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Game Over: Adam Lambert Masters American Idol

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Love it or hate it — and if you are like me, you hate yourself for loving it — you would have to have been hiding in a cave in Afghanistan for the last decade not to realize that American Idol is not only the biggest show on television, but probably the most ingenious marketing tool in the history of entertainment. Since its 2002 debut, Simon Fuller's American Idol has proven to be the biggest money-making machine ever conceived.

Let's start with Idol as just the television powerhouse that it is. Fuller has practically invented a new sports league to rival the NFL. Idol needs no writers, creates new stars out of nowhere, and reinvents itself year after year, providing FOX with three to five hours of monster ratings every week as the show wends its way naturally through its ludicrous audition season to its inevitably over-bloated crowning of a new mega-star.

Back in the 1980s the music industry was almost decimated by the rise of video games. American Idol has pumped the industry back to life by essentially converting it into a video game. Such is the ratings power of this show that even the reclusive Prince wanted a chance to appear on it!

Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Ed Sullivan — I think we all understand the power that television has to fuel a recording career, but Idol has taken it to absurd new levels. As a young fledgling artist on American Idol, you don’t merely get to perform on the number one show on television; you get to do so every single week for up to three months! Fuller has essentially figured out a way to sidestep the payola issue by creating his own medium for artist promotion. American Idol creates its own stars and then keeps making money off of them on the back end by managing not only its winners, but any artist that raises enough of a stir to seem marketable.

This year American Idol has come up with yet another new wrinkle of genius. Every single song performed on the show is now released as a fully produced single on iTunes. You can have all the qualms you like about the divergent needs of art and commerce, but American Idol is such a money making Goliath that you'd have to be either a fool or the most artistically principled singer in the history of the world to ignore the Idol path to success. Elvis Presley spent the better part of his teens traveling to every small local talent show he could find on the map. American Idol? Elvis would have camped out for a week to be first in line for the Memphis auditions.

Artistically, Idol alumni have had varying levels of success. At minimum, the show’s winner is guaranteed a number one coronation single. This single will be sappy, maudlin, and boring. Its lyrics will be bland, life-affirming pabulum about chasing and realizing one's dreams. If you are Taylor Hicks, it will be the last time anyone in the world cares about you, but if you have enough talent to stick around like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, it will be the song you jokingly refer to, as you don’t perform it, during one of your sold out live shows. Both Underwood and Bo Bice took the song “Inside Your Heaven” to number one on the Billboard Pop 100, and neither one of them would be caught dead singing it in public again.

Idol may be a blight on our modern musical landscape; it may be a crass gutting of artistic integrity; it may be a lot of things, but it’s almost impossible to deny that it’s an incredibly entertaining and fascinating social experiment. The show is now in its eighth season and the smart contestants are the ones who don’t forget that they are on a game show.

I’ve been watching Idol since about the top ten of the first season. Each season, I inevitably make my predictions and pick a contestant or two to root for. This year, I made my prediction before the competition had even winnowed its way down to its top 34 contestants. Thanks to some pre-existing YouTube material and a strong hunch, I decided on February 4 that this year’s American Idol would be Adam Lambert.

With the “competition” now down to seven contestants, my strong hunch has turned out to be a stone cold cinch. In each of Idol’s seven seasons, there has been at least some doubt about who the eventual winner would be. Not this year. This year American Idol has become The Adam Lambert Show. Remember the 1992 USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Team? That was the year Charles Barkley topped off a United States 116-48 rout of Angola with a viciously dirty elbow to the chest of Angola’s Herlander Coimbra, to which the starstruck Angolans responded by lining up for autographs. Well, for Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Kris Allen, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, and Allison Iraheta, it’s autograph time, because the 27-year-old Lambert has made America’s biggest show into his own personal plaything.

One way I like to measure the strength of an Idol contestant is by looking at the Television Without Pity message boards. Each of the Idol contestants has their own performer thread, where fans and detractors alike are free to post messages. Scott MacIntyre was sent home last week as the eighth place finisher. Scott’s TwoP thread was eight pages long. There is significantly more interest in Danny Gokey, whose thread is longer than anyone not named Adam Lambert. As I write this Danny’s thread is 45 pages long. Adam’s thread? 180 pages and growing!

