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Gay Pride: A Few Answers For A Friend To Some Honest Questions

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Andy Marsh asked some honest and gentle questions of me in my article How Many Current Professional Athletes Are Gay? and I felt honored that he’d asked, because a lot of my straight friends have probably wondered the same things, so I’ve converted it into a sort of conversation.

Andy: Is it really necessary to have a Gay Games? The way I read the article, it sounds like these athletes want or wanted acceptance…does calling yourself out with things like the gay games really make you feel included or excepted? Are there hetero games or hetero pride days?

Jet: Having lived through the turbulent '60s and '70s the short answer is yes, back then it was; Nowadays maybe not, but back then definitely. As an example, way before your time there was an era when blacks had their own sports teams (The Negro Leagues) because they were segregated and weren’t permitted to play with whites. A sense of intolerance towards blacks back then even extended to having separate whites-only drinking fountains. That same intolerance began brewing toward gays in the 70s and 80s as people like Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority” began their unchecked hate mongering and their spreading misinformation about AIDS began doing a lot of damage. In short they succeeded in super gluing the words Gay and AIDS together, leading people to believe their lie that all gays had and spread AIDS.

[ADBLOCKHERE]They were so successful that back then even Gay publications were calling it “The Gay Cancer”. Tragically they actually had people believing that you could get AIDS just by swimming in the same chlorinated pool or breathing the same air. The best example was in the 1988 Olympics when Greg Louganis’ head hit the diving board, causing a scare because he’d bled in the pool. Suddenly professional and amateur sports began banning gays from competing because people were led to believe out of ignorance that it was just as easily and/or mysteriously contracted as cancer.

We knew better, but we couldn’t convince the general population of that, so we started holding our own games to insure that great athletes had a place to show their stuff and be recognized without the over exaggerated stigma involved with HIV positive athletes competing.

Andy: It just seems to me that wearing a big sign that says what you are — no matter what it is — is just asking for trouble. Think about it. Even here at Blogcritics, there are people that give some people shit for never serving in the military and those same people give other people shit that DID serve. So it seems to me that any label you put on yourself is just asking some other group to fuck with you, but that's just me. Does calling yourself out with gay pride day and stuff like that really make you feel included or accepted?

Jet: Let me answer that in four parts.

1. There was an era in my life when I’d make good close friends with people, we’d socialize, have fun, play sports, see movies etc. Then they’d find out I was gay, and suddenly want nothing more to do with me, for only that reason. So I started wearing that sign you mentioned so that they’d know up front who I was and if they couldn’t handle it, it was better to find out then rather than be hurt and spurned later by someone you’d grown close to as a friend(s). In days gone by it might have been “My god I didn’t know you were Jewish!” or “Is your father really black?” and a day later you’d stop hearing from them.

2. By the late 70s televangelists, the born-agains and the religious right had seized on an opportunity that had been handed to them on a golden platter making us pariahs of society. They had people actually believing that AIDS was God’s punishment to homosexuals, and that just being gay was “contagious”. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where the general population thinks AIDS is a gay disease. Ronald Reagan refused to stop the disinformation by simply ignoring the AIDS crisis for a long time, doing damage by his complacency. Unwittingly it fooled straight people for years into thinking they could have unprotected sex because they weren’t gay, so they couldn’t possibly get it.

Back then, exclusive use of the word homoSEXual was used, to emphasize their assertions to the frightened population that we are all sexual creatures first and humans second, meaning that the very moment we saw another male; especially a young, tender, impressionable and innocent one, we’d lose all control of our sexual urges. They took advantage of people not understanding back then how someone can grow up gay naturally, so they convinced people that somehow homosexuals were recruited into it by some pervert at childhood to perpetuate the species. How else does one become gay: certainly not naturally? It must be a choice-like anyone would choose to be spurned and hated!

3. The Gay Pride parades are actually a celebration of an important anniversary in our culture (our very own Fourth of July you might say). It’s the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. There was a real time Andy, when it was actually illegal just to walk into a gay bar. In New York it was a nightly occurrence for cops to go in to gay taverns like the Stonewall Inn and arrest and/or beat up half the clientele just to harass them. It became fun sport for bored policemen. On Friday evening, June 27, 1969 the cops figured a bunch of drag queen fairies and pansies wouldn't fight back, and started brutally using night sticks during an arrest raid, and those mincing little fags in their dresses, leather or tight jeans decided enough was enough and fought back-resulting in one HELL of a riot that is talked about to this day. It signaled the beginning of the Gay Rights movement, so we celebrate the anniversary in June every year.


It’s the religious right that’d have you believe that our parades are just an attempt to get in your faces and scream “we’re here and we’re queer!” Actually we’re just celebrating like the Irish do on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m appalled every year at how news reports only show the glitter queens prancing in their rainbow wigs, high-heels and falsies, or the Dykes on Bikes, and ignore the hundreds or thousands of ordinary people marching along side them, perpetuating the myth that the vast majority of us aren’t “normal”, and don’t lead “normal” lives, in “normal” ways.

The parades are a way to show people just how much of an invisible population we are, and the only effective way to do that is in sheer undeniable numbers. Here in Columbus tens of thousands of people turn out every year, just to say "Hey; there are more of us than you might think there are!" and in New York and San Francisco they number in the hundreds of thousands. Then the next day we all seem to mysteriously disappear back into thin air; which frightens some people. As long as we’re all lisping flamboyant queens wearing pink chiffon, they know who we are and where we are. You fear what you don’t understand Andy-you fear what you don’t understand.

4. As for Gays coming out in the military, well another short history lesson. Andy. As you know, a long time ago homosexuals were considered sick and disgusting, but back during the Cold War gays made a lot of meaningful contributions in the military especially in the ranks of military intelligence and scientific and nuclear research, but paranoia set in because it was assumed that if you were gay you were susceptible to being blackmailed by an enemy spy into giving out secret information. Russia was infamous for photographically trapping diplomats with young gay hustlers in Moscow to get information.

We're more like everyone else than you might think Andy, and most of us are just as patriotic. I personally fly a giant flag off my balcony on holidays. We would openly make contributions by serving openly in the military if we could, but simpleminded people won't let us, so thousands of gav servicemen contribute their talents and lives for your rights and the rights of hatemongers like Phelps and Falwell and no one acknowledges it publicly.

Are you aware that one huge problem in Iraq right now is a lack of translators and medical people? The army just dismissed dozens for no other reason than that they were gay! Ignorance-pure ignorance-as if there really is a terror of some poor soldier being turned into a terrified helpless virgin unable to fight off the advances of some fag while he has his way with him. There are people who think that gays look at the army as a huge “hunk” grocery store, where we can pick and choose, when the reality is we’re just as anxious to serve our country as anyone else.

Andy: One more thing. I seriously doubt you were appalled to find out that pro athletes stay in the closet until their careers are over, unless you've been in a real closet with the doors locked for the last, what, 50 some years?

Jet: I’m not surprised that Pro athletes stay in the closet until their careers are over—I’m appalled that they have to, especially when in other countries it isn’t necessary.

I hope I’ve answered a few questions. Happy gay pride week!

