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Gellar Signs On For Buffy Movie

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A spokesman for Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed this morning on SN News that the actress had at last agreed to star in a movie based on the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Former cast members Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendan, and Anthony Stewart Head have already signed on. Filming is anticipated to begin this fall, and will unfortunately trump creator Joss Whedon’s current project, a remake of Wonder Woman.

In an interview with SN News, Whedon revealed that David Boreanaz will not be returning to the role of ‘Angel’ in the film, due to the fact that “no one really liked him anyway.” Additionally, rumor has it that James Marsters is slated to appear in a dream sequence in the film; fans will note that dead characters often made later appearances in the show, and the movie will be no different. Marsters’s character, the vampire Spike, died in the series finale.

There is no word yet on a potential release date, though we have learned that the script has been finalized for some time. Whedon was simply waiting for Gellar to determine whether or not she wanted to reprise a role she played for such a large part of her career.

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  • houstonangelfan

    This must be an April Fools Day joke.
    I don’t believe it. Firstly I don’t
    believe SMG would come back without DB.
    I certainly don’t believe the part about “no one ever really liked him anyway” yeah, right. Well, time will

  • I recommend clicking the link within the post. 😉

  • Kate

    Spike did die in the Buffy series finale, but he came back to be in Season 6 of Angel, so naturally this article has to be an April fools day thing since the some of the information is impossible. Plus, SMG has moved on in her acting career and I doubt that she would come back to Buffy, though maybe for a movie.

  • That was Spike Lee

  • I thought it was Spike Jonez?

  • Lorna

    Ok, this was so cruel, I receieved it in an email and actually believed it. The stupid reporters got many fans hopes up. Assholes!!

  • Hey Monkey, you’re a reporter now – no more pajama-blogging for you!

  • Can you feel the love… um… today?

    (Spike Jonze + Buffy would = awesome, by the way)

  • Monkey — Don’t mess around with my Whedon-related emotions… it’s just not right.


  • Hey, I want the film as much as anyone else! I’m dreaming here.

    I had strep throat two weeks ago and spent my time off in bed doing Buffy marathons.

    /sniff indeed

    (but I’m still a bad, bad girl for this)

  • Rg

    goddammnit… got me

  • Madspirit

    The Buffy community is famous for these kinds of April Fools jokes. Spoiler Slayer once wrote out an entire false Wildfeed for April 1. I really really think…people…and that includes Joss fans…need badly…to get a sense of humor…

  • Awww, I’m treading in the footsteps of the Buffy fans who came before? Oh well, I guess I’m not very cutting edge.

    But I’m still happy with my pranking! 🙂

  • Madspirit

    No…you’re not treading on anything. You are following in a fine tradition. I loved it. The people on my Buffy, Angel and Firefly site are all whining now… It amuses me.

  • Oh, that’s awesome! Best news I’ve had all day!

    <3 Madspirit

  • oh, yeah “april fools” my ass. it’s a cover up. this post is as real as my face, which is at least 98% real. You can’t fool me.

    It’s a postmodern fool within a fool, admit it!

  • Madspirit

    **this post is as real as my face, which is at least 98% real.**

    What is the other 2% of your face?

  • Maybe it’s apple butter.

  • Madspirit

    I don’t know whether that’s gross and disgusting…or kind of yummy…

  • Apple butter? Wow — the power of imagination and word play… keeps me coming back to the old BC…

  • its a mixture of brick and loveliness.

  • That was a cruel joke. You could’ve done something else. Tell me my mom was hit by a bus. My cat was electrocuted. My house burnt down. Anything else but my Whedonverse!

  • Rana

    You all got my hopes up for a second grrr………shame on you for messing with the Whedon verse you shouldnt ever mess with that.

  • That’s so wrong, I got so excited and was dissapointed. I got flabergasted with the quote about David B. because hello he was the love of buffy’s life and he’s way hotter than spike. I hate spike, and it wouldn’t be the same without Angel. Hello, he only got a spin off series, but no one liked him, yeah right.

  • jskryp

    You suck, whomever played this stupid joke!!!!!
    Get a real life!!!!!!
    To the person that would rather see their cat electrocuted-
    you should shock your own privates!!!!

  • Madspirit

    Well…I love Angel and Spike equally…but it is a fact that the WB would not have continued the series if Marsters had not joined the cast. Google it…read the articles. I don’t understand what people get out of such vitriol aimed at a particular character. This is called a “Rich” verse. …and the thing that makes it so rich…is that the Folks are all fallible.

