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Garnet Crow – Jpop

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At no point in life did I wish I understood Japanese more than I do now. I’m about 3-4 years behind in this discovery, but I am currently enamored with Garnet Crow. They’re considered a jpop band and their music is light and fluffy, but it is the voice and lyrics (not that I understand any of it) that differentiates them. Instead of a high pitched girly voice fronting this band, Yuri Nakamura belts out tunes more in the line of a sonorous bluesy style. The voice is much deeper, giving way for deeper music and deeper meaning. They are a style of their own and I absolutely love it. It’s just too bad I can’t read or understand Japanese or else I’d feed my obsession more, but alas they don’t sing in English and there’s about 1 website in English on them with little on it. Until then, I’ll just enjoy their music ignorantly.

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  • Yurippe

    I LOVE Garnet Crow, too! At megchan.com you can find some translations, only a few, and some more at lava.net. Hope that helps you since Azuki-san is such a fantastsic lyricist.

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