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Gear Review: DecalGirl Xbox 360 Skins

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Personalizing your Xbox 360 is easy to do. A cottage industry has blossomed for this very purpose alone. Someone who has been making skins for consoles for a few years now is DecalGirl.

Of all the myriad designs available, the "Matrix Style Code" skin is by far my favorite. I had luck with a sweet Star Wars skin from Skinit, so I figured I would give this one from DecalGirl a try.

In the end, it was a total disaster. I guess I was not patient enough with trying to apply the skin. Unlike the faceplate skin from Skinit, the Matrix skin was not easy to move around the curved plastic of the stock white Xbox 360 faceplate.

Once you stuck the DecalGirl faceplate skin on, it was on. Aligning all the holes was not nearly as easy as the previously reviewed Star Wars skin. Also, if you accidentally stretch this Matrix skin out too far — which I did — it will be stretched for good. For me, this caused the hole for the DVD tray to be too large.

On the plus side, the DecalGirl skin comes with all the die-cut pieces that were missing from the other skin, such as the inside of the Ring of Light, and the memory card doors.

So the lesson is to be extremely careful when applying these skins. Putting the side skins on was the easy part; you only have to align the vent holes on the top and bottom of the case.

Applied correctly, this is one sweet looking full-body skin for the Xbox 360, and great for any fan of The Matrix films. I just can't stress enough the virtue of patience.

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  • Nah, I will stick to my Raiders face plate. But thanks for the URL, I will check them out.

  • You should have got a skin from http://www.360covers.com. They use application tape which keeps th skin stiff while appying it. You can also see through the skin. they go on perfect all the time. i have had 2. the remove clean also. try one.