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  • Thank you Diana for all of your great help…


  • Something I’ve been wondering – is day-to-day life easier for an out gay person now than it was 30 years ago?
    I know about the defense-of-marriage stuff, but it seems that, besides that issue (a big besides, I realize), people are more open-minded about sexuality.

  • Sister Ray, I’d say on a day to day basis, yes. But I’ve known most of my friends for years, what few I have left after my many disasters, and as for my neighbors, they all know me, and I’ve lived here 18 years, so we’re pretty much comfortable with each other.

    Right now I’m on disability and workman’s comp. I guess when I venture out I’ll have to force myself back into the closet until I see what the environment is like. Ohio’s a red state you know, though the Columbus is pretty gay-friendly.

  • Well Andy, what’d you think, I’g starting to get nervous!

  • Well Jet. Hmmm. I’d like to thank you for the op/ed. It is in keeping with your gentle, informative, not-based-on-rhetoric-or propaganda-type honesty and the provision of rational information. Kudos.

    I felt that the question about hetero-pride and hetero-games neglected to state the obvious truth of GLBTI people in this country and the world…how could it have been better? I’m not here to criticize.

    I just feel that people need to “get” that as a group of predominantly reviled and mostly rejected people, the GLBTI community have come to things such as pride and the games as a way to affirm our worth as simply another human being.

    For example, as a disbled person, I wrote and directed for a theatre company comprised of physically, emotionally and developmentally challenged people. There was no “mainstream” outlet or open-armed welcome for these talented performers, simply because of who they ARE or how they were perceived (preconceived).

    No Romeos on crutches. No Sweeney Todd’s in wheelchairs allowed. So, unwelcome in the mainstream…we simply created outlets where we could compete and perform without regard to our appearance or “grouping” or the preconceptions of others who never took the time to learn the truth.

    I guess, any group or outsiders (negro league, female athletes, GLBTI people) after being discounted or ignored or devalued enough, tend to create our own opportunities. I don’t know. It’s just an experience I witnessed.

    I am thankful to have found your BLOG. It confirms that logic, reason, compassion and level- headed honesty are not some long-dead or rapidly dying concept in every corner of the Earth. At least not yet. LOL.

    I guess I now ,too, have to come out as a demi-conservative! LOL. I agree that the media tends to show only the sensationalistic images of the GLBTI community. It infuriates me also. Of course, that’s how they pay the bills.

    I lament the (Anita Bryant-esque)”lemmings to the sea march” to which many of us in the world have succumbed. You know? Jumping on the bias bandwagon, “jus”cause”.

    I reckon I’ll get flamed as a bleeding-heart, sappy, naive whiner. Historically, there always seems to be a “less than” to despise in every society. I have really come to learn that it is really not so hard.

    Dignity. All people want to be treated with dignity. In my opinion, it is a lesser person who lacks that strength, integrity and capacity.

    Thanks for all you do and best wishes with the surgery, dude.

    Note to self: NO COFFEE after 10PM!!! EVER!

  • sr


  • Orchid

    I must say that comments about “gay culture” confuse me since I’ve always thought that people were a part of the culture they grew up in and not defined by their sexual orientation. To speak of “gay culture” makes it sound like all gay people have a unity of experience and background when that almost certainly is not the case since anyone, anywhere can be gay.

    In fact, it seems that, if you want to be accepted as a person like any other who just happens to be attracted to someone of the same sex, talking about “gay culture” as if you were from another country with different values and ways of thinking isn’t going to help.

  • What took you so long SR? You’re late!

  • Great great article Jet, very heartfelt and informative.

    I’m glad you brought up the military thing too, because this is yet another huge stain on our reputation as Americans, that our government would allow qualified, and often over-qualified, servicemen and women to be discharged from the military–and dishonorably, at that–simply due to sexual orientation. Apparently narrow minded, bigoted viewpoints are more important than military strength and national security.

  • Orchid, where did I refer to it as Gay Culture?
    Did you want me to list the article under sports?

  • Thanks Chantal-If Bush knew how many gays were in the military he’d piss his pants.

  • And thats the TRUTH Jet, I was in the Army for 4 years, and I met many…MANY…gay men and women, all having to hide their sexuality and relationships from their superiors.

    In fact, it was (and I’m assuming still is, this was like 10 years ago) fairly common for a lesbian and a gay man to marry, just to help cover who they really were.

  • sr

    chantal stone. Get frecking real dude. I dont believe one word you said. I respect Jet because He’s straight foward. Dont agree with him always, however you are Bravo Sierra. That last bit about, and thats the truth Jet. Freck dude. More then 20yrs and never once saw the crap you would like us all to believe. Maybe you watched MASH to long [Edited]

  • No question the policy against gays in the military is insane. They’re letting women in near combat situations now, so I don’t see how they can possibly justify any of the silly reasons they’ve had for banning gays in the past.


  • Chantal? Dude? Oh lord! SR, sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve dated two from the Army and one Marine in the space of two years without even trying.

    Maybe you just weren’t looking, or didn’t believe what you were seeing at the time?

  • Jet, we both know people won’t see what they don’t want to see….it’s a tidy little thing called DENIAL.

  • To quote Simon and Garfunkle from “the Boxer”

    A man hears what he wants to hear a disregardes the rest…

  • sr



  • Well Jet…I had a long weekend…I extended it until today it was so long…it’s another good read…thanks for answering my questions!

    Only one thing I still have a question on…in your piece you talk about your fight for rights along with the Negro Leagues and the separate water fountains…as I remember it…or at least what I’ve read about it, blacks drank out of separate water fountains and played in separate leagues due to force….gays do it by choice…are they really the same?

  • oh yeah…a question for savvy planner too…I know the GLBT acronym…what’s the “I” for?

  • Jeez SR what a big booming voice you have! What brought that on?

  • BULL!!! Andy-You were just seeing how long I could hold my breath, weren’t you? I’m glad (and) relieved) you found it a good read…


  • Now, having said that, in the beginning it was forced Andy. Everyone was concerned about an athlete being cut and his blood making contact with another athlete. Don’t forget they had everyone convinced that god gave ALL of us AIDS, and we had no medicle research to deny it.

    That’s why Magic Johnson left the game in 1991, it’s why Greg Louganis had to stop competing in 1988 after he cut his head on the diving board at the Olympics etc becasue event sponsors were using AIDS as an excuse to exclude gays from events, so we had to start staging our own.

    Once we’d organized our own events, it became a matter of pride to continue them. People nowadays are still very prejudiced against gays and would rather we just disappear (look at the headlines in the last 24 hours) so we’re very unwelcome to this day.

    In fact I’m beginning to feel downright paranoid about the whole thing…

    A lot of people will tell you it makes no difference, and you’d be surprised what they say later.

    There’s an old gay “Joke” that goes like this…

    Question-What’s a Faggot?
    Answer-A gay friend that just left the room.

    Solus mei sententia

  • You did good Jet! You didn’t make me out to be some kind of screaming anything! It seems like the conversation we didn’t have…that I don’t think I’d mind having with a level headed individual like you…was a nice easy discussion.

    But I gotta tell you…you really need to stop looking at my pic like that…you’re making me nervous!

    I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

    And that joke you told in #23…I’ve heard that one…with every other slang term you can think of!

