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Gellar Signs On For Buffy Movie

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A spokesman for Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed this morning on SN News that the actress had at last agreed to star in a movie based on the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Former cast members Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendan, and Anthony Stewart Head have already signed on. Filming is anticipated to begin this fall, and will unfortunately trump creator Joss Whedon’s current project, a remake of Wonder Woman.

In an interview with SN News, Whedon revealed that David Boreanaz will not be returning to the role of ‘Angel’ in the film, due to the fact that “no one really liked him anyway.” Additionally, rumor has it that James Marsters is slated to appear in a dream sequence in the film; fans will note that dead characters often made later appearances in the show, and the movie will be no different. Marsters’s character, the vampire Spike, died in the series finale.

There is no word yet on a potential release date, though we have learned that the script has been finalized for some time. Whedon was simply waiting for Gellar to determine whether or not she wanted to reprise a role she played for such a large part of her career.

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    Continued from above….
    I think that James was a great character on the show but its not fair that they would bring back him and not David. It would be great if EVERYONE from the cast could be in the movie, it makes sense. (not including the one-time performance actors)

  • Eric Olsen

    please don’t use your email address for your name, thanks

  • Victor Plenty

    Some people actually want spam, believe it or not. Sad but true.

  • Richard Porter

    Im not sure why they would. Have you seen the ingredients?

    Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added.
    Salt (for binding, flavour, and firmness)
    Water (to help in mixing)
    Sugar (for flavour)
    Sodium Nitrite (for colour and as a preservative

  • Jen

    eeeew spam! lol
    great prank. i agree with Madspirit, if you’re heartbroken over the prank, GET OVER IT!

  • jayden

    why dont you make a movie with sarah/ buffy and gang and i could be in it as a new boy slayer and take over as buffy
    but with a new name like luke and get my own seares off dvds so even more people can watch it if you want a picter plese replie jayden allion 13-14 21 of dec born 1991

  • buffymad

    i herd they were gonna do a faith spinoff n its unlikely theyll do a movie coz they hav no plot all da potentials r slayers now so its not like there gonna hav a challenge fightin a demon

  • dara

    bastard fuckface cunt from hell x hello everyone else

  • a

    I’m watching the Buffy DVD’s now. Why do people have to give away things that happen in the last ever episode i.e. Spike dying????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ruins it for the rest of us.

  • joey alarilla

    lol, nice prank.

    but seriously, they should make a buffy movie. that would be neat — the great tv series spun off from the not-so-great movie (sorry, kristy) inspiring a better-be-insanely-great movie.

    go joss and smg!

  • Jeska

    I really hopes this gets made. Please?! And I want Boreanaz to be in this film. EFF to his quote on how he thinks people don’t like him. Over all I think Buffy needs to pick Spike. He’s done more for her than Angel. Though I’m not sure I care who she chooses in the end. Peace out. I think Drusilla would be a cool addition to the drama and choice.

  • Devasted

    Oh that was just MEAN!!

  • ashley

    I love the show BUFFY…..
    It would be cool if she,and everyone else came back.I hope she does.

  • ashley

    ok,sarah has to come back,it might break everyone’s
    hart if she doesn’t! I SO THINK ANGEL should comeback!

  • kwj

    I Remember reading this back in 05, i was too traumatized back then to leave a comment, lol joking
    I agree i really would like a new big budget buffy movie, with smg and fellow actors in the show/s, oh buffy how we all miss you! AND CAN YOU BELIEVE BUFFY SLEPT WITH A GIRL!!!

  • name

    all of you have way to much time on your hand to be this upset about some show.

  • Sophoia

    I believe that a Buffy movie is possible but whoever wrote that article doesn’t know anything about the show !!! Whedon would never say that nobody like DB’s character, he made a show about that character ! Angel, remember ? Plus, Spike is not dead. In the last season of Angel, Spike came back to life, first as a ghost and then as a vampire.
    So I hope that there’s gonna be a movie, but please before you write something, make sure you’re right about it !!!

  • buffyfan

    spike came back to life in angel! duh!

  • spikelova

    i think it is a great idea 2 bring back a buffy film.I think it could be a bit of problem cus it is not gonna hav the important bits in the tv series 2 fit in just one film,unless a remake?.But Whoeva wrote this artical does not kno anything about buffy and should therefor not write it.yes spike did die but he was brought back 2 life in angel.

  • niki

    NO ANGEL WAT NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!