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Gear Review: Griffin’s PSP Smartshare Headphone Splitter

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As far as audio splitters go, Griffin's solid construction makes for a durable portable product. While the packaging makes note of their PSP compatibility, like any headphone splitter, they'll work fine on any device you own with the proper audio out port. Individual volume control is the only unique feature they offer.

Of course, you can only get so complex when discussing something like this. The glossy black finish blends them perfectly with the console. The splitter ports themselves are thick and feel higher quality than any generic brand. It's a little harder to get the headphones into the ports than usual, but on the flip side they're also less likely to pop loose from a slight bump of a car or plane.

Testing them with the PSP (games and UMD movies) provided clean, clear audio. No degradation was noticeable. On a portable DVD player, they provided the same effect, even when carrying a 5.1 signal. The volume controls worked fine, with a wide array of levels to choose from. Their placement is a little awkward (just a few inches from the PSP's headphone port) for the sake of keeping the cord short.

With a retail of $14.99, you can easily find cheaper splitters available. The advantage of Griffin's is the look and "ready to take some damage" sturdiness. If either of those are important to you, Griffin has you covered.

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