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Gamings Gender Benders

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David Stonecipher is awesome. Okay well I don't actually know the guy but his artwork certainly is. A writer with the Examiner and artist by trade, David has an ability that most of us dream of, the ability to make his wildest and craziest ideas relating to some of the biggest games ever a reality.

The latest idea to pop into Stonecipher's head is to swap the gender of some of gaming's biggest characters. As Stonecipher says in his post, gamers, of late, have been getting an increasing say in how their character looks and acts with games like Fable and Mass Effect allowing the player to choose the sex of the hero. While many games are allowing players a large degree of choice some of the oldest and most well known franchises offer the player a predetermined hero. Obviously a contributing factor to their popularity is the fact that these characters are predetermined and universal in everyone's game but what if they weren't? There would be a Madame Chief, Kratos Goddess of War and a boobless Lara (Lance, Larry?) Croft to name a few. 


Some of the artwork is really impressive with the male Samus (Metroid Prime), female Ezio (Assassin's Creed 2) and female Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) looking particularly impressive. They represent such a change from their original incarnation but still hold a large degree of familiarity in the design. On the whole the artwork is great although the female Luigi and Master Chief look a bit plain. There's nothing about them that really stands out like Samus's intense muscles or Ezio's completely altered costume, and with comic books and Halo Reach we've seen a female Spartan before. Anyway you should really check out this artwork because that's your Dose of Awesome. 


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