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Gear Review: Gamer Graffix Skins

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After using the console skins GCskins, I thought I would never use another console skin again. I thought that all skins were just stickers, and were all pretty ugly and hard to put on. Boy, was I wrong…

Everything about Gamer Graffix skins were what I was hoping for — and I must say, I am impressed. They are removable, reusable, washable, and very stylish. Gamer Graffix do not disappoint.

The first skin I tried was a bright green PSP skin. The skin is very stylish, and fit the PSP perfectly. Of course, like all things that are sticky, I had to attempt to put the skin on more than once. Thankfully, you won’t have any problems with any sticky goo marks on your console or any problems with the console skin sticking to your hands, since the skins are reusable.

I also noticed that the skin is pretty thick. This actually helped out my hands and offered a little more grip on my handheld. I could also see the skin protecting my PSP in a way, especially because of its thickness. If I were to drop my PSP, which I happen to do almost every week, the thick skin could help prevent a few scratches on the outside of the system.

The second skin I tried was a PS2 skin for the original fatter version. Gamer Graffix also sells PS2 skins for those who have the newer slim line model of the console. The PS2 skin had bullets all over it, with a little bit of gun smoke. When the skins were in their package, I actually did think they were real bullets for a second. These skins are pretty detailed.

Just as the PSP skin was, the PS2 skin was a perfect fit, and easy to pull off. These skins are the real deal. These aren’t your basic stickers here, these are perfect in almost every way.

Gamer Graffix don’t just offer PS2 and PSP skins, they also offer skins for your IPod video and nano, Xbox, Xbox 360, Icon Wall skins, GameCube, laptop, GBA, Nintendo DS and DS Lite, and they are also working on future gaming consoles. They are all reusable, stylish, perfect fitting, and most of all, they are goo free.

Gamer Graffix also offers licensed skins. These licenses include SEGA, Nintendo, Heavy Metal, Marvel, Scarface, 50 Cent/G-Unit, Capcom, West Coast Customs, Legion of Super Heroes, Superman, and Transformers.

I am overwhelmed with what Gamer Graffix has done with their skins. These things are serious. I recommend these skins to anyone. They all sell for under $19.99, and these are well worth the price. The company motto says it all…”Anything else is just a sticker.”

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