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Gamebryo Engine Gets Wii Support

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Since the Wii remote’s unveiling, many gamers have dreamed of some top-notch games getting ported to the Wii. Along with Okami, one of those was The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a game that seemed made for porting to the Wii. Unfortunately, two problems stood in the way: graphical power (the Wii didn’t have enough) and getting Oblivion‘s Gamebryo Engine to work on the Wii. Both obstacles seemed to be too much to overcome, and any further suggestions of Oblivion on the Wii were shot down.

That was, until today. Over at Gamasutra is a very short brief, but one that packs a big future potential: Emergent Game Technologies’ Gamebryo Engine is now Wii compatible.

Emergent CEO Geoffrey Selzer told Gamasutra, “We are delighted to announce the Wii port of our Gamebryo engine. With the success of Nintendo’s Wii console catching much of the industry off guard and offering fresh interactive features, developers need new tools to be able to develop for multiple platforms that offer vastly different capabilities and require different programming techniques.”

Does it mean that Oblivion and Fallout 3 — also using the Gamebryo Engine — can be run on the Wii? Likely not, given the graphical demands of a game like Oblivion, but it could mean that future titles utilizing the Gamebryo Engine could be ported to the Wii, or that entirely new games could be constructed for it with the Wii in mind.

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