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Gateway Tablet PC rocks

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After having a 17″ laptop, I thought it would be hard to use a 12″ tablet PC, but I was wrong. It’s light, it’s handy and it’s tough.

The Gateway E155C combines top-of-the-line technology with its touch screen, its digitized pen, it’s fingerprint security option, and its swivel screen, for a computer experience that is close to perfect.

Since I’ve gotten the tablet PC, I’ve had to install and uninstall several programs, and I’ve done so without any issues. In addition, I’ve taken it with me while out of town for two weeks, where it got jostled, sucked up more dust than a computer should, utilized by my 13-year-old, was charged in a 21-foot camper trailer, was left in a hot truck, hauled around in a purse and more.

It’s a trooper. I couldn’t ask it to do anymore.

The wireless option isn’t new to hard core computer users, but it was new to me, and I’ll never be without a wireless computer again. In fact, to hard core computer users, the digitized pen wouldn’t be that “new” either, but to me it was something right out of a movie. I love being able to draw on the computer. I love being able to write my notes out and brainstorm in different colors. The option to highlight while reading text is handy. The usefulness of this PC for students/teenagers is enormous. It’s functional, but a fun size and good looking. Meaning, a student can actually have fun while learning. I plan to get my own teenager one for her first laptop computer (no, I’m not sharing).

The digitized pen allows the user to write right on the screen, creating graphs, handwriting notes, or simply cruising Email, it’s as easy as pointing the pen. The screen also has touch ability, which I’ve not really used yet, as I don’t have any software that utilizes a touch the screen.

Being able to swivel the screen 180 degrees is beyond handy. I can literally sit on the couch with the family and the tablet isn’t any bigger than a standard paper notebook on my lap. This is a handy feature for a writer who might find themselves anywhere in the world, and where adding a mouse or an external keyboard would not be an option.

If I had a complaint, it would be that the tablet comes loaded with Microsoft Works. I didn’t realize Works was even still around. I hate it, but I can’t find my copy of Word to uninstall the one and install the other, but it will take time. In addition, the Symantec security software shorted out somehow and I couldn’t get to my Yahoo mail page. It took awhile to uninstall Symantec, but I finally got it done and the problem was gone. I’ve also tried to use the system restore (due to the Yahoo mail problem, before I realized it was a Symantec issue) and it did not work. I’m still not sure why.

On to Gateway Tech Support: Wow. I got through after a ten minute wait. Which, as most of you know, is not a long time to be “holding.” I got a person who was helpful, not sarcastic in the least bit, and best of all, an American. I personally detest getting tech support of any kind from people in another country when our own country has such high unemployment. To me, having techs in North America is a huge selling point. The guy actually helped me – on the first and only phone call — (Symantec issue) and I was off and running again.

I give this tablet PC five stars, or ten stars, or whatever type of star system you want to think of when you think “Maybe I should look into this.”

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  • John Brown

    I have a 14″ screen Gateway convertible (2427)that has an upgraded hard drive, 2K ram, and is running Vista Ultimate. I concur with the vast majority of positive claims about the computer. It’s very well built. The pivoting hinge is tough and durable. There is a problem with the hinge becoming loose after a while of use, but it’s an easy fix and permanent if you do it correctly. There is also a problem with the rubber bumpers falling off. Annoying, but not a really major deal. But insofar as operation goes, I have no complaints. I’ve had this computer for about two years and it has been the most trouble free ever. Hardware-wise, everything and every button works just like new. The pens do crap out after a few months of use, but they’re relatively cheap to replace on eBay. The inking is superior, however. (I have tried the HP convertible and found it to be beyond horrible on the inking and regarding the pivoting hinge and overall toughness…..way inferior to the Gateway.) As a true tablet, it’s on the heavy side. Think of it as a laptop with enhanced capabilities. I will concur with one negative reviewer regarding the Gateway support….too long of wait, and they don’t seem to hear what your problems are. They just spit out canned answers and blame others for whatever problem you have. I’ve had better luck with their email answers, though it might take a couple of exchanges and 2 or 3 days. But I have little need to contact them as everything goes along swimmingly. Overall, I highly recommend this computer for it’s exceptional versatility and much bueno price.

  • Nice to hear Matt!!

  • I did close to the same thing – I went from a 15″ 1600×1200 – and now I am down to a lenovo x61t with a 12″ screen and a 1400×1050 resolution. The benefits of the Tablet PC make it all worth it!!

  • Ouch.

    Well, I’ve had the laptop at least a full two months now, possibly longer and my husband is using it while away at military school for the month. He loves it.

    It’s handy, fast and easy to use. The only thing I want to change is the Works program, which I don’t know why they even have anymore.

    It’s possible you got a lemon, it happens. But I’m very happy with my laptop so far, and the customer support as well. And I went into the phone call assuming it would be horrible *shrug* and for once was happy with a support call.

  • Doug

    You have got to be kidding. Gateways Tablet PCs ar3e garbage thur the cheap prices. Their customer support and warranty is even worst. Wait a couple of months and the paint will peel, pen will stop working, rubber bumpers will fall off, case will crack, and the screen will become so loose that you will have to hold it up with your other hand. I would definately suggest you take this review off of here until you have had the PC A LITTLE BIT LONER