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Game du Jour Deals: October 6 – October 12

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Game du Jour is a "One Deal a Day" website for casual PC games. Every day of the week, Game du Jour sells one downloadable game at a steep discount.

Every week Blogcritics Magazine will bring you a look of those games, so you know what to expect when the featured game gets its 24 hours in the spotlight.

Mon. October 6th: 60% off on Warkanoid 3: Story-book

Tue. October 7th: 60% off on Asianata

Wed. October 8th: 60% off on Astrobatics

Thu. October 9th: 60% off on Aquacade

Fri. October 10th: 50% off on The Golden Path of Plumeboom

Sat. October 11th: 50% off on A-B-O-O: Plumeboom's Friends

Sun. October 12th: 40% off on Cake Mania 3

Warkanoid 3: Story-book 

Explore the Fairyland while breaking blocks in the final part of the Warkanoid trilogy. Do your best to destroy all the bricks on each of the beautiful Story-book levels with a bouncing ball. Catch funny power-ups, obtain magical weapons and meet Fairyland inhabitants on your way.


Can there be anything more enjoyable than fingering marble balls in a shade of a lofty pagoda? Only one thing – arranging ball combinations in this exciting puzzle game. Play with vivid many-colored balls, make them roll and slide along stone plates to come into a color-matching combo. Free your mind and let Asianata’s Asian wisdom excite you!


Imagine yourself driving a super-high-speed space fighter with a whole arsenal of steam-rolling weaponry at your fingertips crushing down hordes of vicious enemies. Caught that feeling? Then you are ready to get some pure adrenaline with this thunderous space-shooting action game.


Get into your submarine and go pearl-fishing in addictive underwater action puzzle. You’ll meet exotic marine animals and reveal the secrets of seabed while making combos out of colorful pearls. Discover mysterious items and use your ship powers wisely to collect as many pearls as you can.

The Golden Path of Plumeboom

Plumeboom the Peacock of Orniland found an ancient map that leads to the treasures that are kept in secret caves, and it is the player’s task to help Plumeboom uncover them. Experience The Golden Path of Plumeboom’s original and captivating puzzle game play that involves real-life physics with bouncing orbs, magnets and vividly exploding groups of orbs of the same color. Claim the treasures hidden behind each of a hundred magical magnetic locks of every possible shape.

A-B-O-O: Plumeboom’s Friends 

Plumeboom is a great traveler, and he has many friends in numerous fabulous worlds. Country of Aboo is one of such worlds. It is settled by hard-working wormlings, who day after day quarry Magic Crystals that may be converted into any possible item! They’ve recently faced a real disaster. The two evils, Crowbeak the wizard and the mad scientist Cornix, that was expelled from Orniland, got to know about the Magic Crystals and decided to grab these from the defenseless wormlings, in order to create the Weapon of Darkness. The evils forces are stronger, but our kind friend Plumeboom is assisting settlers of Aboo. The Magic Crystals shouldn’t fall into the evil claws.

A-B-O-O: Plumeboom’s Friends is a new game in the Plumeboom the Peacock series. The game genre is Match-3, a player should exchange crystals to reduce them. The vivid colors and spectacular visual effects, a great number of bonuses and Magic Crystals ensure that every player should be enjoyed.

Cake Mania 3

As Jill prepares for her long anticipated wedding day, disaster strikes when a mysterious time bender crashes to the ground and shatters into pieces. As Jill’s family and friends rush to pick up the scattered shards, they are suddenly sent hurtling through time! Now, to ensure her wedding goes off without a hitch, Jill herself must travel to remote periods in time and work her cake-making magic on a wide variety of locals in order to get herself and her guests back before the ceremony begins!


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