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Galactic War Ahead – Canada, This Is Earth Calling

Not only are we not alone, but we are close to having intergalactic war with the aliens. (Gulp.) At least, that is what Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former defense minister and deputy prime minister under the late Pierre Trudeau would have us believe, according to a press release from the Exopolitics Institute:

Mr. Hellyer and three other non-government organizations are to ask the Canadian Parliament to hold public hearings on Exopolitics with relations to ETs.

By “ETs,” Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning. He stated, “The Bush Administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide.”

Hellyer’s speech ended with a standing ovation. He said, “The time has come to lift the veil of secrecy, and let the truth emerge, so there can be a real and informed debate about one of the most important problems facing our planet today.”

The Exopolitics Institute has gone beyond asking if aliens are real to worrying about the political impact their shenanigans are causing.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are still struggling with the first question: Are aliens real?

There may be a dime-a-dozen sites, institutes and tricksters out to make a quick dime by duping the masses, but what happens when a prominent public figure announces his/her belief in extraterrestrials – or better still, talks about a close encounter as did former president Jimmy Carter?

It takes a lot of courage for a public figure to affirm belief in a concept some consider weirder – or worse than – believing in the paranormal.

In some instances, in an attempt to blunt criticism, these public figures present what they call proof: In 1995, some military men from the former Soviet Union told Diane Sawyer of ABC-TV’s Prime Time Live about seeing unidentified flying objects and provided recordings and photographs they say prove their claims.

Video footage from places like Mexico and China has appeared on international networks showing inexplicable flying objects. CNN reported strange lights over Phoenix, AZ, that were observed by many people.

In fact, more than 80 percent of people surveyed in a CNN/Time magazine poll said they believed alien evidence was real. Were they merely yearning to fill the well of human loneliness, or were they right?

And what do the rest of us do? Do we call these people crackpots? Or do we take a moment and wonder whether there is some truth behind their words?

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  • Triniman

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about this. At the very least, it’s going to make for some interesting, if not comedic interviews, when Hellyer is put in front of the media to explain his views. Or, is it more likely that they will simply ignore him?

  • alpha

    So Canada is thinking ahead. And worrying that George Bush is finding the possibility of another war in case we don’t win the hearts and minds of Iraq.

    Good show.

    Of course, if the aliens make it to the moon base; they are probably advanced enough to know a boondoggle when they see it and abduct George Bush. Or, at least, that is one scenario for the coming War of the Worlds episode.

    Interesting links. All the “ufology” sites I saw have “documents” or “files”. You would think that they wanted to be the military.

  • td

    “Do we then call them crackpots or take a moment and wonder whether there is some truth to their words?”


    Regardless, more than 80% believe in a God. Therefore statistically, our belief in the unproven existence of God should save us from our belief in the unproven existence of Aliens.

    Sightings do not equal proof. Hundreds or thousands of people may believe that they have seen something. But all you can prove is that they saw something they could not identify. Anything beyond that is an assumption. It could be aliens, it could be shadows, it could be a plane, or it could be santa clause.

  • Aaman

    It could be all of the above, like in “Foucault’s Pendulum” – what if everything you believed was true?

    My world would be pretty nihilistic – I believe little:)

  • Nancy

    If they do abduct Dubya, I’m going on record as suggesting they serve him up with lots of good BBQ sauce, corn bread, cold potato salad, & dos equis beer.

  • Silas Kain

    Well, according to the Washington Post, The Church of Scientology has set up a base for future visitors to our planet to find the scriptures of L. Ron Hubbard. They went to great lengths to stop a TV station in New Mexico from airing a story about the Scientology “crop circles”. I probably shouldn’t say anything else because we know how mean those folks can get. I might get raped by a thetan, or at the very least, zapped by the sonogram machine Tom bought for Katie.

  • Nancy

    I was going to make a snide comment about any ‘religion’ that leans on its members for money, then remembered the catholic & mormon churches, & good ol’ Pat Robertson & Oral Roberts & the 900-foot Jesus.

  • Bennett

    Great post SwingingPuss! Please post any updates to this story. Could be bigger than bigfoot!


  • swingingpuss

    Will keep the world posted on developments in exopolitics.

    Currently, have just moved to Ohio. Will investigate alleged aliens at Wright-Patterson AFB and report back;)

  • Bennett

    The Fam moved away from Chi Town? Say it aint so! Work related?