Clint Eastwood famously bought the screenplay for the movie Unforgiven in 1979, and then let himself age for 13 years before bringing the story to film. I get the impression that Adam Lambert has done pretty much the same thing. He’s made no secret of the fact that he’s a fan of the show. He could have auditioned any of the past seven years, but this is clearly a kid who has been planning his assault on show business since the age of three or four.

Adam Lambert waited, watched, and learned. He has mastered this game. He is the ultimate American Idol. The next seven weeks aren’t about winnowing the entrants down to a winner. That’s already been decided. The next seven weeks are about tuning in to see what Adam Lambert does next. Yes, in its eighth season, American Idol may have found a talent worthy of its money-making machine.

Two weeks ago, Lambert sang a version of Wild Cherry’s “Play that Funky Music White Boy.” Resident Idol nutball judge Paula Abdul responded with this evaluation: “True genius does not fulfill expectations, true genius shatters it. There are artists that have longevity in this business, because of their unique and riveting performance. I’ll name a few – Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, and Adam Lambert!”

Now that’s usually the time when Simon Cowell wonders out loud whether Paula is off her meds or not, but this year the dour hyper-critical Brit, though he may smile at Abdul’s hyperbole, has to watch what he says, because the simple fact is that she might well be right.

Last week’s edition of Idol ran long. So long that millions of frustrated viewers across the country realized that their DVRs had failed to record Lambert’s show-closing rendition of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.” Needing to both get off the air and give the singer his due, Cowell ended the show by foregoing the usual judging format. “Adam, the bad news is that we’re running out of time. The good news is I’m going to be the only one who is talking. And I think words are unnecessary, but I want to give you a standing ovation.” Mind-blowing – after that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rush Limbaugh came out and declared himself a Democrat.

Lambert jumped into the Idol world from the touring cast of the musical Wicked. He auditioned for the show in San Francisco with a version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the choice and location were perfectly appropriate, because the infinitely glam-influenced Lambert is perhaps the most self-admitted purely theatrical showman the world stage has seen since Freddie Mercury. Like Mercury, Lambert has unbelievably well-honed, octave-leaping chops. While the other contestants are doing their best to hit all the right notes, the ambitious Lambert is looking for places to unleash his vocal fireworks.

One of the more popular and humorous Lambert-inspired tributes currently burning up the web is “The Adam Lambert Roundtable,” which takes joy in putting Lambert’s wordless virtuosity right alongside that of his yelling ancestors Robert Plant, Stevie Wonder, Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain, and David Lee Roth.

Lambert looks and sounds like he walked right out of Todd Haynes’ glam rock tribute Velvet Goldmine. Haynes’ film explored the awakening of a new kind of rock artist. One gets the impression that John Lennon or Elvis Presley sang because they needed to unleash their passions, to bare their souls to the world. Goldmine’s David Bowie stand-in Brian Slade is instead a pop chameleon in love with the joy of performance, with taking on a persona. Haynes traces this Bowie/Mercury persona back to the gay, artistic subculture of English dramatist Oscar Wilde.

Adam Lambert: I was born January 29th, 1982.

Adam Lambert’s mother: When Adam was little, he was interested in everything. He loved books. He loved music.

Adam Lambert’s father: Sports … not so much.

Adam Lambert (laughing): I just loved playing dress up … not soccer.

Yes, no one has any desire to come right out and say it, but Adam Lambert, the man running away with American Idol, is in all likelihood gay. When Bill O’Reilly found pictures of Lambert kissing other men on the Internet, he did his best to rile up his minions.

The world’s collective response to O’Reilly’s outraged muckraking: a gigantic yawn of epic proportions. Lambert is so talented and so open about who he is that the subject is a huge non-issue. Who knows, maybe at least in the entertainment world, we’ve even grown up?

Lambert’s Idol success has been a function of both outrageous talent and innate studied craftiness. Here’s how Adam Lambert has conquered and mastered American Idol.