    You may have the same kind of problem that a lot of christians have…a small group that makes all the noise and isn’t neccessarily representative of the majority getting all the press and making it tough for the rest of the “normal” people…

  • oh yeah…a question for savvy planner too…I know the GLBT acronym…what’s the “I” for?


  • so Silas…are you saying I still can’t march with them?

  • Sure you can! The intelligent marchers are on floats anyway. Ever see a drag queen march in spikes? It ain’t a pretty sight.

  • troll

    anyone hear how Moscow’s parade went – ?


  • Andy #24 You asked the questions on the other string that spurred the article, and I’m grateful that I had a forum to let it out.

    Thanks Jet

  • Silas 25-Actually I was wondering about that too, thanks for clearing it up.

  • Andy 26 Go get a pair of speedos a size too small (white) and you can.

  • Silas 27 Puuuuuullllllllease!

  • I stoped wearing those when I quit the swim team…about 150 years ago!

  • Troll-this was posted on BBC news…

    It is a big “if” in the face of strong opposition from politicians who do not question the legal right of gay people to pursue their lifestyles in privacy, but do not want to see them making a show of it.

    Clergy from Russia’s two biggest faith groups, Russian Orthodox Christians and Muslims, have equally frowned upon the idea.

    This week, the issue of the Moscow Pride electrified Moscow’s media after a Muslim cleric was quoted as saying the paraders should be “thrashed by decent people”.

    It is a scenario which alarms Moscow’s authorities in a year when Russia is entrusted with both stewardship of the G8 and, from 20 May, the Council of Europe – a body dedicated to promoting human rights.

    Privacy and provocation

    Inna Svyatenko, chairwoman of Moscow City Council’s security commission, does not have a problem with the city’s gay community.


    In Russian slang, a gay man is “blue” (goluboy) and a gay woman “pink” (rozovaya)
    Homosexual acts in Russia were punishable by prison terms of up to five years until 1993

    Sasha’s story
    “This city and civic society here are very protective of our sexual minorities,” she says.

    Gay people work freely in the city and are greatly respected for their contribution in areas such as retail and the creative professions, according to Ms Svyatenko.

    They have their own clubs and, she adds, you need only look out the window of her downtown office to see where a gay lifestyle store opened its doors recently.

    But she argues against the parade on three grounds: that much of the gay community allegedly oppose it themselves that similar events in East European capital cities like Riga last year ended in violent clashes that the preferred route would cause massive traffic disruption.
    According to her information, most gay people in Moscow do not want the Pride because “it is their private life and they do not want to put it on show” and because such an event could provoke violence.

    Inna Svyatenko wants to avoid the clashes seen in Europe last year

    “In our fragile society, do we really need to provoke a situation in which the ultra-right and so-called skinheads rise up and the law enforcement agencies are unable to guarantee the safety of the paraders?” she asks.

    Of course, the police could suppress any disorder if necessary, she says, but nobody in the city authorities would be prepared to take responsibility for “artificially provoking the disorder”.

    To allow a parade down Tverskaya Street, Moscow’s central artery, would cause massive disruption in a city already choked with traffic, she adds.

    “If the gays chose an area on the outskirts of the city or somewhere in Moscow Region, I think the authorities might take a different view,” she says.

    Inna Svyatenko accuses the organisers of the parade, and their supporters outside Russia, of “wanting to make a name for themselves without any thought for the impact of such an event on other people like them”.

    “I realise there are certain European countries where these parades have a long history and nobody cares but let’s not drag Russia into this – Russia is not ready,” she argues.

    Breaking the ice

    The word “pidor”, a corruption of “pederast”, is still one of the most common terms of abuse in Russia.

    Whatever the local objections in Moscow, the parade would mark the first-ever Pride in Russia as a whole and public tolerance of gay people is still largely confined to a few big cities.

    If people had really maintained the status quo in our history… homosexuality would still be a crime

    Nikolai Alexeyev
    “Russia needs the parade because it will help the country to show that we are a tolerant society,” argues Nikolai Alexeyev, the chief organiser of the Pride.

    “It will be a very strong attempt to break the ice between society and the gay community. People will understand that there are no reasons to be scared of sexual minorities.”

    Russian media, in his opinion, distort the image of gay people, portraying them as “perverts and people who only need pity”.

    Predicting a turnout of some 5,000, he strongly objects to moving the parade away from the centre though he is open to negotiation about the final route.

    He also rejects the suggestion that many gay people do not want the Pride. Some gay businessmen, he suggests, are anxious about the Pride’s possible commercial fallout, but, “at the end of the day, the fact is that activists and individuals support this event”.

    The Pride organiser links homophobia in Russia to poverty, saying the “more wealthy people are, the less they care about such things”.

    But some of the event’s most vocal opponents are religious leaders, refusing to accept the validity of “non-traditional” sexual orientation, to use the Russian euphemism.

    ‘Glorifying sin’

    Talgat Tadzhuddin, head of the Muslim Spiritual Board in Central Russia, told Interfax news agency that Muslim anti-Pride protests could be angrier than those seen abroad over the Muhammad cartoons.

    But his reported call to “thrash” paraders was not taken up by his counterpart in Asian Russia, Nafigulla Ashirov, who went on a Moscow radio station to say the use of violence was unacceptable.

    While also rejecting the use of violence, the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow has condemned the Pride as “homosexual propaganda and the glorification of sin”.

    Men interviewed in Moscow’s new gay store did not believe the gay parade would happen simply because of the mounting hostility.

    Its fate will not be decided until two weeks before it is due to be held, when the formal application for permission must be lodged with the Moscow mayor’s office.

    The mayor’s office could not be reached for official comment but is believed to be strongly opposed.

    Wilde’s legacy

    Among foreign figures lending support is Merlin Holland, grandson of Oscar Wilde, who, while not gay himself, plans to be in Moscow.

    “I am happy to add my voice to those raised in protest against homophobia; my grandfather was imprisoned in 1895 simply for being a homosexual and our family was almost destroyed as a result,” he wrote in a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin this month.

    Nikolai Alexeyev passionately believes in the need to make a stand, whatever the risk of a backlash. The Pride is timed to fall on the 13th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Russia.

    “If people had really maintained the status quo in our history, the Cold War would have never ended, Boris Yeltsin would have never come to power and homosexuality would still be a crime in Russia,” he says.

    Meanwhile, in the Moscow gay store, the little plastic rainbow flags of the international gay rights movement stay firmly on the shelves and the store’s business card refers only to “our theme”.

    Evidently, for some, a “love that dare not speak its name” must remain anonymous in Russia.

  • ArchBingBat 29-you mean the black Tshirt with the playboy emblem you wear to bed every night doesn’t count?

    You wear what ever you want, we accept everyone for what and who they are without prejudice…

    do you?

  • Andy #34 wrote “I stoped wearing those when I quit the swim team…about 150 years ago!”

    That means you must’ve appeared in you highschool yearbook in only a speedo-pictures post pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nah…my HS didn’t have a swim team…it was a beach club thing…and no…belonging to a beach club does not denote wealth in NJ…it only denotes a desire to go to the beach…there are no free beaches in NJ!

