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Gear Review: Datel Headset Adapter for Xbox 360

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You know that kitchen drawer you find all those oddball adapters in that really serve no purpose, but are great to have around? These always come in handy at just the right time too.

Datel's Xbox 360 Headset Adapter is one such device. It is simple; it will cost you $10, and if you need something like this, is worth every penny.

With this little gadget you can plug any standard headset into the Xbox 360 controller. Included is a volume control dial, as well as a mute toggle switch, just like on the official Xbox 360 headset.

What was happening a lot, when using my AX360, is the headphone cord would get pulled out of the controller way too easily. With this Datel adapter however, the cord stays tethered to the controller, as it should.

As with many third party products, this one has its drawbacks. The volume dial does not glide around smoothly. Not a big deal. Also it does not fit the mold of the controller precisely. It is a tad off. Again, not a big deal.

The important thing is when you push the adapter into the controller, it stays (as does the headset cord). So there you have it — the perfect adapter you never knew you needed. Until you need one.

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  • Captian

    Would this allow me to use a pc gaming headset with my 360?

  • Pam

    This one won’t from what i’ve seen. But the one that i’ve linked will.