1. Be a fantastic singer. Lambert’s range and charisma are off the charts

2. Be humble. If Simon Cowell tells you that your reimagining of "Ring of Fire" is "indulgent rubbish," smile and thank him for his input.

3. Take chances. Lambert’s final performance during Hollywood week? Cher’s “Believe”! Possibilities for next week — anything!

4. Reinterpret famous songs in your own unique style. Previous Idol contestants Blake Lewis and David Cook have shown the value of shaking things up. Lambert has mastered it. When you perform a well known song in a unique way, it shows off your uniqueness and puts the emphasis on your performance. So far Lambert has scored with an outrageously campy “Play that Funky Music White Boy,” a Grand Ole Opry week version of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” that sounded like it came directly from outer space via Mumbai, India, and a Gary Jules-echoing version of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” that left Jules feeling honored rather than ripped off. While the rest of Idol's slate of contestants has done their best to survive, Lambert has made the show his own personal showcase by sounding outrageously different each and every week. He’s not someone looking for his voice, he’s a finished product stretching his wings and enjoying himself as he sets the nations’ airwaves on fire.

5. Embrace your inner Madonna. Not only has Lambert sounded different every week, he’s looked completely different as well. No other contestant in the show’s brief reign has ever made a bigger impact through hair and costuming. Goth prince, rock god, clean scrubbed Elvis descendant – this competition is over so why do we tune in? Because we have no idea what Lambert will look or sound like next week and we’re dying to find out.


If Lambert had a possible Achilles’ heel, he put it to rest three weeks ago during Motown week. If any criticism of Lambert’s act seemingly had the ability to gain traction, it was the opinion voiced by Cowell and fellow judge Kara DioGuardi that perhaps it was all a bit too dramatic, too theatrical. That was before he bowled Smokey Robinson away with a humble, stripped down, pure, and straight from the heart version of the legendary songwriter’s own “Tracks of my Tears.”

During rehearsals, Robinson joyfully told Lambert, “You just kept it tender and sweet and soft and I’ve never heard it done like that!” After the singer’s unplugged, hyper-passionate performance, Robinson gave Lambert a thumbs up before joining Motown impresario Barry Gordy in extending the young artist a standing ovation.

Said Cowell, "You were able then to sum up everything we were trying to say tonight about originality, choosing a great song, being a relevant recording artist … and you tonight have to me really emerged as a star, congratulations."

It will be seven more weeks before Adam Lambert is crowned the eighth American Idol, but don’t let the lack of competition get you down. For once, all the hype may well be deserved. I don’t know what Adam Lambert will look or sound like this week or next week on American Idol, but he has shown an intense determination to enjoy his time on the big stage and like any spirited hungry young artist worthy of true teen worship, he seems to only be competing against himself.

Look, I know how un-hip it sounds to be prattling on and on about the talent of someone on as shallow a vehicle as American Idol, but before you tell me that I’ve lost my mind, ask yourself, why wouldn’t the next David Bowie compete on American Idol? For better or for worse, to anyone who has been paying attention, doesn’t it seem inevitable?

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About Brad Laidman

  • Claudia Jelinski

    Brad for some one so young, you have a great grasp of the cosmos/media on just how true talent will find a way to be heard. Remember in Jurassic Park, the statiticians mantra was life will find a way. Same goes for music, artistry, vocals, harmonics, it touches and connects us, it is the ying to the yang unless you are autistic. The cosmos/media can’t help but bend to it’s wishes, it is the way of the universe. What I find so fascinating about Adam, is his absolute crazy appeal to so many generations, from 18 to 70. He is transcending and touches all on a univesal core. AMAZING. Okay I could go on and on. I am gratefule that a soul such as Adam’s has crossed my life.

  • Anne

    I feel in my heart that Adam is the best ever contestant to appear on any reality-tv singing contest. He’s completely off the charts!

