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Gaming Open Comments Thread

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Welcome all to Blogcritics new Gaming Section! We want to hear what you think about the latest (or not) greatest games.

Speak your mind in this thread.

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  • Aaman

    Halo 2 Rocks – anyone who doesn’t think so will be shot behind the Watchtower tomorrow noon:)

    Good luck, Ken, – Gaming is big – we’re gonna be numero uno in the gaming review world;)

  • Ken Edwards

    Thanks Aaman! Yes it is, and yes we will!

    And Halo 2 is gonna look even better on my Xbox 360, just as soon as I get it hooked up!

    Welcome all to Blogcritics new Gaming Section! We want to hear what you think about the latest (or not) greatest new games.

    Speak your mind on this thread.

  • LegendaryMonkey

    I vomit upon your 360, Ken, and call it a name which is not fit to use in mixed company.

    But I like the new section!

  • Alisha Karabinus

    Oh, hey, my old login was still saved. Wacky.

  • Ken Edwards

    Split personality?

  • SonnyD

    Help!!! I’m trapped in a Chinese cookie factory and can’t get out. Or words to that effect. You don’t have the GO: bar at the top of this page.

  • Ken Edwards

    Huh? How about clicking on that big red “” logo at the top of the page?

  • Victor Plenty

    A link to the Gaming section would be good here. The big red button at the top takes you to the Blogcritics home page, which is a great place in its own right, but it just isn’t the Gaming section.

  • Ken Edwards

    That is a good idea. I will bring it up with the editors.

  • Joanie

    Surely the missing link is just a temporary glitch that will be resolved shortly.

  • Victor Plenty

    Please, don’t say missing link around here. It might draw attention from those “intelligent design” people.

    Although if we can limit the conversation to game design, intelligent design would be a great idea.

  • Nukapai

    Any gamer types here happen to be playing Final Fantasy Online?

  • Ken Edwards

    Alisha does. But so far I have refused the urge just on the premise of MMOs alone.

  • Ken Edwards

    TES IV: Oblivion has gone gold. It will be out the week of March 20th. That day will live on in infamy. Why you ask? Because that will be the last day of my life. The last day in my life that I will sleep at any rate.

  • sal m

    i know there’s a lot of buzz about the new ghost recon, and of course Oblivion, but there’s another great looking game coming out next week…i saw a preview for blazing angels – a dogfighting in planes game – in last month’s game informer mag and it looks awesome…hopefully this will be a sleeper hit…flying under the radar so to speak…

  • Ken Edwards

    Oh you and your puns!

  • KingKRool

    How are all of my little chickadees doing today? :)

  • Ken Edwards

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