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General Hospital Sacrifices Its Past and Future: The Killing of Baby Jake

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Baby JakeNext week, General Hospital is set to do the unthinkable by killing off the beautiful, blonde toddler son of Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan. This child, Jake, literally embodies the best of General Hospital’s almost half-century history. Jake is a third-generation, double-legacy who should be the next generation GH leading character; instead, the three-year old will be killed by a hit-and-run driver as his mother watches on. There is so much long-term story potential for this child; it is unfathomable to kill him, particularly when similar dramatic impact can be achieved without his onscreen death.

On his mother’s side, little Jake is the great-grandson of the venerable, late Dr. Steve Hardy, and grandson of Jeff Webber. Paternally, Jake is the grandson of the late and much lamented Dr. Alan Quartermaine, and great-grandson of Edward and Lila Quartermaine. Jake’s father-figure throughout his three short years is Lucky Spencer, son of super-couple, Luke and Laura Spencer.

As a single mother, Elizabeth Webber has relied heavily on her grandmother, the much-beloved Audrey Hardy to help her care for her young children. Of course, Audrey has cared for Elizabeth’s children “off-screen,” but in a situation such as this, can we expect original GH cast member Rachel Ames to reprise the role of Audrey Hardy and infuse some calm and grace into this disaster? It is doubtful.

Thankfully, Edward and Monica Quartermaine are still on the canvas, so surely they will weigh in heavily at the loss of their great-grandson and grandson, respectively. Again, it is unlikely Edward (John Ingle) and Monica (Leslie Charleson) will be tapped for sizable contribution to this story. Tragically, Edward and Monica don’t even know little Jake is a Quartermaine.

GH plans to use Jake’s death to tell a story of organ donation akin to General Hospital’s gut-wrenching 1994 story of BJ, a child left brain dead by a bus crash. BJ’s parents, Tony and Bobbie Spencer Jones, donated her heart to the child’s cousin, Maxie. The twist this time, Bobbie Jones’ grand-daughter, Josslyn Jacks, needs the organ little Jake is set to donate. This turn of events puts Bobbie Spencer in the unique position of being on both sides of an organ donation story, both as the mother of a brain-dead child-donor and the grand-mother of a child desperately awaiting an organ transplant. With the stage set for high-stakes soapy drama, can we expect to see Bobbie Spencer, (Jacklyn Zeman) in a tour de force on our screens playing a major role in this heart-breaking story? Don’t wait for it.

The promo for this abysmal story shows Bobbie Spencer’s brother, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) comforting his son, her nephew Lucky. Of course, Lucky’s mom Laura Spencer should be on a plane from Paris to Port Charles in record time to comfort her son. Who can forget how Laura grieved the unexpected “death” of her teenage son in a fire? Thankfully, unbeknownst to everyone, Lucky survived the fire, but Laura mourned him nonetheless, and she would certainly bring great comfort as Lucky faces the loss of this child he fathered as his own. Sadly, no one expects a surprise appearance by Genie Francis in the role she made famous, so doubtless, Lucky will be without his mother. What about Lucky’s grandmother, Laura’s mother Dr. Lesley Webber, she still lives in Port Charles. Can I expect Grandma Lesley (Denise Alexander) to be around to support Lucky in his time of grief? I’m not holding my breath.

Yes, the death of Baby Jake could be a huge umbrella story bringing heart-breaking drama to three generations of Port Charles residents, but it won’t. The key characters, who could bring depth and emotion to a game-changing story like this, won’t even be on our screens. Certainly, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), and Jason (Steve Burton) will bring their A-game reducing us all to puddles of tears for a few episodes, but when I think what this story could have, and should have been, I mourn for Jake and for the fans of General Hospital. I mourn the past and the future of General Hospital.

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  • Kelly

    I have no doubt Steve Burton and Becky Herbst will be nothing short of amazing in this storyline. However, I am honestly perplexed as to why GH would kill off Jake. Why kill off another legacy character who could potential drive storyline for years. I just don’t get it.