  • sweetsmoke

    Taylor Hicks is the best American Idol ever, dude, as far as I’m concerned. He was my favorite in Season 5 and my favorite now 3 years later. His mega-successful run on Broadway and now in his starring role in the touring company of Grease is getting all kinds of kudos from the press. Check out the ads, man… get your head in the sand concerning this man.

  • It’s not often we get to see greatness in the making and Adam Lambert has everything it takes to be great. I will be extremely surprised if he isn’t the next MAJOR recording star.

    I get the feeling that Adam is one of the few Idols who understood going into the competition that singing good wasn’t enough. He’s been kicked around a little by life and the humility of that spurs him on to put everything into every performance. And no doubt about it, each week he gives us more than a good singer singing, he performs.

    I admit to my guilty pleasure of looking forward to Tuesday nights because I can’t wait to see what Adam is going to do.

  • Elisa Garcia

    Very well-written analysis &, imo, spot-on. Adam is exciting. He’s among that rare breed of naturally talented, thoroughly disciplined, truly original artists that don’t come along very often. He’s definitely the reason I tune in to the show every week. Sorry, but the other contestants (except maybe Allison) pale in comparison. The remaining ones are all quite good in their own right, but they have the dubious (mis)fortune of competing against Adam– in other words, game over.

  • muffin

    I am convinced Adam will win, but I would never buy his music.He might appeal to the younger crowds,but 40+ will need meds for migrains… I like to check out his wild outfits,red nail polish and make up etc. lol–I guess I am showing my age!:)

  • Sue

    Adam has what it takes on every level. When you watch his performances, you have to pay attention to the lighting, the staging, the way the band plays, the camera angles-all make his appearance a performance. This is not coming from the staff of AI. No other contestant has ever had this amount of detail paid to their performances. The effect of Adam singing with no light on his face, yet having the piercing white light shining under his chair was brilliant staging. His voice was what we paid attention to, and it was worth it.

    If you want to hear the quality of the high range of Adam’s voice, go to Youtube and search for a song Adam sang from Brigadoon called “Come to Me, Bend to Me.” His falsetto is a voice all its own. He sings in that range like it is his natural singing range. He does not lose any of the quality of his voice when he sings up high. The control he has over his voice and how he uses it is fantastic. I think this is Adam’s best vocal performance.

    I hope Adam doesn’t damage his vocal chords with all of the screaming he does. It would be a shame to lose the vocal quality he possesses.

    What “rock star” in the last 40 years has had a voice with the quality Adam has, has had the showmanship and originality he has, the fashion style, charisma, vocal range, confidence, and the variety of singing styles Adam has? Someone who could command the stage with a gentle song or a hard rock screaming one? Who can you compare Adam to who would hold a candle to him? I know of Elvis who had the voice, but not the range Adam has in the types of songs he sings. I don’t know that Elvis was as original regarding how the song is presented. Mick Jagger is not in Adam’s league.

    I predict Adam will be the most versatile performer ever in music. He will move easily from Broadway to heavy rock, stopping at points like soft rock and pop along the way. There is something for everyone with this performer.

  • Mary

    Speak for yourself Muffin. I’m 49 and I’d buy Adam’s CD tomorrow. I was listening to Led Zeppelin and Queen in High School, and I hear Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury when I listen to Adam Lambert.

  • SquarePeg

    You are soooooooooo wrong about Taylor Hicks! He is the best AI ever! Many of us still care about him, and have since his first audition. He broke the mold on AI and it’s been all downhill from there for the TV show. He is a lot better than Carrie Underwood. She’s fine, but she has no soul. That’s why many refer to her as ‘FarmBot’. Selling records isn’t necessarily a sign of super talent. It’s can be, but it can also be a popularity contest. Taylor’s in this for the long haul. He will make it.

  • Shannon

    Best Adam article I have read so far this year! THANK YOU!!

  • Hi Brad …. thank you for such an insightful review of IA and Adam’s mastery of this program. Adam – AMAZING, DYNAMIC, AWE-INSPIRING, MAGNETIC – yes, such a perfect name for such a wonderfully talented young man. I think the world is ready for him to shine very, very bright.

