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General Hospital: Spinelli… Like A Virgin

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Fans of General Hospital’s Spinelli, brilliantly portrayed by Bradford Anderson, are buzzing… to be precise, they are whooo-hoooing, awwwing, squeeing, eeeeeing, high-fiving, belly-bumping, and regularly threatening naked street-dancing at the prospect of Spinelli and his lovely Maximista’s first sexual encounter.

Now, amid the unbridled excitement, arise lingering questions — inquiring minds and Spinelli fans want to know. Will Tuesday, July 15, be the day Spinelli loses his virginity? A deceptively straightforward question, one might think. Not so fast, this is a soap — nothing is ever simple.

With so much controversy swirling around whether Spinelli will lose his “V-Chip,” the public relations-minded Vixenella thought it prudent to get out in front of this debate and issue a statement for the record:


From: Spin’s Vixenella, Resident Expert on All Things Spinelli

Re: Spinelli’s Virginity (Revisited)

Regarding allegations Spinelli lost his virginity last summer on the General Hospital spin-off, Night Shift shown only on SoapNet: the alleged incident is a figment which did not occur in Operating Room 4 (OR4). The so-called sexcapade did not take place when homicidal, psycho-nurse Jolene did not seduce Spin and did not relieve him of his virginity in order to deflect attention from her murderous ways and derail Spinelli’s investigation of same.

Any and all digital representations of this alleged sexual encounter set to music on YouTube lack credibility and reflect sophisticated computer-assisted digital manipulation to re-write history for propaganda purposes. If we continue to fall prey to such obvious media exploitation, the terrorists win.

While some may call The Vixenella’s position denial, she maintains it is selective virginal recall. So, any malicious rumors about Spin losing his virginity on Night Shift can be wholly and completely ignored as the vile rubbish it is. Tuesday, July 15 can be relished, savored, and enjoyed as our little Spinelli’s first sexual experience. Spin is as pure as the driven snow… and Miss Maxie, an experienced driver, will be steering the snow plow.

The Vixenella firmly stands by her blanket denial of the alleged Night Shift incident. She denounces, renounces, and threatens to pounce on anyone who says otherwise. In conclusion, to borrow a phrase from a former president, Spinelli "did not have sex with THAT woman!"

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  • Thats seem clear enough doesn’t it.

  • I love this! Since most of what happened on last season’s Night Shift has been ignored by its parent soap this year, I can accept your version of events. Heck, as viewers we’re suppose to ignore everything that happened during the writer’s strike and have been told ‘that never happened in the Guza universe.’ So why should we have to accept what happened in alternate universe Night-time GH.

    That aside, I’m excited to hear the daytime GH and the Night Shift‘s story arcs are going to cross this year, according to reports. That will make it so much more enjoyable for those of us who watch both shows.

    I’m also looking forward to Spinelli and Maxie finally getting together this week!

  • I totally agree with you and am also looking forward to seeing Spinelli and Maxie together – for good. He’s so sweet and it’s hard watching him get his heart broken 🙁