  • AmyLee Gramlich

    This impacts my life personally for my own sister was killed by being hit by a car, the driver didnt drive away but still. she died and can never come back. i miss my sister my parents live with the nightmare dayin dayout. you cannot do this to my the show. i have been a fan of this show for many years following the death of my sister, GH became an escape from real life. Now your gonna kill a innocent child just so frons can have his Pet have a baby well that’s what the rumors are anyway. i pray Brain Frons gets FIRED!!

  • Livvy

    I’m certain that I will have a box of tissues right next to me due to Rebecca Herbst’s & Steve Burton’s performances. They’re both extremely talented and have a natural chemistry. This is such an emotional storyline for them that I know they’ll be just amazing. I can not fathom the reasoning behind the storyline because it makes no sense to kill a child that could be so pivotal in so many future storylines, could launch so many storylines. I truly don’t understand where GH is going with this….I have my own hopes and one of the is that it’s not simply a redux of the BJ/Maxie storyline, because medicine has come a long way. I hope you know what you’re doing GH or you may have just gone too far.

  • Melody

    So so so VERY disgusted by this storyline. I’m sure Steve and Rebecca will rock this but it’s a shame and total waste to use it on this awful storyline. GH is making a HUGE mistake of epic proportions by killing off Jake. He had SO much storyline potential!

  • Darcy

    They have dismanteled so much history and potential history on this show and Jake has so much story they can tell. Basically they don’t want Jason to have a child with Elizabeth and have spent four years meticously distancing him from her and dismantling their history. She’s been written like crap and now after losing her mind, men, money she’s still getting beat up in writing. This will be Elizabeth’s fault like everything else and promos show Jason up front and center after his shabby treatment of her and Jacob and of course Lucky…the men already are dominating this storyline..

    This story will be more about everyone else other than Elizabeth Webber…they keep her away from Jason for how many years now all of a sudden she’s allowed in his circle and he pops up in Jakes’ promo front and center. I won’t be watching this because Elizabeth will get nothing the emmy reels will be written for Jason, Carly and Lucky…I’d be surprised if she is allowed to attend Jake’s funeral…

  • Amy

    I have no doubt that Becky and Steve will be amazing but this story is senseless. There is no good reason to end Jake’s existence. This accident outing Jake’s paternity, with him recovering and Jason finally stepping up to be his dad, is the way to go. Jason needs this kind redemption. He will never get it if Jake does not live.

  • CaroleenaZee

    This is EXACTLY how I feel about it!!! “Certainly, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), and Jason (Steve Burton) will bring their A-game reducing us all to puddles of tears for a few episodes, but when I think what this story could have, and should have been, I mourn for Jake and for the fans of General Hospital. I mourn the past and the future of General Hospital.”

    So if GH doesn’t believe in it’s future, why should I?

  • Lynn

    As a working mother of 3 young children and the youngest being a 4 year blonde haired, blue eyed rambunctious little boy, I don’t if I can watch this story unfold. My faves will be in the spotlight (I hope) and I know they will do a great job.
    And through all of this I cannot wrap my mind around why GH would be so short sighted. This little boy has way to much storyline potential to just kill him off before he sees his 4th birthday.
    And for Jason fans who waited for him to have a child of his own since the day he gave up Michael all those years ago. Well, we finally get that cihld and only get to see him hold that child so rarely, this is just another huge let down. I no longer want the character to ever have a child – nothing and noone will ever replace Jacob Martin Morgan in my mind!

  • Marnie

    DO NOT kill Jake off! What great potential storylines he would have with Jason as his father. Jake brings out the sensitive side of Jason. It would be wonderful to watch as Jake grows up how Jason tries to keep him from following in his footsteps.