  • Beth

    This is an excellent article that really hits the nail on the head.

  • anne

    I think Adam is really, really talented. I’m well over 40 and I like the guy a lot. But remember he really has had a lot more experience with large live audiences that the others. He has learned voice projection and showmanship at a different level. Some of the others are also very talented and over time will do just as well and appeal to a good audience.
    As for Taylor Hicks as a musician and over all “idol” in character & work ethic the man is at the top of the list. His vocals are flawless if people listened with their ears and not the predetermination of the press and Simon Cowell. There is room for all these talented people and knocking down one continuiously to make others more seem more appealing is really unneccessary.

  • I loved your article, really spot on. But, Adam has to get the votes to win this competition. I hope everyone who loves him is picking up the phone to vote each week. If Gokey wins this show, it will be all over for American Idol.

  • John Oh

    nice post, loved your article. Adam Lambert is mesmerizing.

  • Micheal

    Check out adam’s fan map, it’s huge. Just google adam lambert fan map, it’s one of the first hits…the boy is global

  • Dora

    You are just fixated on demeaning the absolute success of Taylor Hicks. He made season 5 the best ever on American Idol. He was NEVER in the bottom 3 and won with the most votes any Idol ever got! He is well liked by other stars and anyone who meets him. His MANY fans adore him! He is a wonderful singer, performer and gentleman.

  • LOL – Peace to the soul patrol – I was just trying to acknowledge that his recording career didn’t exactly go as hoped. After this I must acknowledge that if he doesn’t have the huge Carrie Underwood fan base, that nonetheless his fans are very very loyal

  • flower

    I agree with Muffin. Adam may win, but his music will never find its way into my collection. I prefer singing, not screeching. I also agree with Sweetsmoke. Taylor is still my favorite, and his new CD “The Distance” contains some entertaining and beautiful music. I’ll take Taylor singing “Maybe You Should” and “The Right Place” any day. He is a born entertainer and an amazing performer in person.

  • anne

    If you are Taylor Hicks, it will be the last time anyone in the world cares about you,

    Brad, with all due respect I would hardly call this a remark about his recording career. If you would stick to the fact you were trying to make without bashing another artist your point would be made much more intelligently. I think Taylor HIcks is a great vocalist (everyone has an opinion,) I happen to like that raw real voice with good controlTaylor is a fabulous live performer and I just think your points could have bee made withour even mentioning his name. Ilove many artists and don’t feel i have to insult one to praise another.

  • Phil

    If you look at the history of modern music, say going back to Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” (riots in Paris after the first performance), and going through Copeland and Gershwin to Elvis, the Beatles, etc., etc., to Adam Lambert, music is driven forward by the edgy, creative, risk-taking types who stir controversy among wide audiences. Sure there are lots of very sweet men and women who give very engaging and respectable performances, but they don’t stir the imagination and end up as the textbook examples of people who pushed the frontiers of music. Adam Lambert has the potential to be one of the truly great performers, in the mold of Elvis, etc.
    BTW, notice how Miley Cyrus is trying to be more edgy and theatrical based on her performance at AI last night. Maybe she’s gotten the memo.

  • alyssa mae

    yup, adam is surely going to win ;))

  • GataBella

    thank you for putting so eloquently what we all feel about adam. he is the next musical genius of our day. we truly believe that. we simply can ask anymore in a performer. you’re right that he has won. and funnily, i thought i was the only one who thought the other contestants are fawning over him too. it’s inevitable! what’s not to love about that kid anyways, even when he is your strongest competition? thx for writing this!!

  • Diana

    This was a fantastic article. Adam Lambert is definitely this generation’s next big superstar. I can see him being the most successful American Idol contestant in the history of the show. It’s so refreshing to see such incredible talent finding its way onto the scene in the midst of non-sense we have in the world today. Go Adam!

  • I really enjoyed your article, I too believe that he is incredibly talented. My only regret is that I won’t be able to see him on tour because I live in Europe (yes, this boy has fans all over the world!). I would have loved to see him live on a concert *sigh* However, I wholeheartedly hope he wins, he’s clearly the best this season (if not of all seasons).

