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GamerSpaceLive: MySpace for Gamers

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If you're one of the types to spend a lot of time in mom's basement, you might find it hard to believe there are others out there who do the same thing.

I'm one of them. Given the dread of exposure to actual sunlight amongst the gaming community, this is an area GamerSpaceLive is hoping to fix. It's been developed in the spirit of keeping the true gamer as far away as possible from the bright light, and still getting the socialization we're apparently supposed to have once in a while.

Still in its infant stages, GamerSpaceLive is familiar the first time you visit. Intentionally designed to look and feel like MySpace, it's a convenient design choice. Setting up a profile will seem awfully familiar to the majority of Internet users.

Standard features include blogs, picture uploading, and profile customization. Unique to GamerSpace is the focus directly on gaming, the obvious and apparent purpose of the site. The profile setup includes a box to list gaming systems owned, and another for favorite titles. The goal of the site is definitely moving away from the MySpace format however.

"We're not looking to be a dating site. We're gamers and just want somewhere to talk about games," said Cody Hutchings, an administrator for the site. "We started it because there is no other site like it."

It's hard to believe, but a website along the lines of MySpace with a gaming theme has never been done, even though it seems like an idea someone would have had years ago. There are other plans in the future for the site to expand it beyond networking.

"We want to have an arcade. Stuff like simple flash games. Down the line, we'll look into hiring people to do gaming news and reviews. It should be the place gamers want to go to get everything they need."

It's a lofty goal, but the pieces are set. They're also hoping for some small integration with Intothegame.com, an online game rental site.

"The forums on Intothegame have been down. We're hoping GamerSpace can become the new forums."

As it stands now, the site does look barren, especially for those used to the crowded pages of MySpace. It's a growing effort, and time should take care of that problem. Besides, since this is the type of site giving me another reason to stay locked in the basement, I'm all for it.

Now, back to Tiger Woods 07 and my quest for the +2 club shaft of power.

Be sure and check our BC Gaming listing on GamerSpaceLive.

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  • “my quest for the +2 club shaft of power.”

    That made my day!

  • The “+2 club shaft of power” is a running joke now. I think he has used it in a couple Tiger Woods reviews.

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  • Yea, SP Gaming so so much different than GamerSpaceLive!

    I mean, it does use use a black background instead of white.