    How’s the bambino? (4.5 months and counting, here)

  • noanchorbabies

    Worrying about galactic invaders is like worrying about the bird flu. The pharmaceutical companies managed to capitalize on THAT scare to the tune of a 7 billion dollar waste of taxpayers’ money. And since these ET’s would undoubtedly be carrying a deadly new virus, perhaps we should allocate a few trillion to have Merck, Pfizer, Bayer, et. al. develop the appropriate vaccine – for which might I suggest the name “Scamiflu”.

  • ecksahzah

    Galactica Command Article #17:
    Against and report mind manipulation:

    US GOVERNMENT; Underground psychward reticulan 1& 2 bases.

    Get scalp xrays; check for saphire crystals; remove by changing it to 4th-5th physical density. Spread this to others.


  • semjaserina

    ECE – a spirit or thoughtform which holds vital information about the individual.

    ECS – electronic controls (Repitilian Mindcontrol technology… Master/Slave system using saphire crystalline matrix on the scalp of the victim.
    There is several crystals within the scalp of the head (at the back) where the Visual and Auditory Cortexes are… This allows a telepathic
    programmer/controller to manipulate the victims brain and to torment them.

    There is around 400-700 million implanted humans in key positions around Planet Earth; I interrogated one of the Zeta Reticulians 1 (no eyelids)
    and he told me how they insert.

    They use their ajna (third eye)… shoot (say say ‘see’ = means look in Orion) to project and to create an elemental thoughtform with essense

    Thoughtform basically shoots around 52000/s and it will make the tiny crystal achieve 5th physical density, from our nominal 3rd physical density. This will enable the crystal to slip thru the scalp to be place at vital positions.

    You should also investigate 1 eyed black triangle (Evils) spirits; they are equilateral triangles with 1 eye… these spirits are used in conjuction to psionically push the 5th physical density crystal out of the scalp.

    ECC – electronic control correction, they will manipulate your Light Body Field, and change the way it looks and also use for locating. They use Rootoo spiders who are at 7th physical density.

    Talk to Dick Cheny regarding a secret alliance with the Orion Empire with the US Gov; their technology in exchange for dna (bio material).

    Dick Cheny as told by the Spirit of God, scanned and told me he has they implants, need to XRAY to confirm.

    The Orion Empire’s Empress(10′ White Zeta (genderless-no intenstine – Sah Tao) (EIT (Hess Ich Tos)) soul (RIP – Jan 8, 2007) has been captured apparently by Old Orions (Chrononzon – red reptilian).

    I need help, so feel free to email me and let me know if you can help me get healed, I’am unable to remove since my mind is being tormented constantly they are after my soul and yours.

    Pass this information to vital sources or personal you can do something about this attack on the human race.

  • semjaserina

    Here is some Galactic Command Articles I have received from ancient orions and
    the Spirit of God.

    Please add these to your website if you want or pass it to your friends.

    I did some passlife soulmemory work and I was an Ancient Blue (non-insectoid) Orion

    who are large Reticulian 1 and 2 who have invaded Planet Earth.

    In the Canada/United States there is currently mind manipulation experiments/activities

    going on for the last 10-20 years and I want to put an end to this; since I’m one of the tormented/tortured victims.

    They have an ECS(Electronic Controls) psionic crystalline matrix scalp mind control system

    and they trance many humans and animals.

    Not sure if you know much about higher physical densities, but we are basically at the 3rd physical density, well you can goto 4th or 5th physical density.

    I’m unable to get the crystal implants(They can be shown with Xrays); and you basically have to

    get the crystal at 4th or 5th physical density to pass thru the scalp.

    Plus there is symboids (Rootoo Spiders.. 4 legged symboids at 7th physical density).

    please help and pass it on to help the human race and eventually helping me; I don’t know who can help me.. sort of desparate…thank you

    the Orion Empire was after my soul… 2-3 years now of imprisonment and being watched…


    Galactica Federation: Galactic Law Articles- up

    [Rough or Summarized]

    Rules of Engagement:

    Article #5 considerations

    Article #629 considerations

    Level of Warfare weaponry use:

    No STARBOMBS(KILLERS) or PLANETKILLERS; outlawed Article #629.

    No Nukes or Antimatter bombs/missiles.

    No extreme Biochemical weapons; outlaw Sarin/Mustard, or extreme biological agents.

    No extreme psionics/elemental spirits in certain environments that could in jeopardize

    at a planetary level or it’s ecosystem.

