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Game du Jour Deals: February 23 – March 1

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Game du Jour is a "One Deal a Day" website for casual PC games. Every day of the week, Game du Jour sells one downloadable game at a steep discount.

Every week, Blogcritics Magazine will bring you a look of those games, so you know what to expect when the featured game gets its 24 hours in the spotlight.

Mon. February 23rd: 60% off on Cy-Clone

Tue. February 24th: 50% off on Cannon Blast!

Wed. February 25th: 50% off on MinuteMatch

Thu. February 26th: 50% off on Fab Fashion

Fri. February 27th: 50% off on Spuds

Sat. February 28th: 40% off on Arctic Rush

Sun. March 1st: 50% off on Spider Wizard


In an intergalactic dimension, aliens are on the offense moving in to annihilate mankind. The human race faces a threat beyond any they’ve ever known. One hope remains. You alone must clone their superior technology and use it against them. Can you navigate new biospheres in a morphing 3-D universe? Avoid the glowing-eyed skull, and prevail in Cy-Clone, a thrilling sci-fi shooter game.

Cannon Blast!

Set sail for an action-puzzle adventure that’s full of cannon-blasting fun. Grab and shoot all the explosive cannonballs in your path before Sharksword and his pirates sink your ship. Collect all the dazzling treasures of the oceans, and meet a zany cast of characters on this colorful swashbuckler’s quest. Featuring crazy power-ups, amazing 3D environments, and 100 levels of puzzling challenges, Cannon Blast! is an explosive adventure for the entire family.


Challenge your friends in five delirious mini-games! In MinuteMatch you compete to score as fast as possible by catching the good items and avoiding bad ones. But remember to keep one step ahead of the competition. Shellfish, sheep, tadpole, bird, spider — whoever you are, be the first!

Fab Fashion

A fabulous frenzy of fashion fun! The big show is approaching and up-and-coming fashion designer Kate Masters has only a few minutes to measure, cut, and sew her unique looks before the models hit the runway. Help Kate work her way from small-town seamstress to superstar by keeping her designs fresh, her models smiling, and her audience applauding. Featuring 48 challenging levels in eight exciting cities, hundreds of unique garments to create, and a scrapbook full of your accomplishments, Fab Fashion is sure to bring out the fashionista in everyone!


Spuds is an offbeat game that is part strategy and part puzzle-solving. You build a stable of SPUDs (Synthetic Pattern-matching Universal Defenders) that fight for you, die for you, race for you, and solve puzzles for you in an effort to overcome an alien invasion. You define your SPUDs’ behaviors using built-in easy-to-use visual tools, and then lead them through a single-player campaign or command them in a variety of online multiplayer scenarios.

Arctic Rush

The Arctic is one of the most inaccessible and mysterious places on Earth. And where there are mysteries, the tireless Dr. Scott appears. During the night Dr. Scott’s Arctic expedition is thrown into extreme danger. The ice shelf, where Dr. Scott lay sleeping in his tent, breaks away from the continent and drifts out into the high seas. Fortunately, Dr. Scott remembers to phone 911 and soon valiant rescuers, on helicopters and planes, begin to drop the needed supplies. Unfortunately, Dr. Scott’s troubles are not over. The rescuers have tried too hard and have almost overwhelmed the great scientist/researcher with emergency supplies and now he must escape from the dropping boxes!

In Arctic Rush you play as Dr. Scott, and your task is to survive the relentless cascade of boxes and score points by exploding them. You are assisted by your faithful dog, Sheriff, who will drive off the marauding polar bears who are trying to take the most important supplies. 

Spider Wizard

Spider Wizard is an exciting solitaire game based on the classic game Spider, a challenging 2-deck game that requires skill and a little bit of luck. If you have played the Spider game that comes with Windows ME/XP, then you know how fun and challenging it can be. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a little more? Spider Wizard contains not only Spider, but 15 other similar games. Variations include Spider One Suit and Spider Two Suits, which have card moving rules that make the game easier to win. In addition, it contains the classic Spider variants Miss Milligan, Scorpion, and Spiderette, as well as popular games such as Rouge et Noir and Simple Simon.

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