  • No pictures? I’ll mope around the house the rest of the day by teasing bitch!!!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Informative article, Jet. I didn’t really know the origin of the “gay pride” parade.

    You obviously take an American viewpoint to all of this (duhhh), but it is a big wide world out there.

    Take military service here. Nobody really cares about the sexual orientation of the next guy. It has never been an issue here. You serve in the unit and protect your buddies as best you are able in the fog of war. If anyone tried to deface the memory of a fallen soldier at this funeral, his unit would mash in the guy’s face until it was as bloody as a liver. This would be irregardless of what the other soldiers in the unit thought of the fallen soldier’s sexual orientation, or what the rabbi thought of his sexual orientation. A man who falls for his country desrves the highest respect, and his family deserves all the support possible in the time of their loss. End of disacussion.

    A lot of the kids at my younger son’s school are gay and they tend to be the strongest kids in the school. Gay bashing can be a tooth-loosening experience there. Bear in mind that this is a religious school. How they reconcile their orientation with the rules in the Torah calling man on man sexual activity “to’evá,” an abomination, is a mystery to me. They do not go to the “pride parades,” as they are called here. But they are not in some closet of self hatred either.

    “Gay marriage” is not the issue here that it is in America, primarily because the state does not load marriage with the benefits that the American state and federal governments do, and primarily because there is no legal “civil marriage” here. If there were, though, I’m sure this argument wuld heat up like water on the fire in a tea kettle, and would come to a very angry boil very quickly.

  • Thank you for your thoughts Ruvy, as always I value them. I’ve been doing a lot of pondering and I’ve come to the conclusion that being Gay became a sin in ancient times because the Jews were vastly outnumbered, so out of survival anything that didn’t produce kids and lots of them would naturally be considered taboo, even to the point of having multiple wives. The more kids the more secure your future race of people becomes.

    The trouble is bigots have carried that over to today. Hispanics have learned that lesson well and that’s why their quickly becoming the largest minority here. Blacks knew it, but have canceled it out by constantly killing eachother in the ghettos.

    blessings my friend.

  • One of the best articles I’ve ever read on BC, Jet. I missed my deadline for an Editor’s Pick, or I’d have nominated this. It will be a crime if somebody else doesn’t.

  • Thank you Micheal, just your saying that is honor enough my friend…

  • Hey! If this gets picked I want some of the credit Jet!

  • FOR WHAT?????? GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR WHAT??? Boy that takes a lot of fuckin’ nerve! Just because you inspired me to write it, just because your questions were used, just because you made me go into my heart and soul and risked getting shit on by a bunch of assholes who all call me faggot behind my back only to find just how many friends I have on this site instead.




  • You’re a funny guy…and I mean ha ha funny…not the “other” kind of funny!

    and I promise…if we’re ever in the same room together…I won’t tell that joke when you leave the room! Swear!

  • That went without saying Andy, but thanks

  • Jet wow I’m…

    Beautiful article.

  • Thanks A.L.

  • Thanks, Silas…in some places it also represents “intersex(ed)”.


    Have a good night all.

  • Are there hetero games or hetero pride days?

    Of course not. That would be considered the gender equivalent of “racism” – just like the USPTO has issued trademarks on “Black Pride”, “Asian Pride”, and every other variant of racial, national, and ethnic pride, but refuses to grant a trademark on “White Pride”.

    It is not politically correct to discriminate, UNLESS it is discrimination against Caucasians. In fact anti-white can be considerd pretty much the definition (and motivation) of “political correctness”.

  • Considering the Gay Games is open to all athletes, and a lot of straights do particate now I don’t see the point. Is the U.S. Open discriminatory? It’s just a name. It’s celebrating the anniversary of Stonewall, and celbrating our differences and similarities…

  • Arch Conservative

    Damn Richard Brodie………I don’t know where you came from but I like your style. You, myself, Mr’ Barger and Mr. Marsh are just about the only people on BC who have enough sense to state things as they really are.

    Of course it would be wrong to have a white pride parade or a straight pride parade. Just ask a liberal. And of course it’s racist, bigoted and narrow minded of you to have an opinion that in anyway deviates from the American liberal view of the world. I’m against gay marriage so of course that means I went out last night and ran down 5-10 homosexuals with my ford pickup while wearing my stihl baseball cap, listening to country music, dipping tobacco and watching a big gaudy cross jingle jangle all night long from my rearview mirror. I’m also against affirmative action so that means I attended a klan meeting last night too, burend a couple of crosses on select lawns, hung a few negros etc.. etc….. I’m against abortion so that means I blew up a couple of abortion clinics last night after picketing in front of them all day long…….

    Gee I sure was busy yesterday huh? Well It’s tough work being an evil, narrow minded, bigoted, racist, unprogressive American conservative aint it Brodie?

    You seem to have similiar views to mine Brodie so be prepared to be labbeled with all kinds of bullshit leftist stingers once you have expressed those views

  • Typical insensitive babbling from ArchBingBat. I love it when you try and fail to make sense. Don’t ever change sweetie…

  • I’m currently celebrating Balding, Middle-Aged Simian day.


  • Forgive me Dave; I know there’s a good reason why you’re telling me that, I just can’t figure out what it is?

  • Joey

    All this speedo talk… reminds me of a joke. I can’t remember the whole thing (which isn’t unusual) But the punch line is something like this…

    If you’re gonna wear the speedo at beach today, put the potato in the front this time.

  • I had a green on once, but it turned blue because I didn’t put it in the refridgerator with some baking soda. Thay say if you put a little hole in it first the chemical change is slower, but they didn’t tell me what size or if you use scotch tape or not.

  • “I had a green on once, but it turned blue because I didn’t put it in the refridgerator with some baking soda. Thay say if you put a little hole in it first the chemical change is slower, but they didn’t tell me what size or if you use scotch tape or not.”
    Does this sound naughty to anyone else? I’m just wondering to what you were referring. Because this response is funny as hell!

  • Arch Conservative

    NO it sounds stupid and off topic…[Edited]

  • Joey, it was in response to 54, 55, and 56 where I couldn’t figure out why Dave was telling me he was balding and you couldn’t remember your punch line, so I elected to babble right along with you both for a good laugh.

  • Of coures ArchBoingBat didn’t get the joke, which is to be expected… poor thing.

  • Thanks Suss for editing those errors for me sir!

  • “…Well It’s tough work being an evil, narrow minded, bigoted, racist, unprogressive American conservative…”

    Actually, it lacks creativity and defies accountability. When in doubt, blame it on God. It’s His will. His will be done. Jump. Shout. Knock yourself out. Let go, let God. Buy at Wal-Mart.

  • Arch Conservative

    “It’s His will. His will be done.”

    mmmm I have never used either of those phrases on BC

    You can try to attribute all kinds of things I never said to me and/or other conservative posters but that doesn’t change the fact the it is the left’s bread and butter to call anyone who disagrees with them such things. (racist, bigot, etc…)

  • zingzing

    sorry bing i scratched your record
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  • Silas, it reminds me of one of the most stupid mistakes Christians make. They always say “The Lord giveth and the lord taketh away” to explain away something bad happening, but since they blindly believe everything they read in the bible they keep quoting that passage ad nausea.

