobeyed orders they will fry.

    Note to BTP: Can you name any US led war where supplies to the troops were always available and on time?


  • Actually I think the point isn’t entirely whether the troops have every supply or amount of reinforcement they need. The point is that when things like this come up, the message from our “war time President” is not “we’ll fix that right away, and heads will roll if there were mistakes made with handling our troops”. Our “war time President’s” reaction to this kind of news is “We have done everything possible for our troops, I support our generals and defense secretary totally and will give them all promotions for their fine work. If there was a mistake in planning it was cause somebody else didn’t ask me correctly for help. And if somebody asks for help I will drive them out of my administration or get more stringent rules in place to catch any complainers and shut them up.”

    Errors can and will happen in a war. I would like a leader who had the priority of fixing those errors instead of the priority of covering his own butt and blaming others.

    When it comes to a commander in chief, America CAN do better.

  • “If they in fact disobeyed orders they will fry.”

    Sounds like they were going to be “fried” if they DID obey these orders also.

  • andy marsh

    Hey, when I play Socom Navy Seals on PS2, I always get all the supplies I need right from the start!!!

  • And, I’m not above using the ‘show me the money’ cheat to get 10,000 in supplies at the beginning of a Starcraft jaunt. I put it back by game’s end.

    Perhaps these soldiers will be court martialed. But, if their lives were in danger if they complied with the orders, they made the right choice.