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Games, crime & punishment

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Should players be prosecuted for in-game crimes outside of the game?

Well the answer is a resounding NO! South Korean authorities, however, don’t agree with me. I think in-game solutions are more satisfying to all involved. The ultimate sanction is a ban from the game or even a ban from all MMORPGs run by the company involved. Why get the state, officialdom and lawyers into something that can quite easily be handled without them?

This should provide a warning to MMORPG game companies. They need to give players ways of getting justice in-game or those truly slighted might feel the need to go out of game. This would be detrimental to both players and game companies alike.

Link via Anna.

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  • The Theory

    I agree. In game justic is really the only way to go.

  • Why is this a “real” crime? Well, it seems that fanboys without lives have started building up characters and magical items and selling them on Ebay–giving them real-world value. Sadly, there are individuals willing to spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars to play an elite character or have magical items in these virtual worlds.

    Gimme a break! It’s hard enough to fight crime in the real world, where there are physical consequences to say, getting your ass kicked and someone taking your wallet. Does virtual crime really need justice? Maybe, but not by real police!

  • The Theory

    which is why in-game justice is the only real way to go.

  • The game companies aren’t going to do anything about this unless they are compelled to do so. It would be great if a law were passed to force the game companies to provide in-game justice for their worlds. However, I doubt that this will happen in our lifetimes.

  • Some games do, others don’t. Shadowbane did this rather badly, but I understand that Everquest does this well. It depends on the MMORPG.

  • Er, these are *games*, right? I guess as they become more real, people forget that sometimes.