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GameCity6 Takes Over Nottingham City Centre For One Day Zelda Celebration

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It seems Nintendo is really pushing the 25th anniversary of our iconic hero as, after numerous releases, re-releases, special edition items and even an orchestral tour of the world in a single year, Nintendo will claim Nottingham City’s Old Market Square for a day-long celebration of all things Zelda.

Taking place on the final day (October 29) of Nottingham’s Gamefest6 event, Old Town Square will be transformed into a Hyrulean village market. Zelda inspired events and activities will span across the whole day along with playable demos of Skyward Sword to whet your appetite before the November 18 release.

Aside from playing the latest Zelda title, attendees will be able to craft their own sword and shield, learn to play the beloved ocarina, and unwind with a glass of LonLon Milk at the bar. Taking part in the day’s activities earn participants pieces of the Triforce as part of the “Hero’s Quest.”

Those who happen to master the ocarina instrument during the event will be invited to join the “Ocarina Orchestra” to perform the most beloved and iconic tunes the Zelda series has offered over its 25 year existence. Showcasing your talent will net you a limited edition Zelda branded Ocarina in the process.

Big time Zelda fanatics are invited to share their love and devotion for the series by recording a personal short video about their own experiences and memories of the beloved franchise for the National Videogame Archive, with fans also encouraged to share their Zelda related artwork, poems and stories to be published in a one-off fanzine, which will be distributed throughout the day.

Lastly, six elite Zelda players who stand out from the competition will be given the opportunity to become part of a speedrun tag team. Candidates will need to prove how fast they can complete any given title in the series to gain a place in a six-man speedrun squad attempting to complete 15 games from the series in a 100+ hour marathon.

Gamecity6 takes place October 26-29 in Nottingham’s Old Market Square with a launch event the day before. The festival will be host to a multitude of activities including, you guessed it, video games along with talks from employees of the gaming industry, debates, demonstrations and a possible zombie flash mob. The event is mostly free and activities run throughout the four days carrying late into the night. It’s definitely not something to be missed without good reason.

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