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General Hospital: Believing Better Be Receiving

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The correspondence war between Spin’s Vixenella and General Hospital head writer Bob Guza continues to rage. Could there be a thaw in their relationship? Could there be “Peace in Our Time?” Here is the next installment in the “Letters to Bob” series.

Dear Bob,

This is your lucky day! The Vixenella is still giddy from General Hospital’s Emmy win for Outstanding Drama Series and Tony Geary’s (Luke Spencer) win for Best Actor. The Vixenella’s heart is full of General Hospital cheer. Now seems the perfect time for a word to you.

The Vixenella gratefully received the olive branch you sent to Spinelli and Maxie fans. The "Believe It Can Happen" promo on SOAPNet featuring Spixie was an extraordinary gesture on your part. You aren’t planning to lull us into complacency and then beat us about the brow with this olive branch, are you? Bob, is this your way of reaching out to fans of Maxie and Spinelli, telling us to believe in miracles — believe Spixie can still happen? Are you really apologizing for all the slow, insidious damage you have done to Spixie over the past six weeks, repositioning them as “just friends”? You and I both know Spinelli and Maxie are so much more than friends; so thank you for this beautiful promo urging Spixie fans to keep the faith. Good deeds like this don’t go unnoticed by the magnanimous Vixenella.

Bob, while I’m on my appreciative roll, I don’t know if it is you, or The Frons who should receive thanks for having Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Kirsten Anderson (Maxie), and that new guy Jason Cook (Matt Hunter) present the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series. They did a great job presenting, notwithstanding the little envelope-opening snafu. Envelopes are notoriously pesky and sometimes difficult to open, even for the most seasoned among us. Where are those stunt envelope-openers when you need them?  But, I digress…

In any event, using the Outstanding Writing Emmy presentation to showcase Spinelli and Maxie as a couple while simultaneously introducing The Interloper, Matt Hunter… brilliant! Did that little scamp Bradford Anderson venture off script when he said “Mine” and tugged Kirsten Storms away from Jason Cook? Let me tell you, the Spixie crowd went wild for that shout-out!

Bob, I know how you love to write angst and bitter irony on General Hospital. Oh, the bitter irony of having GH’s shiny new triangle present the Outstanding Writing Emmy to none other than, One Life to Live. That must have cut directly to your heart, assuming you have one. (Sorry, The Vixenella couldn’t resist a little snipe. After all Bob, writing a love letter to you is unchartered territory for The Vixenella). All in all, it was a great night to be both a Spixie and a General Hospital fan. And, better luck next year on that Best Writing Emmy thing.

Now, just so we are straight on SOAPNet’s fabulous "Believe It Can Happen" Spixie promo, you better not be jerking The Vixenella’s chain. The Vixenella saw the teaser promo earlier this week for The Interloper coming between Maxie and Spinelli. But, in her own noble gesture of hope, The Vixenella is willing to step out on faith and believe in Spixie one more time.  

While willing to call a tenuous truce, one word of caution: to paraphrase The Maximista, “I am not a toy!” If you irrevocably screw up Spixie for some misguided “chemistry test” of Maxie with the hot new guy in town, we won’t be talking just a horse head. It will be Mister Ed in your bed, and Bob, I really mean it this time.

Ta and kisses,

Spin’s Vixenella

P.S. Bob, thanks to you, The Frons, or maybe just the crew setting up chairs at the Kodak Theater for letting Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) sit at the grown-ups table for the Emmy Ceremony. Bradford and his beautiful mother looked right at home front and center. Mmmmmmwhaaaa… Spixie kisses to you, Bob (for now)!

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