    THEY’RE WRONG!!!!!!!

    Job said it, but in actual fact God took nothing from him-the Devil did!!!”

    but they’ll keep quoting it like blind little fundamentalist sheep that they are…

  • ArchBoingBat 64-You may not have said that, but enough other shit has come out of your mouth to make up for it.

  • Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for-Thank you Zing for…

  • *feeling the need to defend Christians here*

    Here’s the deal: the stroy of “Creation”, the story of “Job”, and other such stories in the Bible, I believe (contrary to most other Christians), were intended to simply explain something that coudldn’t otherwise be explained.

    Isn’t that how most religions started? Early civilisations didn’t have the science to explain the unknown, and left with the vastness of the earth and ones own imagination, we have the birth of religion.

    The thing is, and MOST Christians miss this point (they still mean well, I think), God doesn’t require blind faith. God wants reverence. And I don’t even believe He cares if we call Him God, Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Allah or Jimbo….it’s more of a sense knowing there’s something greater than ourselves, a simple appreciation of Life, the Earth, fellow Man, and of this World that we live in. It’s not the great Mystery people make it out to be.

    More and more, I’m really beginning to dislike being grouped with other “Christians”. *sigh*

  • Thanks Chantal, no offense intended. Personally I was so full of the love of god in my teens I wanted tp be a presbyterian minister, but after so many people representing the allmighty convinced me to avoid churches, I developed my own relationship with him, but lately in the last 19 months I haven’t been able to feel him at all, and in my anger I guess I’m striking out at his absense.

    I just don’t understand why this won’t stop happening to me.


  • JEt—you certainly never offend me….ignorant Christians do that well enough for all of us 😉

  • I saw the BEST bumper sticker this morning and it is now my new mantra:

    I don’t have a problem with God.
    Just His fan clubs!

    That pretty much sums it up.

  • you’re right, it does, Silas.

  • Amen

  • Michael West 41-I’ve had some time to read some of your stuff now and all I can sey is the same back atcha- to bad there’s no honorable mentions.

  • Does anyone one what happened to SteveS?

  • Just popped in tonight and saw my name here. My ear must have been itching or whatever it is. I have to leave every so often, the right wingers here are hostile.

    From comment 52:

    Of course it would be wrong to have a white pride parade or a straight pride parade. Just ask a liberal.

    The Aryan Nation and the KKK often get city permits for their parades.

    However, if you do not comprehend on your own why minority groups hold pride events when it is unnecessary for the majority too, then you would be incapable of comprehending it, if it was told to you. It’s not that it’s wrong for you to have a pride parade, it’s that it’s unnecessary.

    And here’s something to consider: those of you on the right who say that it’s wrong for you to have pride parades go on the assumption that ours are accepted and yours would be, what? Pelted with eggs?

    You perceive that your parades are not accepted by us and your comments show bitterness towards that, but guess what? Our parades are not accepted by your side either.

    If you don’t have a pride parade because you think it’s not acceptable, then you don’t know what pride is.

  • “Considering the Gay Games is open to all athletes, and a lot of straights do particate now I don’t see the point.”

    Because openly gay athletes still cannot get into the NFL, or the Major League Baseball teams or the NBA, etc.

    The Gay Games were formed to give gay athletes a chance to play. The Gay Games do not discriminate based on orientation, therefore there is still a need for them because they are the only sporting event where sexuality doesn’t matter.

    I read somewhere but don’t have a link, that the Gay Games have more participants than the Olympics making it the biggest sporting event in the world (if you count by number of participants).

  • Andy: It just seems to me that wearing a big sign that says what you are — no matter what it is — is just asking for trouble. Does calling yourself out with gay pride day and stuff like that really make you feel included or accepted?

    For me, it isn’t so much pride in being gay, it’s pride in being me.

    Trouble comes whether you are wearing the sign or not, so might as well hold your head up high.

  • Heeeeeeee’s Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!!!!!
    Welcome back friend.

    As I’ve said the pride parade’s main purpose is to celebrate an anniversary of the Stonewall riots, not to through our sexuality in anyone’s face.

    Andy did me a favor by posting those questions and I thank him for it, don’t pick on him, he’s a good guy-straight but a good guy.

    Steve check out the other articles I’ve done.

    I missed you!

  • I’ll check out the articles. I’m not picking on Andy, just answering his question (to you) in my own way. If it seems like I pick on him, it’s only because he’s the only one with the nerve to ask the questions, without contempt and/or sarcasm dripping from his voice (keyboard?)

  • I can do sarcasm…but I’ll skip it for now…

    I could give you one of those…I have lots of gay friends…but I really don’t…or maybe I do and don’t know it…

    I did have a cousin who was gay…he was married for a long time…had a couple of kids…then he left his wife for his boyfriend/s…not really sure on that one…but he later withered away to nothing and died a slow painful death…I was able to visit with him shortly before he died…he was in amazingly good spirits considering what he was going through at the time…some of htat had to do with those new stores in Ca…the ones that sell bud over the counter…and I’m not talking about budweiser…

    I have relatives that say he can’t be in heaven because of his “orientation”…I say…if there is a heaven…and guys like him aren’t there…well then…I don’t wanna go…

    he really was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known…he stopped my brother and I from beating the shit out of one of my uncles’ that badmouthed my father at a funeral…John was one of the more level headed people in my family…I always wondered though…if he got married and had kids just to put up a false front…so to speak…and how that played on his mind for all those years that he was married…and I never talked to his kids or his wife to see how they felt through all of what they went through while their father/husband found himself. I know that in his last days he lived with his ex-wife and kids in their home in Marin…so, I guess his wife understood something about all of it.

    It seems the more I read and hear on tv and radio the more I realize how wrong it is to deny anyone the rights you folks are looking for…maybe I’m getting soft in my old age…I still don’t get the whole gay pride thing…but I guess if I look at it like italian pride or irish pride or anything else like that it makes more sense…

    But it seems to me that if any of us want to be included in things we all need to stop putting lables on ourselves…I suppose that’s easy for me to say because the lable I don’t have to wear…the one that would say straight white guy with a bad attitude…comes with a lot less abuse then any of the other lables.

    I had a sarcasm drip once…a couple shots in the ass took care of it!

  • Andy, that was moving. Thanks for sharing.

  • Andy, Thanks so much, I knew that was in you, just like it’s in most straight men, they just don’t have the guts and self-confidence of their own masculine manhood that you do.

    My respect for you just grew 200 percent.


  • Oh great…now all the gay guys like me! That’s what I wanted!

    See…I can do sarcastic!

  • I’m STILL waiting for those photos of you in a speedo……

  • don’t worry Andy…I’m not a gay guy, and I like you too

  • Jet – I’d just model one for you now, but I don’t own a pair…besides, it might induce vomitting!

    Thank you Chantal…nice of you to say…and nice web site too!

  • thanks, Andy

  • Andy, you’re an alright guy. A little messed up in the political ideology department, but we’re working on that.

  • Yeah SteveS…that goes both ways buddy…

  • Yeah Andy, but some of us were hoping you did…

  • Set myself up for that one!

