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Game du Jour Deals: June 28- July 4

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Game du Jour is a "One Deal a Day" website for casual PC games. Every day of the week, Game du Jour sells one downloadable game at a steep discount.

Every week, Blogcritics Magazine will bring you a look of those games, so you know what to expect when the featured game gets its 24 hours in the spotlight.

Sun. June 28th: 50% off on Battles of Norghan

Mon. June 29th: 50% off on Crazynoid

Tue. June 30th: 50% off on Boulder Dash Episode II: Jive-n-Cave

Wed. July 1st: 50% off on Smiling Bubbles

Thu. July 2nd: 50% off on BoXplosion

Fri. July 3rd: 50% off on Jet Ducks

Sat. July 4th: 50% off on Solitaire Studio

Battles of Norghan

In this game, you manage a clan consisting of members and mercenaries of many different fantasy races and classes you recruited from the mercenary camp on an auction basis by offering one of the five types of contracts with a better pay than what the competing clans have bid for the unit if they have. You buy them equipment, spells, train them, and prepare for the next battle while viewing various ranking tables and statistics. Those battles are mostly between clans in the same division or cup and sometimes even challenge battles.

Battles are based on turn-based strategy and you and your enemy take turns to issue commands to the units. In battles you move the creatures with a mouse or hotkeys, attack enemy creatures with one of the ranged or melee attacks and use spells to aid your own units, summon creatures or to kill or weaken enemy units. Your members and mercenaries will learn to fight better as they improve their skills in battles and in the training camp.

The maps are randomly generated with realistic algorithms and they contain all sizes and shapes of rocks, flowers, plants, bushes, trees, rivers, ponds, lakes and bridges. This means that every time you have a battle, you will battle it out in different terrain (”map”). There are four very different terrain themes; grass, lush grass, dirt and desert.

The ultimate goal of the game is to get to the premier division and win the division. You start from the 8th division and if you win enough battles during the season your clan will get in the next division. You lose if you are the last clan in the 8th division at the end of a season or if your gold debt is too high to the supporting noble. The game is quite complex and features a lot of neat details, making the game hard to master but still being easy enough to learn for even the less experienced players. The design part of this game propably took about as long as making it. This means that a lot of thinking, time and balancing were done to even the smallest parts of this game. This shareware game is a mix of a tactical fantasy turn-based strategy game with role playing game elements and of a team managing based game. It has been developed for PC’s with Windows but there are plans to develop Mac and/or Linux versions later.


Crazynoid is an Arkanoid/Breakout-inspired game written in Java. The game graphics are enhanced by the use of 3D accelerated hardware. The full version contains 22 levels and come with a visual level editor.

Boulder Dash Episode 2: Jive-n-Cave

A sequel to Episode I: Dig the Past, Jive-n-Cave is more intense and mind-racking at times. The game’s vile creatures have no mercy for the mole, which is digging through dark and dangerous caves, still looking for diamonds at your command. The times have changed: new levels, new packs of diamonds to collect, and the same fascination do not come for free. Episode II: Jive-n-Cave now comes with color palettes varying from level to level and has an overall jazzy feel, which means that you will need to use your head and improvise at the same time to win the game.

Smiling Bubbles

The path to perfection has no borders, so as the new bubble game. Smiling Bubbles are not only chatting, laughing, and entertaining you but also give you a chance to improve your skills – they are clever and cunning, you see. At first you will need some time and attention to clear up who is who (there are both positive and negative characters). Then you should develop your own strategy, using your quick mind and acuity of vision. Go ahead!


This game is a collection of wonderful arcade games. Relaxed game-playing modes are present, as well as those that will require all your skills in quickly moving the mouse and shooting your clicks at the right spot. This game will give you possibility to exercise both your brainpower and speed of response.

Jet Ducks

Jet Ducks is a treat for the fans of trendy cartoon graphics and classic arcade-shooter games. The task of the player is simple: kill as many ducks as possible. But beware – first of all those creatures, do not fly unprotected (they use helmets), and, second, they shoot right at you. So, charge your rifle and stand out against the… Jet Ducks! Let the duck hunt begin in your own town.

Solitaire Studio

If you love patience then Solitaire Studio is a must-have. This game features a great collection of exquisite solitaires taken from all over the world. Choose any of them and you are guaranteed hours of enjoyment. The rules are really simple yet they aren’t as easy as it seems at first glance. Challenge your left brain and try to complete these games. Solitaire Studio also contains the rules of every solitaire game. Watch the demo and play!

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