  • DeeDee

    I think this is one of the best articles on Adam and Idol in general I have seen so far. I just want to say, the glowing reviews and articles affirming that Adam will win could also be his downfall. Those who love Adam and what he stands for must continue to support him now and in the future. This guy has fought a good fight, while people like Miley (I cannot hold a note) Cyrus obtain major stardom, Adam has been in lost in the fold of what is undoubtable a major pool of talent. I really hope that with Adams success that pool will feel more freedom to audition for Idol because I dont think anyone will want to watch Idol next year if there is not another Adam on it.

  • EiLo

    Great blog – love, love the completeness of it! Nevermind the TH slip… sorry soul patrol but i really didn’t get that dude– to each his own. Anyway I dunno what they’ll come up with after Adam wins the competition. (Yes, I’m claiming it) Just can’t wait to see him perform week after week… my only frustration is not being able to vote for him since i’m out of the country.

  • Smokie

    Great article. Don’t forget he also channels Roy Orbison in some of his performances. The guy is brilliant and really likeable to boot.

  • Undeniable

    Hey Brad !!!… What You said !

  • iloveadam2much

    I loved your article! I agree that Adam appeals to all audiences, not only in America but in far away places- I live in Colombia- and all ages: my son who is 6 yrs old loves him, my daughter-19- is crazy 4 him, I’m 40 and in awe at his talent and charm and my mom (65) simply adores him. He’s a major superstar!!!

  • Kimberly Ganos

    So eloquently spoken and insightful!! Adam is fantastic and I just can’t take my eyes off of him
    and stop listening to him. I love him!!!

  • Very well conceived and written push piece for Adam. I agree with you one hundred percent on your assessment regarding his approach to this show. He’s obviously a very intelligent guy and one of the most talented to hit this show.

    I do take umbrage to a limited degree your insulting my Taylor Hicks character. He was one of the first contestants on this show to exhibit canny planning and strategy.

  • Lyssa

    Adam is awesome. His voice was stunning and amazing . To see him perform is unforgettable as he is just captivating. He is beautiful inside and out. His performances will blow you away!! His shocking vocal range spans an amazing and you will be forever captivated. He has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. One of the best voices ever born. This man is going to go far and got the tools to be one of the best in the world!

  • joey

    haha youre right…. Adam might have planned his assault on show business, i never thought about it that way… I love Adam… and yes i knew he was probably gay but hey… his orientation is not important. I do hope he wins AI, a number of people just hates the guy for some reason and i wonder why…

  • Mridula

    love this article! i just hope that people dont get complacent and just vote for him! remember chris daughtry?? he left fourth coz evrryone tjhought he’s be safe..i wish i could vote but i dont live in the states, and i wanna go to his concert!

  • Ladyasia

    Hi Brad. I was recommended by someone to read the best article of Adam. I was mesmerized by each of your words. You are such a good writer. You make me feel like flying all the way from Singapore to America to watch him live. Why don’t this contest just end now and crown him so that he can have his SOLO CONCERT ASAP.

    I have never experience such a variety of songs in one single artiste. ADAM is a gem and this type of singer only comes “once in a blue moon”.

    I love your article Brad and I’m going to read it over and over as what I’m doing to Adam’s songs now. Listen over and over and over and over again.


  • zcatz

    GREAT article! I’ve watched every season of A.I. & Adam is BY FAR the best contestant ever. While everyone else just stands around & sings their song, Adam gives us a show every week. It’s like being at an Adam Lambert concert, & it’s electrifying. He is IT! He’s got stellar vocals, awsome showmanship, he’s sweet & humble, & he is without doubt, the most gorgeous man on earth. Gay? So what, that changes nothing. He is awsome in every way.

  • Carina

    I loved your article.
    Adam is exactly what the world of music had been missing: a new, unique, refreshing, electrifying talent with a personality to match and also very humble person having struggled for some time before getting the exposition to be able to become the star he was born to be. He’s paid his dues, and stardom is awaiting at the end of this show!!!
    From a fan in Switzerland who’ll run to buy his records as soon as they hit the market.

