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Game du Jour Deals: December 8 to December 14

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Game du Jour is a "One Deal a Day" website for casual PC games. Every day of the week, Game du Jour sells one downloadable game at a steep discount.

Every week, Blogcritics Magazine will bring you a look of those games, so you know what to expect when the featured game gets its 24 hours in the spotlight.

Mon. December 8th: 40% off on Laxius Force

Tue. December 9th: 60% off on Cruxade

Wed. December 10th: 60% off on StoneLoops!

Thu. December 11th: 60% off on Saqqarah

Fri. December 12th: 50% off on Santa's Breakout

Sat. December 13th: 50% off on Gunslinger Solitaire

Sun. December 14th: 50% off on Haunted House Quest

Laxius Force

Laxius Force is the story of Random and Sarah, a young couple that finds itself engulfed in a war against the Order, a powerful and dangerous organization whose goal is to take control of the world. Meet Brussian, Wendala, Marion and their other friends as they join the adventure to defend Adretana, a town that happens to be the next target of the Order’s plans.

Laxius Force is an epic, addicting RPG at the crossroads of games like Baldur's Gate and the old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. If any of those are among your favorite games, then you should definitely give a try to Laxius Force. A new gaming experience is at hand!


Cruxade is a block-dropping puzzle game. It’s an outrageously simple game to play, with one simple goal: earn as many points as possible. Cruxade is a treat on the eyes, it has that ‘addictive gameplay’ that seems so popular these days, and it’s powered by an awesome soundtrack by a young go-getter by the name of James Armstrong.


StoneLoops! is an amazingly dynamic puzzle-arcade game set in the prehistoric world of Jurassica. Thanks to unique gameplay mechanics and non-stop action, it’s bound to please even the most selective gamers. Take a trip through the five colorful realms of Jurassica – from wild jungle, through endless glacier, to the edge of a blazing volcano. Own five houses and collect 24 trophies in this crazy, action-packed adventure.

Seventy-five handcrafted levels, three modes of play, and a vast number of power-ups makes StoneLoops! an incredibly fun game for both fans of a strategic challenge and those who just want to let off some steam and smash some stuff into tiny little pieces!


Saqqarah is a vast, deep and beautiful puzzle game set in the wondrous world of ancient Egyptian secrets, powerful gods and magical monkeys. With quality and variety surpassing everything you’ve seen in casual games, Saqqarah is a memorable and exciting adventure for everyone.

Once every thousand years a mysterious eclipse shrouds the ancient pyramid of Saqqarah. With help of Khufu – the Magical Monkey from the Underground Oasis – solve over 500 challenging puzzles spread across 7 different temples and restore mysterious powers of ancient Egypt in this rich and original matching game.

Deep and varied gameplay, hundreds of levels, outstanding visuals, captivating music, many trophies to collect and lively voice-acting all make Saqqarah our biggest and most ambitious game so far. A game that we’re sure you’ll enjoy it a lot and for a long time!

Santa’s Breakout

Santa is being a grinch this season and is trying to stop you from completing your breakout style game by throwing snowballs at you. You are in control of a paddle made up of candles and must bounce your ball into the bricks that Santa has created.

Gunslinger Solitaire

Time to wrangle up your card slinging skills for an Old Western showdown. Can you locate The Lost Gold Mine and The Treasure of Gunslinger Solitaire inside this historical American tradition? Travel the Wild West while earning money as a solitaire cowboy. Enjoy 10 various stages and 10 actionable rounds. Show no mercy when the cards are stacked in Gunslinger Solitaire.

Haunted House Quest

You must make your way to the Haunted House to find the cure you seek. Can you find it before the time runs out?

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