  • jskryp,
    Hello! The comment was meant as which April Fool’s joke I’d rather have played on me. All in jest. Nice to see your more concerned about my cat and not my mother.

  • Madspirit

    I understood what you meant. …and I think the person was mean to tell you to shock your privates. I understand a joke. Unfortunately…evidently…not all do.

  • LMAO, that was an awesome prank, people that are pissed over it seriously need to think about removing the stick from their lower extremities. Ain’t nothing wrong with a good laugh.

  • Madspirit

    Right On, Kitty. Some folks need to get a sense of humor…stat.

  • I’m so glad someone appreciates the humor here… thanks, Kitty.

    I guess I better stick with pajama blogging, eh Aaman? Seems safer!

  • Madspirit

    What is funniest is that I am still getting google alerts about Sarah now signing on for the movie…
    You are all over the Internet.

  • Megan (MBB)

    Who do you think you are? False hope for devoted fans? Nice prank, yeah right, we work hard to deliver the most recent and important news to everyone still clinging to the Whedonverse empire and things like this just get people’s hopes up, I’m 13 and I know better. Grow up.

  • Shann

    Give us fan a heart attack why don’t you? Saying Spike died was just wrong! Have you no shame?

  • Madspirit

    **Megan…I’m 13 and I know better. Grow up.**

    Megan…I’m not going to tell you to grow up…because you’re a child. You will grow up…without being told.
    I hope when you do…you develop a sense of humor. Today is April 1. It’s always been tradition in the Buffyverse…April Fool’s Jokes abound. If this is the biggest disappointment you ever suffer, you should consider that you have a very blessed life. Get over it.

  • Wow, Madspirit, you were right… no sense of humor at all.

    People, it’s a day for pranks. Relax!

  • Madspirit

    It is stunning…the reactions.
    If people used that squishy thing between their ears they would have known it was a joke. I will take you through it, People:

    “…Sarah Michelle Gellar… revealed…that the actress…agreed to star in a movie based on the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

    Sarah has been trying to distance herself from the Verse for a while. She doesn’t want to play Buffy.

    “…and will unfortunately trump creator Joss Whedon’s current project, a remake of Wonder Woman.”

    You can’t just sign onto a project and then back out…go to Disneyland and make yourself a Buffy movie. These people take their committments seriously. It’s a legal thing…as well as an ethical thing.

    “…Whedon revealed that David Boreanaz will not be returning to the role of ‘Angel’ in the film, due to the fact that ‘no one really liked him anyway.'”

    …and that’s the most telling part of the whole article. Joss would never ever in a million years say such a thing about one of his actors.

    If, instead of finding this funny…you found your heart broken, you are the only one you have to blame. Use your squishy brain thing. That’s why you have it. Don’t let your hopeful wishing cloud your thinking. It was a farce and a funny one at that. I thought it was a hoot.

  • You mean the squishy brain thing is not for eating?


  • Pringles

    Loved it, but I do tend to have a sense of humour even when it comes to Whedonverse. If you get the chance to meet the cast you will find so do they so to all who are ranting about this get a life it was a JOKE. If you are unsure what one is check a dictionary they’re not just there to look up rude words

  • Silverback

    LegendaryMonkey, good one! 🙂 I love BtVS and such a movie would be wonderful, so as a prank it was great. Sadly, not to many good April Fools jokes this year.

    Madsprit, you have a Buffy/Angel/Firefly website? Care to advertise the address? (this is my first visit here…)

  • Madspirit

    It’s not a website. I meant Group. It’s a Buffy, Angel and Firefly Yahoo Group….for conversation. Am I allowed to advertise it here? I will be more than happy to if I am allowed and if you are still interested.

  • sarasmmrs

    We had someone post this on our site and had my hopes up and up and up. And then i figured it out. 🙁

  • Always be careful what you believe…on April 1…

  • Madspirit

    **Silverback…Madsprit, you have a Buffy/Angel/Firefly website? Care to advertise the address? (this is my first visit here…)**

    If you click on “Madspirit”, it will take you to my Group…if you are interested.

  • Actually…now it works. Sorry about that.

