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GameCube Review: Resident Evil 4

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Sure this review is a little late, but since RE 4 is in my top 3 games ever, I thought it deserved a review.

I’m not going to explain what RE4 is about. Read about it if you don’t already know. I’m just going to tell it like it is.

Resident Evil 4 is terrific. It and GoldenEye are the only games I have ever immediately played through a second time after beating it the first time. The controls were smooth and precise, although I missed being able to strafe. The graphics were creepy as hell, and the enemies were even creepier. RE4 was the first game that had me dreading just seeing what I would be up against. The scope of the game is enormous. I wasn’t left wanting more when I beat it. Instead, I was left wanting to play it again. It was the kindof feeling I got after watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

RE4 is a fun game. From shooting zombies to upgrading weapons, this game gave the player plenty of incentive to keep playing. Attention to detail was incredible. You could target enemy heads or legs. Some weapons would shoot through numerous zombies, and some zombies were armed! When you face a zombie with a chainsaw and live, there’s a certain feeling of appreciation for life. That appreciation is the same feeling you get when you beat this game.

However, it was the extras that made RE4 more than just a good game. After beating the game once, you unlock several modes. You get an arcade style, timed zombie shooting run (perfect for demonstrating to friends). You get a second mission with a different character. Finally, you get to play the game through a second time with all the items you collected the first time through.

Sure, playing through a second time with an automatic shotgun, sniper rifles, Uzi, and a Colt python makes it sound easy, but it’s not. It’s just as fun and difficult the second time around as it was the first. Even with all the added arsenal, you’re still walking around the next corner just as gingerly.

If you haven’t played RE4 yet and you like a good video game, go buy a GameCube and play it today. Besides, when you get done with RE4, you can look forward to the next Zelda.

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Resident Evil 4 is a rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language. This game can also be found on: PS2.

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  • This needs to be in the Culture category – not Video. Games normally go there.

    RE 4 would be good – too bad it’s not on the XBox:(

  • Agreed on all counts Nick. This really is one of the best games ever made, and I’ve been playing since 1985. It’s not hard to figure out why. Though it’s repetitive as hell, it just never gets old. The first time you blow the head off a zombie (or maybe they’re not zombies, hint hint) is just as much fun as the first.

    If you want, my review of the game is here:


  • Aman, thanks, I changed the category. There really should be a category for video games though.

  • Nice review, Matt. I agree with you on several points.

    1) I too found the end boss a little easy, but I felt the ending after that made up for it
    2) I would have liked the ability to strafe, but I don’t mind not being able to shoot while moving. I’ve only shot a gun a few time in real life. I imagine very few people could hit very much while moving.
    3)Words really can’t describe how good this game is.