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George Bush Poll: Slightly More Popular Than Hurricane Katrina

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George Bush is in a serious poll funk and hurricane Katrina is not likely to be a benefit to his popularity with the American people. A poll taken today shows only 12% of people giving the federal response an excellent rating and 16% label it as good, while 25% call it fair and 45% call it poor. Even among Republicans, there are significant doubts about the federal response to Katrina. Just 47% of those in President Bush’s party say the federal response has been good or excellent. Fifty-one percent say fair or poor.

Alphaliberal.comFurthermore Rasmussen reports that only forty-five percent (45%) of American adults now approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove. Another recent survey by the Gallup polling organization had Mr. Bush’s approval at 40 percent, also a new low for the president. American Research Group has his approval as low as 36%

The polls suggest that the violence in Iraq and rising fuel prices at home are taking a toll on the President’s popularity. The fuel situation could worsen, given the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina along Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore, in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, 57 percent of those surveyed disapproved of the president’s handling of Iraq, while 53 percent said the war was not worth it.

It is clear in nearly every poll that a shrinking minority of Americans support President Bush, his plan for Iraq, and the what the Republican-led Congress is doing. But does that mean Democrats will sweep into power next year?

Not necessarily.

Other polls show Democrats having nearly an identical approval rating in Congress as the Republicans. While in nearly every poll, most Americans say they would vote for a generic Democrat over a generic Republican in the elections next year, Democrats have a ways to go before Bush’s unpopularity results directly in their gain and/or drags down the popularity of other Republicans.

Democrats need to make their stands more clear to the voters. Everyone paying close attention knows the Democrats have detailed plans and ideas for every aspect of society, but most people are not paying close attention. Much of the Republican agenda in the last few years, in fact, has been rolling back the “New Deal” ideas created by Democrats inclucing: social security, health care, public education, public broadcasting, corporate responsibility, protection of the environment, fair and equitable taxation, and fiscal responsibility. But a reflexive criticism of Republican ideas first and foremost, followed by Democratic alternatives leaves the public feeling the Democrats are against Republicans first and leaves little time to hammer home their ideas.

Alphaliberal.comMoreover, Democrats need to stop tempering their stands in fear of Republican responses. They need to understand that no matter what a Democrat says, James Dobson and Pat Robertson are going to be outraged.

What are Democrats they afraid of?

Is Orrin Hatch going to “water-board” Senator Kerry, if the Senator stands up for the right to choose? When Republicans retook control it was through brash opposition along with a plan (contract with America). They fought against everything Democrats did, including impeaching their President for lying about sex (clearly not a “high crime”). They took stands on issues that were clear, even if not the most popular. Whoever sent the message to Democrats that mimicking the positions of Karl Rove and Tom Delay was their path back to power was severely mistaken. Just look at the results Republicans obtained. Stiff opposition, even going beyond what is decent and proper (i.e., the Clinton impeachment), along with a well-reasoned plan is a good strategy.

The contract with America is dead. There are probably 100 million Americans waiting for the Democrats to start fighting for the things they believe in again before they start pulling the lever. Why are these democrats back-slapping Tom Delay and the religious right? If you are against torture in America’s name stand up and say it and don’t back down. If you want to balance the budget by re-prioritizing Government spending, say it and strop backing down. If you are going to fillibuster a Supreme Court nominee who will overturn Roe v. Wade, follow through, explain why you are doing what you are doing, and stop backing down. Until Democrats define the issues they won’t back down on, it will be hard for them to make the case to the voter that they stand for something substantial.

Bush is a lame duck and an unpopular one at that. The Democrats don’t need to work overtime anymore to make him less popular by reflexive criticism and political flame-throwing. More detailed explanations of what they would do different, before criticizing what Republicans have done, might reverse the trend and raise their numbers higher than Republicans. When Democrats mimic Republicans they end up just as unpopular as Republicans. That won’t result in a wholesale shifting of the political landscape.

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  • Good job on this. I hope the leaders of the Democratic Party get the message, and act on it.

  • balletshooz

    I wish. For some reason they think, for instance, if you let Roberts through, then Jerry Falwell and Focus on the Family will not trash you. And somehow that will translate into votes. Falwell will trash them even if they give Roberts the position on a silver platter. It doesnt make sense.

  • alethinos59

    Good post! Unfortunately what is needed is something that will be very hard to deliver. A third party won’t do the trick. We’ve all seen what happens to countries were the political landscape it dotted with numerous parties.

    At the same time a lot of us find BOTH the Republican and Democrats a joke. The former are out-and-out ruthless jackasses and the latter are flacid twits stuck in the Sixties…

    Americans are by nature a common sense People. We need to cut off the extremes at either end of the parabola and get on with forging ahead…

    you guys let me know how this turns out – I’m moving off planet…

  • I try to stay away from the POLITICS section here on BC – but I did want to acknowledge this is one of my favorite headlines ever. Funny stuff.

  • >>the Democrats to start fighting for the things they believe in again<< Then the dems ought to FIND something they believe in that the people will also find appealing. So far that seems to have been difficult for them. Dave

  • Balletshooz

    Then the dems ought to FIND something they believe in that the people will also find appealing.

    that should be secondary. they should believe in the things that are importsant to them and stick to them. if people like it or find it “appealing” that will be seen. but they shoouldn’t believe in what they “think” people will like. that is the rut they are already in.

  • Well, let me put it this way then. They ought to figure out what they believe in aside from exploiting the poor and bitching about the Republicans – and start promoting it in some way.


  • Marcia L. Neil

    It is a certainty that votes were intended for Bush [H. W. — the one with the code] Senior but only after the Florida one was safely termed out.

  • Well done Ballet



  • well said, well argued. of course, this sort of dialogue needs to prompt grassroots and media action.
    check out my modest contribution at donkeybaby.com.

  • Hitlary

    News flash:


  • NEWSFLASH: There’s a Mid-Term Election coming up in 2006. America, this should be a referendum on George W. Bush and the current power base in Washington. If you’re better off than you were 4 years ago, by all means keep the incumbents in office. If you feel we can do better, throw out the bums in office today and replace them regardless of party, ideaolgy or sex. It’s time for a revolution.

  • HERE HERE Silas! Just because Bush is not running again does NOT mean he can’t have his power base removed. There are plenty of examples in our history where the executive branch becomes impotent after a major screw up, resulting in the massive loss of public trust. I feel we are very near a point where the majority party will be tossed out on their ears, and Bush will just sit there like a VERY lame duck right up to 2008. That is, of course, unless we can impeach him first.

  • Michael

    This is yet another failure of George W. Bush. He has, in his presidency, ultimately failed in his role as protector of the American citizenry. I has neither the intelligence or humanity to fulfill his role as President of the United States. He needs to be impeached before he can do more harm. We need new leadership.

  • r vincent

    the democrat party is dead,they lie lie lie and the willing media lie lie lie
    they dont seem to get it we don’t believe one lying word coming out of abc,nbc,cbs,cnn,msncb,ny times and most newspapers in the country.
    phony polls phony stories
    you libs are sick sick sick

  • garry walsh

    Silly Americans. All countries have an elite that doesnt give a dam about their people. Only in America are u stupid enough to vote them in election after election. Its been a steady stream of evil since the scumbag Reagan.
    Dam your eyes and the evil you unleashed on the world

  • garry walsh

    Silly Americans. All countries have an elite that doesnt give a dam about their people. Only in America are u stupid enough to vote them in election after election. Its been a steady stream of evil since the scumbag Reagan.
    Dam your eyes