  • Philo

    I’m a regular viewer of AI and our own talent shows here in the UK as is my sister. The rest of my family are not so keen ………….. well, not up until this year’s AI. This year, AI is ritual family viewing in this household. My mum (54), my dad (55) and my brothers (18 and 16) and them’s girlfriend (18) sit along with me (25). My sister (32) has even taken to coming over on a Thursday and Friday evening to watch the unexpected phenomenon that is her mother, father and brothers sitting down to follow a TV talent show. My gran (75) calls afterwards to discuss enthusiastically.

    The reason for this interest across the generations? A certain young man called Adam Lambert.

    A superstar in the making. Witness it, don’t fight it.

  • sidewalkstory

    This is the best article I’ve read on Adam, and as an obsessed fan, I’ve come close to reading them all.

  • Debbie

    Adam Lambert IS the next American Idol! I knew if from the first week in Hollywood. I just received a removable custom wall decal of him. It’s AMAZING! I have Adam Lambert life size and right in my room! Check them out at http://www.acceleratedgraphicdesigns.com and Of course now all my friends want one…ha ha! I can’t wait to hear what he puts together for a first CD!

  • Sarah

    One of the wisest articles/posts I’ve ever read. It’s obvious you love Adam as much as he deserves it and you really know him quiet deeply. I’ve read the whole 5 pages and I noticed you’re so aware of Adam’s smartness and his ability to “read the map” correctly, and that is for me, gives you the biggest credit I could think of to be given to writers and posts advertisers who’re dealing with the American Idol issue. A very big BRAVO from me!!!!

  • TheWho


  • ok.

    Hicks was awful. I hope Lambert makes it to end.

  • Sharon

    I follow all the polls and surveys of Idol and I’m telling you, Adam has been voted much less this week compare to last week and the weeks before (except the week of “Ring of Fire”). We, his fans, should vote like crazy. I will be very sad and disappointed (as long with all Adam fans)if Adam will leave the competition because we didn’t vote for him enough. Vote for Adam, you don’t want the best performer walking out of this competition without winning it all. If Adam wins, it won’t be only because he’s the best performer but because we didn’t stop voting for him! It’s now more important than ever.

  • Kathie

    TAYLOR HIcks Who? Adam All the Way!

  • Rudy

    There are a lot of people who can sing but fewer who can write good songs or select the good ones to put on a CD. The true test comes after the season is over, the AI tour bus is parked in the garage, and Cowell has slithered back into his hole. I couldn’t disagree more about Taylor Hicks. Take a look at Season 5 again, my friend…the reactions of both the audience and the judges, the celebrities rooting for him, and the huge crowd at his Alabama homecoming and appearances. That was the show’s peak. Hicks is a true talent and very well liked. His first CD was good but the second much better now that he’s dropped the AI production baggage.

    Adam Lambert is a great performer. If he wins, then good for him, if not, there’s always the chance to be the spokesperson for Revlon. I wish him well.

  • barb

    did anyone notice when he was singing Black & White, he moved downstage right in front of the judges and looked at Simon as he sang the line “I ain’t scared of nobody!!!” If he planned that, that was genius

  • captainjackk

    it dosent matter who wins adam is the best but he will never be greater than elvis no one will

  • Peggy

    I wish tonight that Adam already had a cd of his song he sang tonight…It is awesome..
    I am a lady age 73 and I have not felt this way since I watched Elvis in 53…..Gave all of us goose bumps and so does Adam..He is a genius and can’t wait to see the concert in Kansas City…My favorite is Adam of course he is the best and most talented but I am anxious to see Matt……
    If Adam don’t win I would not know why cause no one else is as good as he is….

  • Just wanted to share with everybody a YouTube clip that I found of Adam Lambert that really displays the insanely incredible power and range of his voice.

    This is a version of “Heaven on Their Minds” from the film Jesus Christ Superstar.

    This guy will become a music legend…no doubt in my mind. Simply stunning.