  • Yes Andy, and you’re man enough to take some good-natured kidding. Bravo

  • You see…because you’ve never met me…you can’t actually see the sign on my forehead that everyone else sees…the one that says…FUCK WITH ME…apparently I’m the only one who can’t see it…even my dogs can read it! But hey…it keeps me laughing…and they tell me that’s good medicine…I’m a healthy man!

  • I have a friend who’s a porn star who wears a shirt that says “Fuck me I’m famous” I’d be careful with those signs.

    Thanks for the contributions you’ve made to this string, thanks for helping me with my depression.

  • Chancal 87: fear not, we love you anyway.

  • Okay kids it’s time to wish Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson a happy anniversary! Saturday June 10th is the third anniversary of legalized Gay marraige in Canada! No wonder we have so many illegal immigrants from there!

    How many other anniversaries have we got out there?

  • Has everyone got their pink chifon dresses ready for the parade next week? Happy anniversary to everyone in Canada! (see above)

  • Andy 95: Where can I pick up one of those signe? or better yet a photo of you wearing it that can be printed on a t-shirt?

  • Here’s a reading assignment for you Prina Doma, you might learn something, but I doubt it.

    (AGI)Turin, June 17 Twenty thousand are taking part in the Gay Pride march in Turin, which hleft on time from Porta Susa station at 5.30pm with music, slogans, kisses and hugs. The rain eased off. The 32 floats are part of a colourful parade under the eyes of the forces of order. There are peace banners here and there and people of all ages. The march is wending its way to Piazza Castello, then Via Po, and finally Piazza Vittorio at 7.00pm. It is moving calmly and slowly.
    (AGI) – 171858 GIU 06 COPYRIGHTS 2002-2006 AGI S.p.A.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear at a fundraiser for the conservative gay group, the Log Cabin Republicans in Hollywood next week. According to the event’s organisers, it will be his first appearance in front of a gay audience since the film star took office as governor of California.

    Last September, Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation to allow same-sex marriage and he has threatened veto of a bill to mandate the teaching of LGBT history in California schools.

    The Log Cabin Republicans, a group for gay and lesbian GOP (Republican National Committee) members that publicly parted company with President Bush after he supported a federal gay marriage ban, have consistently supported Schwarzenegger.

    The governor’s decision to be the keynote speaker at the $250-a-plate fundraiser is a way for him to return Log Cabin’s loyalty, said Log Cabin President Patrick Guerrero.
    “There is a better than 50-50 chance this man will be the governor of California for the next four years, and for the gay community to label somebody based on one veto is shortsighted.”

    “There is a better than 50-50 chance this man will be the governor of California for the next four years, and for the gay community to label somebody based on one veto is shortsighted,” Log Cabin national president Patrick Guerrero told the Associated Press.

    “We thought allowing him to address these issues in a friendly setting as well as giving him a chance to get another look at who gay and lesbian families are was important both for him and for us.”

    National Stonewall Democrats John Marble was not so compromising in his comments on Schwarzenegger’s planned appearance.

    “Since Governor Schwarzenegger actively vetoed legislation passed by Democrats that would have granted marriage recognition to same-sex couples, and since there was not one Republican in the California Assembly who could be persuaded to actually vote for the legislation, we would hope that our friends at the Log Cabin Republicans would use any money raised at this event to educate California Republicans on how their actions are harming families in the Golden State,” he said.

    From CGN.ie
    No author given

  • Gang targeting gay men in Dublin city centre:

    Gardaí in Dublin have issued a warning about a seven-strong gang that has been targeting gay men in the city centre in a string of assaults and robberies.

    They say a gang of five men and two women aged between 15 and 18 years have been targeting gay men for some time.

    They often engage the victims in a friendly manner before attacking them.

    Gardaí say they are confident the gang will be arrested soon, but are advising members of the gay community to be careful.

    The warning was issued at the official opening of a new drop-in centre where gay people can report homophobic crimes.

    The garda project will be piloted in Dublin for a year before being rolled out nationally if it proves a success.

    It will allow victims to report hate crimes against homosexuals and will also offer advice on crime prevention and other issues.

    A recent survey found that around 40% of gay people have been assaulted, but less than one-fifth of these reported the attack to the Gardaí.

    From Ireland on line-22/06/2006 – 11:32:12

    Thomas Crosbie Media, 2006. No author listed

  • so….Now it comes down to book burning?
    Woman charged with burning gay books at library
    As reported in the Chicago Sun Times-no author listed
    June 22, 2006

    A 21-year-old woman was charged Wednesday with setting a fire in the gay and lesbian section of a Chicago Public Library branch in the Lake View neighborhood.

    Erica Graham was charged with one count of attempted aggravated arson, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. She was expected in court today, when a possible motive may be revealed.

    The fire last week at the John M. Merlo library branch damaged 90 books in the gay and lesbian section and 10 books in the African-American section.

  • Today and tomorrow is GAY PRIDE days signifying the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots when we stood up and said “We’re not going to just sit here and take it any more!!!”

    So get your signs painted, you support e-mails to Phelps, Bush and Falwell written and try to remember what you did with your seldom-used bibles so you can raise and wave them, and get out to a parade near you!

  • Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle:
    It’s a party, parade and a history lesson
    A community examines its struggles while praising how far Houston has come

    Thousands of people packed the Montrose area Saturday for a street festival and the 28th annual Pride Houston Parade down Westheimer, featuring more than 100 floats and participating groups.


    Gay Pride Week commemorates what many consider the birth of the gay rights movement in the United States — the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City. The first night of rioting began shortly after midnight on June 27 when police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village. A civil disturbance ensued that lasted several days.

    “It was not legal for gays to be in bars,” said Jack Valinski, the executive director of Pride Houston. Instead, gays congregated in unlicensed venues, fearful of being discovered by the authorities. But after Stonewall, the gay rights movement gathered momentum.

    Valinski became involved with Pride Houston soon after his arrival in the city in 1981. He said Houston has changed over the years.

    “It’s really a different town,” he said. “This was a good ol’ boys town and had sort of a bubba image.”

    Much has changed, he said. The city now has two lesbian elected officials with Controller Annise Parker and at-large Councilwoman Sue Lovell, and the Houston Pride event has grown to become the largest of its kind in the Southwest, Valinski said.

    Saturday’s events began in the early afternoon with the street festival. Organizers Peter Chaivre and Richard Proto had been working since September, marshalling more than 80 volunteers and 100 vendors.

    “The parade has been going on for close to 30 years, but this is only the second year of the festival, so we would like to see it get bigger,” Chaivre said.

    By early afternoon, he said, the festival was near its projected attendance of 5,000.

    As with any party, preparations were hurried and harried the night before, Proto said. But once the festival kicked off, “it’s been going extremely well.”

    “This is really cool,” he said, taking a moment from his organizational duties. “It’s together and the show goes on.”

    The event was about more than having fun. Away from the bands and noisy booths, organizers set up a history exhibit displaying thousands of photos, magazines and posters illustrating the community’s struggle for acceptance.

    Exhibits curator Larry Criscione said the recorded history stretches as far back as ancient Greece. He estimated that the exhibit took more than 300 hours to assemble.

    Leaving the tent, Chris Hann said he was surprised to learn the depth of the gay community’s story.