  • AliDawne

    With such short sighted decision making and writing, forged by the unrelenting agenda of a certain hands-on executive and the sheer laziness and lack of talent on the part of the head writer, who among us will be surprised when GH is only around for a short time longer. What was once, arguably, the greatest daytime drama in history is now nothing more than a home to recycled bad writing, stunt casting, plot driven vs character driven stories and gratuitous violence and occasional sex. There is no romance. Stories don’t evolve organically nor are relationships allowed to grow slowly into something the audience can buy as lasting. Instead, relationships that have been forged over decades are ignored in favor of manufactured pairings that it seems someone backstage wants to see much more than the majority of the viewers, if ratings are taken into consideration. A show and network that takes such pains to IGNORE what their consumers have been telling them for years should really not have the audacity to say – in print – that they “just don’t understand why the ratings are so low”. Get a clue, GH – QUIT KILLING KIDS. Quit rewarding the vilest characters on the canvas while abusing the best and brightest. I have been waiting for over two years for this show to turn around, figure out what or WHO is responsible for this disaster and fix it. As time wears on, it becomes painfully obvious that they don’t want to fix it. Either they are happy languishing in the 1.7 ratings share, or they are trying to get canceled. Either way, they are succeeding. At that anyway. Shame on you General Hospital. Shame indeed.

  • Heather Wood

    I’ve been a watcher of GH for 35 years. I watched first with my late grandmother at her kitchen table, on an old 13″ black and white TV while she would get dinner ready or knit. I won’t watch anymore. And while I’m sure TPTB don’t care about my viewing, something that has become painfully clear to me in the past few years, I just cannot support the violence and darkness that GH has decsended into.
    Farewell, GH…I wish the actors and crew nothing but the best in the future. I hope you find avenues better suited for your talents.

  • Donna

    I have no doubt Steve Burton and Becky Herbst will be nothing short of amazing in this storyline. However, I am honestly perplexed as to why GH would kill off Jake. Why kill off another legacy character who could potential drive storyline for years. I just don’t get it.

  • Samantha

    I have no doubt Steve and Rebecca will rock this story. However it we’ll probably see more of Carly, Sam and Lucky than anyone else. I hate that tptb are destroying the one thing Liason had left and will most likely give them hardly any scenes together for them to grieve. Not to mention Jake is a legacy character with limitless potential for story. I can’t see GH lasting much longer.

  • Kathy

    I believe Jonathan Jackson & Steve Burton will be amazing in this storyline. From the promos, their pain seems so real. It will be emotional to watch.

    With that being said, children are killed off on soaps and any tv show all the time. Nothing will happen to the actual child. I’m looking forward to this storyline to see how it plays out.

  • Carol

    This is a new low for the writers who obviously dont care what the viewers want to see. I personally will not watch this tragedy and I am a 30year plus viewer. [Edited]

  • anon

    I can’t believe they are going to kill off a toddler! Why not one of the so many annoying adults on that show!

  • BornSoapStar

    ABC doesn’t care what we think! Why should we watch? The spoilers out there- absolutely everywhere tell us everything that is going to happen for the entire month. I’m not even worried about Brenda (supposedly on her death bed) because we know she and Sonny have to come back from their honeymoon after Jake is killed. VMG is also leaving so who cares!?! Who needs to watch yet another recycled story by Robert Guza? Elizabeth’s world spirals out of control (nothing new with these writers) and Jake gets hit by a car- there will be 7 suspects- Carly, Sam, Robin, Lisa, Luke, Johnny, The Balken (Am I close? And how do you not know you hit a kid?!) Poor Jake will be brain dead (yet another Quartermaine killed by Guza’s pen!) and Robin will tell Jason and Jason will tell Lucky and Lucky will tell Elizabeth because Jason and Elizabeth can’t have loving or friendly scenes together or certain viewers will start foaming at the mouth. Besides, JJ cries more than anyone on this show so get ready for some real waterworks. Elizabeth and Jason will only be in a scene together for Elizabeth to scream at him- even though it will be Elizabeth that will have left the door open that Jake got out of so Frons can continue to exact his revenge on the Elizabeth /Liason fans. Josselyn (who has been healthy until now) suddenly comes down with kidney cancer- OH! that’s right- STAGE FIVE kidney cancer (WTH?) just in time for Carly to ask Jason to ask Elizabeth to hand over some organs to save a kid that is not an integral part of future storytelling. Lulu will be there- why I don’t know!- she’s treated Elizabeth like crap for more than two years now- wait- Lulu will be there so Dante can be there, because no storyline can happen on GH anymore that doesn’t include Dante. Michael will run around town trying to destroy evidence worrying that his mother hit Jake. Again- how do you not know you hit a kid?!?! Anyway- got to love that pathetic PCPD where anyone can go in and steal/destroy evidence. Where is someone like Bert Ramsey when you need him?! Jason will be devastated and can only be consoled by Sam- of course! HILARIOUS! Then Jason and Elizabeth will finally talk about all the mistakes they made with Jake. So that Frons can make Jason’s character undo everything he said to Elizabeth over the past decade in one scene! Now TPTB bait the dwindling number of fans by saying- will Jake survive?! Tune in! Ahhh yes. We the longtime fans have only been begging for years for the show to cut down on the mob, the violence, the tragedies, the killing off of important characters…so if we all watch… and the ratings go up… than Frons and Guza will continue to say they are right and the crapfest will continue. NO THANKS!!!

