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Gas Boycott on May 15th – What’s the Point?

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It appears that the perennial gas boycott has reared its ugly head again, this time setting next Tuesday, May 15th as the day to not fill up your vehicle's gas tank. This time around it is protesting the recent price per gallon increases to an average above $3, but will it be effective? Probably not.

This has been tried before over the past decade or more, with no visible effect on gas prices. Usually, folks who participate in the protest simply buy their gas on other days. In no way do most reduce the amount of gas they use, so as far as the filling stations are concerned, it's simply a small blip in daily sales.

What will really send a message is to drastically reduce your gas use. Walk or bike instead of driving, or use public transportation or a carpool if you have those options. Do all of these things every day, and not just on next Tuesday. Of course, these things may not lower the pump prices in the short run, but they certainly will have less of an impact on your wallet.

Gas prices are on the rise, and we would be foolish to think that oil companies are going to lower them for any reason since there hasn't been a real backlash against them. Americans are still buying big gas guzzling vehicles, and even if we feel the squeeze at the pump, we are willing to pay for it. Oil companies have us over the barrel, and they know it.

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  • For years I have sat back and like so many others complained about the high taxes, the high prices of gas but didn’t do a thing about it like so many others. I am so sick and tired of us people sitting on our behinds and letting the government and oil companies/gas companies walk all over us. It seems that we here in Canada never have the guts to speak up for ourselves. But we certainly bitch enough about being walked on and now I think I have had enough of it.
    My husband was laid off for approx 7 or 8 weeks and went back for two and now is told he will be laid off again. I don’t want to think about the high prices of gas and taxes, when we could possibly lose the home we purchased just last year,thats bad enough. Come on people show what you are made off, I am ready to take a stand, but how about all you other Canadians and Americans.
    Let’s finally do something about it and finally fight for our rights.

  • dave

    The reason gas prices rise has to do with inflation you idiots.

    The real problem is that people dont understand inflation and how to stop it. We need to fight inflation, not oil companies. Vote Ron Paul!

  • I am sorry if this is in the wrong place or wrong group.
    Acting Together Will Make A Difference! visit this site! Our objective is to Force the gas companies to lower their gas price by asking the consumers in Canada and in the United States NOT TO PURCHASE ANY GAS from the selected gas companies posted below. We can have a significant impact on the price of gas IF WE ACT TOGETHER to initiate a GAS PRICE WAR!!! So Please Start The Boycott Now!
    Until futher notice WE DO NOT BUY ANY GAS from the following companies
    – Esso
    – Petro-Canada
    – Shell

    – ExxonMobil (all Exxon Mobile Gas Stations)
    – Esso
    – Shell

    YES, WE CAN WIN BUT…It is absolutely NECESSARY To continue purchasing our gas ELSEWHERE Than at the posted gas stations above and this, until we reach our objective. And, MOST OF ALL, HELP US BY FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO FAMILY, FRIENDS, CO-WORKER etc…! CAN WE COUNT ON YOU…?

    NO PROTEST! All you have to do is to remember the next time you fill up, STAY AWAY from SHELL, PETRO-CANADA, ESSO, and All ExxonMobil Gas stations. “BOYCOTT” is the only option left for us to fight against this crazy gas prices, unless the government involve and regulate the gas price somehow!

  • The last boycott worked? Worked how?

    No, it didn’t.

  • Sil

    The last boycott worked. It just sends a strong message when people are able to ban together and buy gas either the previous or next day.

  • Nancy

    I suppose if nothing else, it gives people the impression they have some say in their lives, hence gives a tiny bit of emotional satisfaction of some kind. Of course it doesn’t make a difference, since we all of us still have to go to work, shop, etc. – and frankly, the oil corporations have every single politician on The Hill – and especially this particular administration – firmly in their wallets. The maggots in congress wriggle & worry & spew hot air that comes to nothing in the hopes of making their constituents think they’re doing something for the public, but they never actually do.

    I put some blame on the car manufacturers & their marketing allies, who have conditioned Americans for decades now to believe that bigger is better, safer, whatever; but really the blame does rest with us, the consumers, who DO know better, or who certainly SHOULD know better. I just bought a new car (the old one got totalled in a multi-car pileup). My main criteria was a vehicle that got maximum mileage for gas. But I can’t afford a hybrid: for a lot of us working stiffs, these are still priced ‘way out of reach, so I had to settle for a small Saturn. Well, at least I didn’t buy a Vue.