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Game Review: Don’t Forget the Lyrics! Online Game

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The online game of Don't Forget the Lyrics! is fun for those of us who think we know all the lyrics to our favorite songs but have no energy to try to become a contestant on the TV show.

The TV show Don't Forget the Lyrics! is a typical game show. Contestants are given nine categories (such as "Pop", "Country", or "R&B") and the contestant chooses one of them. Within the category, they are given the choice of two songs. The band will then play the selected song as the lyrics are displayed karaoke-style. When the music stops, there are several blank lines that must be filled in by the contestant.

Once they fill in the lyrics, the contestant can lock them in or use one of the "back-ups." The back-ups on the TV show consist of 1) a friend singing with you, 2) two of the blank words being filled in, and 3) three different answers from which to choose the correct set of lyrics. Unfortunately, you can only use each back-up once.

With each correct answer, the contestant accumulates more money up to a song worth $500,000. The million dollar song is a mystery. There is no song title, artist, or genre, it is just a number one hit from one of the nine featured categories. No backups are allowed for this question.

The online game is fairly simple. There are seven categories of music as above. The lyrics and music float by then when the music stops, you must type in the missing lyrics. Once the music stops, you have only 30 seconds to type them in.

The missing lyric lines are the width of the missing characters which provides additional clues. The back-ups consist of 1) two missing words being filled in, 2) three different answers from which to choose the correct set of lyrics, and 3) the lyrics presented in a word scramble (i.e. "ON'TD GRFOET HET CSLRIY").

It is tricky because it will not accept misspelled words and you must use the apostrophe if indicated. In addition, by the time I realized that I needed help from a back-up, I was already running out of time which made my typing sloppy and kept the pressure on!

After every correct response, the site asks if you'd like to submit an audition video. I found that distracting and annoying. They do this because they will draw a weekly winner from all submitted videos for an 8GB iPhone (the “Prize”). One prize will be awarded each week for 10 weeks.

There is no pseudo-accumulation of money as in most games. In fact, no points of any kind are accumulated in the game. It appears to be more of a "set list" for potential contestants than an actual "game" that allows you to compete against yourself or others.

It was a fun way to pass the time. You can play the same game with the same songs repeatedly too, which makes it a novel way to impress your friends with your lyric memory capabilities. They change the songs/categories each week and this is the second week of the game. At the time of this review, there were only two different games to play.

Wait a few weeks before you try it though, because it became addictive to me and I ran out of game before I was ready to stop!

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  • Liyah

    Okay thanks for tellin us your whole life story Kurline.. now whats your opinions on the games..

  • Alexandria Jackson

    I think she wants to be a contestant…..

  • Chelsea

    It would be soo cool for them to have a game show for 12-16 year olds play on there

  • cameron

    no coments

  • rebecca

    yeh i think 14-18 yearolds would be brilliant all pop and rnb and dj songs and then an old one
    lol that would be a laugh….

  • amy

    hey sing on ye got it and ye got what it takrs to hit the green

  • alisha o brien

    to all the singers dont let anyone turn ye down ye got it show them u can do it

  • kani

    hello everyone im a mother of four and was recently laid off were trying to move on our own but we need the money for down payment so i would love to get money to start off with

  • Kristyna

    Yeah that would really be cool if 12-whatever age could play! I LOVE to sing and i think i would be really good on the show!!

  • ani

    this game is awsome. it would be so cool if they let 10 year old cuz i want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deanna

    I love your show even my mom and my actully my whole family like it.

  • matthew

    suc it

  • Anonymous

    Ummm i dont know what this is so umm ya

    by the way im 91 i dnt know how to type my grandaughter showed me and i cant see that well so they might be spelled wrong if i am in the hospital i will tell my grandaughter to put it on here so ya can visit me before i die and ya can go to my funeral i dont know how to do the characters so im sad scared and ha.

    call me
    ~ Mrs. Layla Robinson

  • Leon

    uhuh u dont no how to spell and ur a MOM

  • michelle

    i love the show dont forget the lyrics

  • Emily

    You have no idea how you all R O C K!!!!!!!

  • charlotte

    you rock

  • kelly

    this game would be cool if it had a DVD or CD that went along with it.

  • char

    whats the website for the online game??

  • Jamie

    This show is adicting!! but there should be a country category more often!! and i think the show should do a specific genre theme…the categories can just be the different artists in that genre

  • nikki

    dwane your show rocks1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O M G !


    i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NikkiNicole

    Hey can anyone please tell me how much the Boston singer Deanna Della Cioppa won on tonights Don’t Forget the Lyrics! ? My dvr didn’t record the last 5 minutes :{

  • Amaka

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    Well thanks for telling us about the game but it said an ONLINE game not just text.

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