    “I didn’t realize there were so many organizations that went that far back (in time),” said Hann, in his 20s. “There were a lot of cool black-and-white pictures in there.”

    Wearing a shirt that read “I (heart) my gay son,” Penny Hann, Chris’s mother, said she too was impressed. “It was very informative. I’m so glad we came.”

  • By Mark Shanahan, Globe Staff :
    Radio station WRKO suspended talk-show host John DePetro yesterday for using a slur for homosexual in reference to Turnpike Authority chairman Matthew J. Amorello.
    The morning host, who calls himself “The Independent Man,” is suspended for two days for using the epithet on air during a discussion of Amorello’s conduct following the ceiling collapse of the I-90 connector. After uttering the slur, DePetro added: “I don’t mean gay [slur]. I mean like he’s a sissy boy. He’s a little sissy boy.”
    Neither DePetro nor Amorello returned calls late yesterday, but WRKO program director Jason Wolfe said Entercom, which owns the station, has “zero tolerance for racial intolerance. . . . Mr. DePetro has 72 hours to think about this.” Wolfe said he purposely chose the word “racial” because “people will lump everything in together.”
    The conservative talk-show host, who has been on the air at WRKO-AM (680) for three years, made the remark while talking about Amorello’s decision to bring his wife, Charlotte, and his spokeswoman, Mariellen Burns , to the funeral of Milena Del Valle , the woman who was killed when tunnel ceiling panel s collapsed. DePetro said his WRKO colleague Howie Carr calls Amorello “fat Matt” and then suggested it should be “[slur] Matt.”
    According to a rough transcript of the remarks provided to the Globe, DePetro went on to say: “I just mean the way when you’re sophomore, juvenile in grammar school, and somebody would say you’re like a sissy boy [slur] . . . I just want to be very clear about that. I don’t mean gay [slur]; I mean like sissy boy. He’s a sissy boy.”
    DePetro is no stranger to controversy. After Imette St. Guillen was murdered in New York City in February , DePetro said the 24 -year-old college student from Boston was “asking for trouble” by being alone in a bar at 4 a.m. The comment outraged St. Guillen’s parents and made headlines, but WRKO did not punish the host.
    “It seems as though he intentionally tries to rile up his audience to get the most rabid listeners to call in,” said Bill Walczak , chief executive officer of Dorchester’s Codman Square Health Center and a recent guest on DePetro’s show. “The deeper the hatred that comes out of the mouths of people, the more successful the ratings.”
    Wolfe said DePetro will be off the air today and tomorrow, and will return Friday morning with an apology. In 2003, Wolfe had a hand in the suspension of two hosts on WEEI-AM, a station also owned by Entercom, after they compared a gorilla that had escaped from Franklin Park Zoo to a Metco student. The hosts, Gerry Callahan and John Dennis, were suspended for two weeks. In that case, Entercom also pledged to fund scholarships for Metco students and provide time for public-service announcements for Metco and affiliated groups.
    WRKO, which calls itself “Boston’s Talk Station,” has a lineup of mostly right-wing hosts, including Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Matt Drudge, and DePetro. But it is about to begin broadcasting Red Sox baseball, too. The station just signed a deal estimated to be worth between $13 million and $14 million a year. Starting next season, Red Sox games will be split between WRKO and WEEI.
    © Copyright 2006 Globe Newspaper Company

  • From Today’s Headlines…Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist…

    JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — A decorated sergeant and Arabic language specialist was dismissed from the U.S. Army under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, though he says he never told his superiors he was gay and his accuser was never identified.

    Bleu Copas, 30, told The Associated Press he is gay, but said he was “outed” by a stream of anonymous e-mails to his superiors in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C.

    “I knew the policy going in,” Copas said in an interview on the campus of East Tennessee State University, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling and working as a student adviser. “I knew it was going to be difficult.”

    An eight-month Army investigation culminated in Copas’ honorable discharge on Jan. 30 – less than four years after he enlisted, he said, out of a post-Sept. 11 sense of duty to his country.
    Copas now carries the discharge papers, which mention his awards and citations, so he can document his military service for prospective employers. But the papers also give the reason for his dismissal.
    He plans to appeal to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records.

    The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, established in 1993, prohibits the military from inquiring about the sex lives of service members, but requires discharges of those who openly acknowledge being gay.
    The policy is becoming “a very effective weapon of vengeance in the armed forces” said Steve Ralls, a spokesman for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a Washington-based watchdog organization that counseled Copas and is working to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
    Copas said he was never open about his sexuality in the military and suspects his accuser was someone he mistakenly befriended and apparently slighted.

    More than 11,000 service members have been dismissed under the policy, including 726 last year – an 11 percent jump from 2004 and the first increase since 2001.

    That’s less than a half-percent of the more than 2 million soldiers, sailors and Marines dismissed for all reasons since 1993, according to the General Accountability Office.

    But the GAO also noted that nearly 800 dismissed gay or lesbian service members had critical abilities, including 300 with important language skills. Fifty-five were proficient in Arabic, including Copas, a graduate of the Defense Language Institute in California.
    Discharging and replacing them has cost the Pentagon nearly $369 million, according to the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

    Lt. Col. James Zellmer, Copas’ commanding officer in the 313th military intelligence battalion, told the AP that “the evidence clearly indicated that Sgt. Copas had engaged in homosexual acts.”

    While investigators were never able to determine who the accuser was, “in the end, the nature and the volume of the evidence and Sgt. Copas’s own sworn statement led me to discharge him,” Zellmer said.
    Military investigators wrote that Copas “engaged in at least three homosexual relationships, and is dealing with at least two jealous lovers, either of whom could be the anonymous source providing this information.”

    Shortly after Copas was appointed to the 82nd Airborne’s highly visible All-American Chorus last May, the first e-mail came to the chorus director.

    “The director brought everyone into the hallway and told us about this e-mail they had just received and blatantly asked, ‘Which one of you are gay?'” Copas said.

    Copas later complained to the director and his platoon sergeant, saying the questions violated “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
    “They said they would watch it in the future,” Copas said. “And they said, even specifically then, ‘Well, you are not gay are you?’ And I said, ‘no.'”

    The accuser, who signed his e-mails “John Smith” or “ftbraggman,” pressed Copas’ superiors to take action against him or “I will inform your entire battalion of the information that I gave you.”
    On Dec. 2, investigators formally interviewed Copas and asked if he understood the military’s policy on homosexuals, if he had any close acquaintances who were gay, and if he was involved in community theater. He answered affirmatively.

    But Copas declined to answer when they asked, “Have you ever engaged in homosexual activity or conduct?” He refused to answer 19 of 47 questions before he asked for a lawyer and the interrogation stopped.
    Copas said he accepted the honorable discharge to end the ordeal, to avoid lying about his sexuality and risking a perjury charge, and to keep friends from being targeted.

    “It is unfair. It is unjust,” he said. “Even with the policy we have, it should never have happened.”


    Servicemembers Legal Defense Network

  • Is there a gay gene?
    Study recruiting 1,000 pairs of gay brothers to donate DNA
    September 26, 2006
    BY JIM RITTER Health Reporter

    One of the great mysteries of human sexuality is what causes some men to be gay.
    Scientists have rejected earlier notions that homosexuality is a mental illness. The thinking now is that sexual orientation is determined by roughly 40 percent genetic factors and 60 percent environmental factors.