  • Kathy

    I can’t wait to see Adam on the idol tour. It will probably be the last time I will get near where he is. He is going to become a huge star. I don’t think he knows how good he is. I hope he deserves the love and good fortune that is coming his way, and I hope he gives the love right back. I think he probably will. He has worked hard and is in the prime of his life. I can’t wait for his first CD. Listening to him tonight brought me to tears–the beauty of his voice…..amazing.

  • Angela

    I think Adam is great. I don’t approve of his lifestyle, but he will be a great entertainer

  • adamL.fan#1

    is it true that Adam Lambert is gay?

  • Jazzy

    I’m no teenager but I sit glued to that tv on Tuesday nites. Adam Lambert has it all. The Voice, The Talent, He’s Beautiful, He’s unique..he’s a Star and the World is totally Crushing on him. I can’t wait for his CD’s and Concert Tours !!!! Mega SuperStar !!!The world needs ADAM ! So do I! 🙂

  • Awsome artical, I would Really like to see adam win this!! He really is the best performer, and singer! But everyone needs to remeber to vote for him Every week! He can’t win w/out votes! So everyone who loves him PLEASE vote tonite!

  • PatCanada

    Just what I needed! Thank goodness for a talented writer like you. You gave a brillant account about our beloved Adam! Yes, like his legion of fans, I have owned him! I have become obsessed, addicted, and transfixed! The more I listen to Adam’s music, the more I need to hear and watch his video performances. I search like crazy through internet threads and fansites to read new articles and write-ups about Adam. I spend hours and hours on a daily basis in front of my laptop watching Adam’s video performances over and over. I eagerly read your article (and all the 60+ comments) and I feel I won’t be needing another “Adam fix” for at least twelve hours. Do I need to see a therapist? Am I as crazy as that half-naked woman who rushed Adam on the stage during him home-coming performance in San Diego? But I am having a ball! I am actually enjoying music again decades after Elvis’ untimely demise! So, there, I am really so so fine. Thanks to you again, Brad!

  • Janie

    Wow! How is it possible that I’ve been reading all things ADAM since Week 1 and just found this wonderful article? Your analysis is right on, Brad, and I’m sure you were as shocked and disappointed as I was over the season’s outcome. BUT ADAM is on his way … the tour fans and reviews are all about him, his fan base is off the charts … he is still the buzz and his upcoming album will be fantastic! I truly do believe he’s the next world star and wish him all the best … he has certainly earned all of this adulation by working hard to become the very best vocalist/performer we’ve seen in a long, long time. Instead of watching the upcoming Idol season, I might just replay my dvrs of season 8!

  • terie D.

    Thanx Brad for such a GREAT article on ADAM. I just came across it while Googling ADAM (I’m a huge fan & read everything about him). Yes, he was the BEST on AI (even the winner thinks so) but America is just not ready for ADAM to wear the crown yet. His VOICE, sense of humor, HUMILITY, stunningly HANDSOME looks, etc, I could go on & on but one thing that rings true is his TALENT. No matter WHAT he sings becomes HIS OWN even if it’s a cover of another artist’s version. I’m sure I agree with Simon Cowell. He is the next “INTERNATIONAL STAR”!!!

  • Brad? Awesome article, very insightful and spot on…except for the right-wing factor. As you obviously know by now, the most talented singer/performer in AI history did NOT “win”, at least, not on AI. As far as media now and album success, Adam Lambert definitely wins, hands down! I wish I had found this article earlier but, better late than never.Kris Allen?? Seriously folks? What a farce….

  • PS: I LOVE Adam’s CD, For Your Entertainment and tried listening to Allen’s (online) and all I can say about Allen’s is “yawn”.
    Adams CD does not contain one “B” side song..(fillers)Every track stands on its own, no small feat.Met Adam in July in San Diego at AI tour and am looking forward to his solo tour!He ROCKS!

  • Rosemary

    There is no anticipation and excitement to see a performer on Idol This year! We were all glued to the screen, waiting for Adam Lambert to perform last year. It is hard to imagine that anyone past or future could bring the magic he does to the stage!