  • holdyoear

    If they kill Jake off, I am no longer watching. Yes, they are killing off a future story line. Liz’s sons who grow up to be like their fathers, a cop, a thug and a doctor. What makes no sense is that the Quartermaines don’t even know he is part of their family. How cheated have we been out of this experience. GH you suck big time and I do not like or agree with this a** story line. WHEN JAKE GOES SO DO I.

  • tracey fields

    please don’t kill off jake i have been watching gh 4 a long time know i can’t watch anymore too sad i love liz nd jason this is hard 4 me to watch so i guess i’m done with gh… they could of save them both i know this is not real but i have 7 grandsons i just can’t watch gh anymore gh is family but damn killing jake this is all bad so sad i watch at 2pm 7pm nd 12am yes i’m a real fan can’t say that i’ll be a fan anymore we just don’t need this baby to died u can rewrite this if u want gh u r going to lose a lot of veiwer save jake please one live 4 another all bad……

  • tracey fields

    why why do he have to die save baby jake ……

  • Soapfan2010

    Jake had great storyline potential, for the near future as well as the distant future. Now they are going to kill him off so they can make Carly look like a completely heartless bitch asking her best friend, who just lost his son to convince his son’s mother, whom she hates, to save her daughter’s life when she quite possibly was responsible for his son’s death? Also, BTW you only need one kidney. It would be quite possible for Josslyn to have a kidney transplant without actually killing anyone.
    I have been a fan of GH for many years. I have seen them kill many integral characters, Alan and Emily for example, I watched them put Michael in a coma and I watched them bait Jason with the one thing he’s always wanted, a son and then ask him to give him up. NOW they’re going to kill him?!?! I have no doubt that Steve, Rebecca and Jonathan will do an amazing job with this storyline. But unfortunately, this is where my GH viewing comes to an end

  • debbie

    I will not watch this storyline as a mother with a young child this is horrible i am so upset they would do kill off jake……..

  • smunoz

    i dont see how everyone is saying that jake will be killed for sure. the article i read looks like it was written and posted by a fan.

  • jenks

    Please don’t kill off Jake

  • cassie

    I think it’s a shame on general Hospital, killing a child for ratings, especially, when none of the top actors. grand parents etc. will be there. so really? what’s the use.

  • tponce83

    Honestly for me, the show has been kind of boring… the whole Brenda/Bulken thing, Lulu being such a pain, Lucky/Shibon crap. But to kill off Jake, what total crap!!! I LOVE Jason and Liz, but I have learned to except Jason/Sam and Lucky/Liz, but don’t kill the one connection between my ultimate couple Jason and Liz… Crap 🙁

  • Rose

    I agree, it’s terrible GH has decided to kill off a child and possibly the one with the most potential for the future, but stuff like this happens everyday and although some may refer to GH as an escape from reality, and the horrible things that happen in our everyday lives, if you don’t like the storyline don’t watch the show. How boring would GH be if there was no drama? Everyone is getting sick of the constant Robin/Lisa drama , so when GH has finally decided to do something new, people automatically jump to conclusions. GH is really helping people from the everyday drama and chaos we face. It’s showing us that not just us but other people on tv shows, where everything seems perfect, horrible things happen also.