    And now researchers at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute are hoping to identify one or more genes that help determine sexual orientation.

    The Molecular Genetic Study of Sexual Orientation is recruiting 1,000 pairs of gay brothers to donate blood samples for DNA analysis.
    “We hope our study will dispel mythologies and ignorance about homosexuality,” said Dr. Alan Sanders, a Northwestern University psychiatrist who is directing the five-year study.

    Some fear tests, ‘cure’
    If science can show that homosexuality is a biological trait, like eye color, the public likely would be more accepting of gays, said Timothy Murphy, a University of Illinois at Chicago bioethicist and paid consultant to the study.

    But some gays are wary. They fear discovering gay genes could lead to efforts to “cure” homosexuality, or to prenatal tests for gay genes.
    Researchers say that’s not their intent.
    Also wary of genetics research, Murphy said, are religious conservatives who believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

    But Greg and Phil Scollan of Chicago, two gay brothers who are participating in the study, believe there could be benefits to the research. It might “make people re-evaluate their thoughts on homosexuality,” Phil Scollan said.

    Tends to run in families
    Homosexuality tends to run in families. While 2 percent to 4 percent of all men are gay, 8 percent to 12 percent of brothers of gay men are gay.

    Previous twin studies have pointed to both genetic and environmental causes. An identical twin who is gay is much more likely to have a gay twin than is a fraternal twin who is gay. But even though identical twins share the exact same genes, it’s not unusual for one twin to be gay and the other twin to be straight.
    Possible environmental factors include family upbringing, exposure to certain hormones during pregnancy and having older brothers.

  • JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) — Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in the first authorized biography of the Nobel Peace laureate, said he was ashamed of his Anglican Church’s conservative position that rejected gay priests. Excerpts from the book, “Rabble-rouser for Peace” by his former press secretary John Allen, were scheduled to appear in South Africa on Sept. 22 and the biography was scheduled for release in time for Tutu’s 75th birthday on Oct. 7. The retired archbishop was critical of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for bowing on the gay priest issue to conservative elements, particularly African bishops, in the 77-million member Anglican Church that includes Episcopalians in the United States. In a 1998 letter to Williams’ predecessor, Archbishop George Carey, Tutu wrote he was “ashamed to be Anglican.”

  • NEWARK, N.J. — A steamy memoir by former New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey, who left office amid a gay sex scandal, is a best-seller on two lists.
    Released Sept. 19, The Confession will be ranked No. 3 in nonfiction hardcover sales in the New York Times book review’s Oct. 8 issue, the newspaper said. The review does not disclose sales figures.

    The book ranked No. 1 in biography-autobiography and No. 4 in adult nonfiction based on first-week sales of 15,000 recorded by Nielsen BookScan U.S., the Star-Ledger of Newark reported in Thursday’s newspapers.

    McGreevey, who had avoided public statements since leaving office in 2004, promoted the book with TV appearances last week, including a taped interview on ”The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

    Elected New Jersey governor in 2001, McGreevey stunned the nation when he announced in August 2004 that he was a ”gay American” and would leave office three months later. AP

  • This just in from The Houston Chronicle…
    December 19, 2006
    Poll: for soldiers, gay soldiers aren’t such a big deal
    Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a group that works to end the ban on openly gay people serving in the US military, announced that a new poll conducted by Zogby International has found that many military personnel are quite comfortable serving with gay soldiers:

    The poll, released today, reveals that 73 percent of military members are comfortable with lesbians and gays. Nearly one in four (23 percent) service members report knowing for sure that someone in their unit is lesbian or gay, including 21 percent of those in combat units.

    More from the Army Times coverage of the poll:

    Only 26 percent of those polled agreed that gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve in the military, with 37 percent said they should not. Thirty-two percent were neutral on that issue, while the remaining 5 percent said they were not sure.

    The SLDN release notes the results of some previous polls:

    The Zogby poll is the latest in a series of polls and public statements indicating readiness for a chance in policy. A 2004 Annenberg poll found that a majority of junior enlisted personnel favor allowing gays to serve openly, up from 13 percent in other polls from 1993. Among the general public, Gallup has found 79 percent support for repealing the gay ban. A recent Boston Globe poll also found that a majority of conservatives and regular church-goers favor repeal, too.

    The primary rationale for the ban has been the effect of gay soldiers on their units. Aside from being weak, it’s pretty insulting to soldiers; it assumes that they’re too immature to be part of a diverse fighting force that looks like their own country.

    I remember being surprised when I moved to DC – an area with a large military presence compared to Boston, where I had lived before – at how many gay military people I met. One of the first people I met when I came to town, actually, was an Annapolis graduate who in the early stages of an already distinguished military career.

    While the people I met were all pretty careful, for the most part they led pretty ordinary gay lives, like everybody else I knew; it was obvious that while they weren’t openly gay at work, it clearly wasn’t the best kept secret either. Thus, reading that a quarter of the people responding to this poll know they’re serving with gay people doesn’t surprise me, and just points to the inanity of the policy.

    Still, we go ahead devoting resources to tossing out gay people with important skills – Arabic linguists, for example – who just want to serve their country. It’s dumb and self-defeating, and the rationale for it – always weak – seems to be crumbling before our eyes.

  • Friends, I’ve designed a huge new banner for my Gay Pride Page as a “last horrah” before I again leave for the hospital tomorrow morning, and won’t be back from for at least a week or more. If you’ve ever wondered who the openly gay celebrities in entertainment, sports and literature of the present and past were-and still are click hereto view hundreds of names. I’ll warn you in advance that by request there’s some frontal nudity-so you were warned.

  • Jet, What is up with the hospital? Great page you made.

  • My left knee and then my heart gets a once over after the disaster last February.

  • By the way, thanks Cindy, I’m glad you weren’t toooooo offended 🙂

  • Well, at least Adam got a car out of it, and a HUGE career ahead of him.

  • lol offended? It’s just men. I’ve seen a man or two, or three…maybe even a few more. (I’ll shut up now.) Nudity doesn’t bother me. I used to go swim at nude beaches. And anyway I run around naked all the time. In fact I am completely naked, under my clothes right this minute, believe it or not!

    Jet, you have to tell me though. Are those fake…er penises those guys are wearing or what? They all look suspiciously a might longer than average. Don’t you think? Is it a club or something? lol

  • Ah so they are going to do the knee surgery. Good. That means you are doing well with the heart surgery right? Must be as they don’t do surgery on knees with high risk patients I wouldn’t guess.

  • In case you’re wondering what I thought Cindy could possibly get offended at, there’s a link at #116

    And I’m glad you weren’t Cindy.

    As for the “members” they’re friends that have worked in front of or behind the cameras for me in the industry at one time or another and yes they’re real… very real. That’s how you make money in the Adult video industry.

    The group is at Black’s beach in San Diego.

    Now stop drooling on your keyboard.

  • Those men are more your thing Jet. They are missing my favorite part of the male anatomy–love handles. I am quite fond of ‘comfy’ in men.