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Game du Jour Deals: July 7 – July 13

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Game du Jour is a "One Deal a Day" website for casual PC games. Every day of the week, GameDuJour.com sells one downloadable game at a steep discount.

Every week Blogcritics Magazine will bring you a look of those games, so you know what to expect when the featured game gets its 24 hours in the spotlight.

Mon. July 7th: 70% off on Constellations

Tue. July 8th: 60% off on Singularity FPS

Wed. July 9th: 40% off on Mystery PI: The Vegas Heist

Thu. July 10th: 50% off on Crooked Money 1: The Endless War

Fri. July 11th: 50% off on Gaia 3D Puzzle

Sat. July 12th: 50% off on Blackjack Suite

Sun. July 13th: 60% off on Troll Wizard


Help the Royal Astrologers explore the galaxy and hunt for constellations to fix the zodiac signs. Choose between two different game modes to suit your favorite playing style – Explore for a relaxed time or Chase for a faster experience. Use different power-ups to gain an advantage, and steer clear of obstacles that may hinder you in your search.


Fight the good fight as a blue or red toy soldier, taking control of toys like cars that drive on walls, jetpacks, and model airplanes. Capture the enemy flag by bringing it through your team’s basketball hoop — any way you can. The basic premise of Singularity FPS is that you start off as an electric army man, and work your way up to bigger, faster, and more powerful vehicles. However, as an army man in a BIG, BIG room, there is safety in obscurity. Likewise, when you get a vehicle, you become more mobile, but also a bigger target.

Mobility is the name of the game in Singularity FPS and a variety of methods are provided to expedite your quest for height and distance! First of all, all cars can hop about three feet in the air. It makes one wonder why this isn’t standard in all cars. Oh, and a significant, nitrous-like boost is standard in all models, as well. Power ups are generally intended for a certain class of vehicle or player. For example, the jetpack is only for army men. Car wings are for cars. Bazookas and mounted PKM’s are for everybody, though. Planes, trains, and automobiles alike!

Mystery PI: The Vegas Heist

The heist of the century has just happened! You’ve been hired by the casino to find and return the stolen money before its grand opening… in 16 hours! Search for more than 2300 cleverly hidden objects in 25 hot Las Vegas locations to solve the case and unlock Unlimited mode to search for every hidden object in every scene with no time limits. It’s the perfect investigation, in the coolest location, for the master Mystery P.I.!

(Click here for a review of Mystery PI: The Vegas Heist.)

Crooked Money 1: The Endless War

Sell drugs, pick pockets, steal valuables or fight for territory with others gangsters to gain score. Be a hobo, a honest worker or an assassin, the choice is yours. Get to the top of your career path and leave off your business before you are caught by police or killed by the rivals to win the game. With Crooked Money 1: The Endless War your fun is guaranteed!

Gaia 3D Puzzle

Gaia 3D Puzzle guarantees you unlimited hours of fun. Because you can play with almost any images you find on the Internet, that means that you can play with thousands of images. Try to imagine the number of hours of fun this game brings you: Unlimited!

Remember the last time when you walked in the toy section at the store and you saw a beautiful jigsaw, but the number of pieces was not exactly what you wanted. How frustrating? You want the puzzle for its beautiful image, but it comes only in 2000 pieces and you want 500 pieces. Other situation, the puzzle comes only in 250 pieces, but you want 2000 pieces. Are you going to pay for only 250 pieces and limit your fun? Gaia 3D Puzzle allows you to choose your own image and the number of pieces you want.

Blackjack Suite

Blackjack Suite gets you into the game fast and easy. With our game you can begin enjoying one of the most well know card games in history. And while you may think this game is simple, think again. It’s not just about getting 21. It’s how you get 21. Our Blackjack Suite brings casino rules to your desktop. Take a gamble and throw down your virtual chips if you’re feeling lucky.

When you play our game you gotta know when to take a hit and when to stand steady. The right move can win you more chips and keep you in the game.

Troll Wizard

You are the Troll Wizard, and your mission is to travel to the distant Evil Castle where an evil wizard has taken the troll’s magic crystal. If you do not stop him he will soon bring darkness to the world! Troll Wizard is a fun side scrolling platform game. Travel across 15 levels and fight 5 fearsome bosses spread over 5 different themes like Forest, Caves, Mountains, Haunted Forest and the Evil Castle!

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