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Gavin Newsom: The Epitome of What Every Man Should Aspire To Be

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Gavin Christopher Newsom, a fourth generation San Franciscan, former wine shop owner, and youngest mayor of San Francisco since John W. Geary back in the mid 1800′s, is a great human being and an even better politician.

Graduating from Santa Clara University with a bachelors degree in Political Science, he knew he would one day make a difference for not only people in his small community, but others around the United States as well. His early campaigning for Mayor Willie Brown in the mid 1990′s set the stage for what would become the first step towards a great political career.

Supplying the homeless with assisted living care, fighting for gay rights and equality, and supporting the rights of business owners all throughout the state are just some of what Gavin Newsom was able to accomplish in his short political career so far.  Garnering seventy-two percent of the vote in his re-election proved to everyone just how popular he not only is but will continue to be in the future.

Now that Jerry Brown is running for Governor of the state of California, Newsom has his eyes set on Brown’s old position of Lieutenant Governor and if he maintains the beliefs and principles that he has relied on up to this point in his career, he will run away with the election just like he ran away with the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

Now he is on Jerry Brown’s campaign and together they are proving that a small business owner that turned her business into big business Meg Whitman is just that, a business tycoon with no political sense whatsoever. With Newsom and Brown working together, who knows how much better our state will be, but if one had to think, our state is better off with both of them in office.

Finally a liberal to like and to admire, and one that truly knows what he is doing. Newsom is not only the epitome of what every man should aspire to be like, but a man who everyone should take notes from and admire. Good riddance Republicans, we do not need you in office any longer. It is about time a real man’s man and woman’s man comes to town and tells it like it is and fights for all rights. Look out California, there seems to be a new sheriff and deputy alike coming to town, Republicans beware!

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  • Cannonshop

    #50 why should I move? “I” am not the one trying to impose their ideological me-tooism on someone else. If you want to emulate “The Rest of the World”, why do you not go where the system you desire is already in place? I’m sure you MUST have some kind of skill that is in demand in Canada, right? (If I were ideologically more akin to your side, it would be REALLY easy for me-I DO have a skill in-demand in Canada, as well as the U.S. and several other countries. An A&P is portable, and AWS certifications when the aviation market’s down are darned useful things…)

    The thing is, Jeannie, that your folks won’t leave ANYONE alone-including Texas. if it starts prospering, you’ll all show up to parasite off that place after sucking the life out of what you have-which is why the Canadians probably wouldn’t take you in either (difference being, they actually CAN refuse to take you in-just as they’ve done recently with Deserters from U.S. military service.)

  • jeannie danna


    The parasite that is destroying this country is the GOP.

  • jeannie danna


    Open up your mind if it’s possible…

    Fact: Immigration is good for this country.

    Your foolish party didn’t even exist when this country was founded. In fact, maybe we should claim that the existence of ANY political party is UN-Constitutional. After all it’s not in the original, is it?

  • Arch Conservative

    Cannon apparently Jeannie only believes that if your views differ from hers you’re only allowed to express them while in the state of Texas.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • jeannie danna

    :D Thanks comments editor!

    I’ll repeat myself for the benefit of Archie.

    Who says that the national debt and all the resources necessary to pull us up in-order to prosper as a nation and pay off the debt is in the complete control of the GOP?

    For people who are really afraid of the word socialism, the GOP sure doesn’t mind socializing the national debt.

    It’s time for social justice!

    Obama is still our President, and he’s doing great or you wouldn’t be flipping out all the time.