  • Bah Humbug

    I think those of us who are a little heartbroken are the one’s who’ve come here from external links or Google alerts that made it seem like a real, official headline. If I’d have read this on April First I would’ve gotten a laugh out of it too. However I got this as a Google Alert on April 5th and thought it was real until I started reading it. Thus the heartbreaky bit. Still it would’ve been funny… but it’s all about the set-up.

  • that is so wrong….you just made, then ruined my day. glad you suceeded in your mean goal.

  • Jermiane

    omg that’s so awsome i just can’t get enough of buffy and oz i love seth green he is such an amazing actor (seth green and sarah michelle geller) not to mention willow (alyson hannigan) i hope the movie is not a prank and that you all do go through with it and don’t forget to put dawn in the movie!!!

    a dedicated fan

  • You’re naughty, I like that.

  • Michelle

    David is one of the best characters on the show. I only watched Buffy for “Angel” and then followed Angel to his spin-off. He such a great actor that it is hard to even think that they would try to do a movie without him. I will watch for him in the new movie to see if this is some sick prank.

  • jrm_angelbaby8802@yahoo.com

    Continued from above….
    I think that James was a great character on the show but its not fair that they would bring back him and not David. It would be great if EVERYONE from the cast could be in the movie, it makes sense. (not including the one-time performance actors)

  • Eric Olsen

    please don’t use your email address for your name, thanks

  • Some people actually want spam, believe it or not. Sad but true.

  • Richard Porter

    Im not sure why they would. Have you seen the ingredients?

    Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added.
    Salt (for binding, flavour, and firmness)
    Water (to help in mixing)
    Sugar (for flavour)
    Sodium Nitrite (for colour and as a preservative

  • Jen

    eeeew spam! lol
    great prank. i agree with Madspirit, if you’re heartbroken over the prank, GET OVER IT!

  • jayden

    why dont you make a movie with sarah/ buffy and gang and i could be in it as a new boy slayer and take over as buffy
    but with a new name like luke and get my own seares off dvds so even more people can watch it if you want a picter plese replie jayden allion 13-14 21 of dec born 1991

  • buffymad

    i herd they were gonna do a faith spinoff n its unlikely theyll do a movie coz they hav no plot all da potentials r slayers now so its not like there gonna hav a challenge fightin a demon

  • dara

    bastard fuckface cunt from hell x hello everyone else

  • a

    I’m watching the Buffy DVD’s now. Why do people have to give away things that happen in the last ever episode i.e. Spike dying????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ruins it for the rest of us.

  • lol, nice prank.

    but seriously, they should make a buffy movie. that would be neat — the great tv series spun off from the not-so-great movie (sorry, kristy) inspiring a better-be-insanely-great movie.

    go joss and smg!

  • I really hopes this gets made. Please?! And I want Boreanaz to be in this film. EFF to his quote on how he thinks people don’t like him. Over all I think Buffy needs to pick Spike. He’s done more for her than Angel. Though I’m not sure I care who she chooses in the end. Peace out. I think Drusilla would be a cool addition to the drama and choice.

  • Devasted

    Oh that was just MEAN!!

  • ashley

    I love the show BUFFY…..
    It would be cool if she,and everyone else came back.I hope she does.

  • ashley

    ok,sarah has to come back,it might break everyone’s
    hart if she doesn’t! I SO THINK ANGEL should comeback!

  • kwj

    I Remember reading this back in 05, i was too traumatized back then to leave a comment, lol joking
    I agree i really would like a new big budget buffy movie, with smg and fellow actors in the show/s, oh buffy how we all miss you! AND CAN YOU BELIEVE BUFFY SLEPT WITH A GIRL!!!

  • name

    all of you have way to much time on your hand to be this upset about some show.

  • Sophoia

    I believe that a Buffy movie is possible but whoever wrote that article doesn’t know anything about the show !!! Whedon would never say that nobody like DB’s character, he made a show about that character ! Angel, remember ? Plus, Spike is not dead. In the last season of Angel, Spike came back to life, first as a ghost and then as a vampire.
    So I hope that there’s gonna be a movie, but please before you write something, make sure you’re right about it !!!

  • buffyfan

    spike came back to life in angel! duh!

  • spikelova

    i think it is a great idea 2 bring back a buffy film.I think it could be a bit of problem cus it is not gonna hav the important bits in the tv series 2 fit in just one film,unless a remake?.But Whoeva wrote this artical does not kno anything about buffy and should therefor not write it.yes spike did die but he was brought back 2 life in angel.

  • niki

    NO ANGEL WAT NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!