  • tracey fields


  • KiKi

    It took me a long time to give GH another chance. For a person who has been watching for almost 30 years, it is upsetting that you continue to kill off important and meaningful characters like Georgie Jones. Then TPTB COMPLETELY decimated the Quartermaine Family which is the foundation of GH!!!! (Alan, AJ, Justice, Emily, etc.) We do not see the bickering and fighting that provided comedy relief for violent or dramatic scenes. Ned is no longer around and quite frankly, there are no Quartermaine scenes unless it involves Luke. How does that make sense??? It is so much wrong with GH and now you kill off Jake for the Jasam fans! Get THE HECK OUTTA HERE!!!! Even those fans cannot deny Liason’s chemistry or the beauty of Jake! Zander who was a straggler, has no ties to anyone in Port Charles. If you wanted to kill a child off, let it be Cameron or how about I am tired of Johnny, Lisa, Terrell, etc. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. GH was a family oriented show with constant surges of drama, romance, and GOOD storylines…What happened to the writers? You are not the Sapranos and although I love Sonny, everything does not revolve around him and his enemies. If Jake goes, so do I and I will take as many people along with me! Trust and believe that. Furthermore, I will not shed a tear when GH is cxl’d. Enough is enough.

  • Olivia

    I started watching GH with my mom in 1966, i’d skip study hall and run home from school to watch, Please don’t kill off Jake, kill off one of the adults u rarely use, please leave the children alone, Jakes storyline has so much potential. Please save Jake.

  • Dani

    Well after 28 years I am done with GH. This storyline is so uncalled for. If you have budget cuts to make GH how about getting rid of dead weight like Lisa?? That storyline is waaay past over. Or giving Dante a few less lines. He is so drab and in desperate need of a haircut. He and Lulu have NO chemistry and watching them is nauseating. Killing off a child like Jake will be GH’s undoing. Even worse is giving Josselyn cancer at the same time. REALLY?? We are going to do this again. BORING. Do any of the writers have an ounce of creativity in them anymore? You should all be fired. We have already done this story line and repeating it is disgraceful. Not only do you need new writers GH but after today you will need new fans too, as I stated GH has been removed from my DVR.

  • Heather

    What did Robert Guza accomplish by killing off Jake? Why didn’t he get rid of Edward? Killing off Jake was a mistake you idiot!!!

  • beth

    please bring back baby jake. use this story line as a dream.

  • Liz

    I don’t understand why the wrtiters of General Hospital decided killing off a child was the best neccessary adjustment to the show…oh wait, it wasn’t. Little Jake had so much potential for future storylines. I’m pretty sure that not only me, but many more people would’ve loved to see Jason’s only child grow up and find out Jason Morgan is his father..not Lucky. But no, that’s not possible now. Why not just blame Franco for everything and say he switched Jake with another child such as Brenda’s child? That’s be an interesting story line….
    I think this has been the worst mistake made by GH.

  • Kim

    I’m not going to stop watching GH because of one stupid storyline. I agree, the writers had no clue what they were doing. They had no clue how much this would effect us fans. But lets face it, they’ve done this before with the BJ/Maxie storyline and although that was sad, we’ve got to get used to this. Yes, Jake was Jason’s only son, which he barley knew but I think that people should still watch GH even after this because the actors and actresses did nothing wrong.

  • Kristiejoyce

    I don’t believe that Jake was killed. Note one of the parents (Luky, Elizabeth or Jason) saw him after his surgery. I believe Franco is behind this. I think we will see Jake again. Possible the Balcan will have him. He might even think he is his grandson.

  • Kristiejoyce

    I believe Franco master mined the whole thing. Did anyone else notice that Jake was staring at the door the day he ran out side. I think someone was out there. It was Franco. Franco kidnapped Jack and put someone else on the side of the road. Possibly Brenda’s son who just happens to be the same age.

  • Terri

    The bottom line – many of us invested a lot into the story and connections of little Jake Webber. I have watched gh for 30 years. I am done unless they bring him back. Some story lines should not be taken away in the interest of loyal fans. When are the writers going to realize that….

  • abc

    I’m glad the little bastard is dead.

  • June

    why was robin killed off in general hospital. i keep hoping that she will return, having found a place to hide during the explosion…this could lead to not watching general hospital anymore…Very disappointed in the writers…

  • Joanne Edwards