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GameCube Review: Killer 7

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“God and pigeons are one. Trust the numerous pigeons.”

No matter how popular a game is, there will always be at least one person who doesn’t have much fun playing it, but for the most part, many of the best games are those that appeal to everyone. A good deal of this has to do with the fact that compared to other media such as movies, it’s easier to determine the aspects that make a game fun. The problem with this situation is that often, you’re left with several generic titles that, while they are fun on an individual basis, fail to stand out in a crowded market. That is why the hardcore niche games, including Killer 7, are still around. Yeah, it has it’s fair share of problems, and many people will absolutely be disgusted with the gameplay, but even haters will be able to appreciate the various touches that make this game so different.

In terms of narrowing down a genre, the closest fit would probably be a hybrid FPS/adventure game. The controls of this game reflect that unusual nature. A button causes your character to move forward and the B button is used to turn around. In terms of movement, that’s pretty much it. To go into a first-person perspective, you hold the R button, which also gives you the ability to use special attacks and lock onto bad guys.

One of the game’s major faults is the that you don’t have full control over the camera. In order to give the game a more cinematic feel, the camera is fixed during movements, and so if you’re not careful, you could run right past an enemy hiding behind you, unable to see him.

The gameplay itself is a little bit on the simplistic side. It feels somewhat reminiscent an obscure game called Maken X for the Dreamcast. Your movement is extremely limited and puzzles aren’t very challenging. However, the game still manages to be fun, helped in large part by the visuals and story, but also because of this unconventional gameplay.

The story of Killer 7 is almost incomprehensible even after sitting down with the title for hours, but the narrative still manages to be suspenseful and stylish. You control 7 personalities that may or may not be part of the psyche of an elderly assassin (which also comes into play during the gameplay, since you can choose between any of the Killer 7. The story often makes little sense, but oddly enough, that doesn’t matter. It’s still fascination to watch, and the dialogue is well written.

Graphics and sound are top notch too. The game is visually similar to the style utilized in The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, and help give the game a surreal look. The character designs are all excellent, and the overall quality of the visuals provides a creepy feeling throughout the game. The English voices are also surprisingly well done.

This game is the very definition of a “rental.” I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy Killer 7, but I recommend everyone to know what the are getting into. It’s personally one of my favorites of the year, but what I see as awesome, many will just find perplexing. As long as you try this game that’s ok, because somehow, I hope everyone gives the game a shot and the game proves to be a success.
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