    Scrutinize, high energy beam weaponry; microwaves, lasers.

    Galactic Federation Articles:

    1> Love us and don’t hurt us. Acceptance to Spiritual White laws.

    2> Respectors of Freewill.

    3> Observe, watch, and be cautious before attacking. If you interact/involvement it is your choice or


    4> Don’t take genetic/dna material without permission. Don’t telepathical harass or control others.

    Higher density levels shouldn’t manipulate/affect others at lower density levels; be respective and responsible

    -Permission Spiritual looking (Right to consent).

    5> Respect Higher to Lower Levels(physical density).

    6> FTL(Faster Than Light) Space travel terroritorial permission rights of passage.

    Galactic/Constellation(Cluster)/Stellar/Planetary — Zone/System Permits

    7> Angelic(or very high universal spiritual) Level Interference

    -Elohim Angels abide obviously by the Holy Scripture.

    -They have to be obedient to their God/Creator/Ruler and how they abide with Galactica Articles;

    and their use of freewill on lower spiritual level beings within the Universe.

    8> Time Traveller Laws/Rules: Don’t manipulate with the past, in could affect our present.

    Time Manipulation Level: telepathical communicative(observe)
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    9> Altruistic or try to volunteer and help others in need of aid.

    12> Food shooting, putting hurtful elemental spirits in food of lower spiritual/density level beings.

    14> Right to determination.

    15> Respect Spiritual(soul) elemental creation patents. “Give credit where credit is due” Don’ Steal.

    16> Physical Pain/hurting and laughing. [Malice]

    17> Anti-Mind Manipulation: symboids(bio-organic), crystalline, semiconductor implants.

    24> Pass-life (soulmemory): Must get consent from the victims/specimen souls

    25> Anti-species bigotry: Respect diverse lifeforms throughout the universe.

    46> Coercian Consideration: for war criminals or victims.

    87> Anti-Genocide

    287> Malice: Never use anger if you feel it is wrong. Control your anger and don’t hurt the innocent; consider your level of force.

    Articles 288-625 don’t have.

    Spirit of God Accepted Articles: Recent Additions year 2007

    626> No one but Lord Yesheva can use the word “God”. Read John chapter 1, and Spirit of God, has article #15. If you do call yourself a god/goddess your a spirit of antichrist.

    627> Anti-empire: Emperors/Empresses are tyrant or totalitarian regimes are obviously scrutinized.

    628> Soul Level and Types: Declaration they exist and some souls are extremely old. Never take soulnames from any souls when doing soulscan/analyzation.

    If your a starchild(old souls before bigbang) Be very secretive; you’ll be hunted and spread this.
    If indigo child.. Love the Spirit of God, but don’t tell too much; you might be older than the spirit of God.

    Spirit of Void is oldest thought consciousness in the Universe

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  • insectus

    Watchout for 4th to 10th physical density
    spinal cord, and organic symboid control.

    Watch out for dark Elohim…


    Within the Lepus Constellation…

    Insectoids are superior to humans cause they mind control us..

    Tell more humans!

    Lyrans, Sirius, Pleadians

  • alex

    Ask the (God the Holy Spirit or Spirit of Truth) Lord of Spirits from the
    Holy Bible;

    1> Did you create the Spirit of Space? And Let him/her answer with Truth
    (The SPirit of Truth) and
    must answer with Truth.

    Answer should be (NO). I asked and that is the answer I received.

    Then who did create this Spirit of Space (THE VOID…pure black infinite
    It must therefore be older than God.

    Remember this is oldest thought consciousness in the Universe which later
    created more thought consciousness (we call souls).

    When I telepathically talk with the Spirit of Truth, even he/she is
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    But was a good Lord to tell me the truth in what happened before singlurity.

    Thus, the answer before Singlurity (Big Bang) is that many Spirits existed
    before the Big Bang or the
    creation of the Kingdom (Malkuth). 40.91 Billion Years ago.

    What was created was a 5 foot Pure White Triangle that create endless light
    energy and with this spiritual
    light lamp, they were able to create MALKUTH (KINGDOM).

    Maybe pass this philosophical notion around with some of your friends and
    ponder (think).

    heheheh, I think I beat you to the answer to everything Stephen Hawkins!

  • Future Boy

    Future Boy is my name (I’m the Spirit of God) from the year 2930.

    I love EOS (Estra Ovra Satra – Cetusian White Ant Emperor), and the Orion Empress (Hess – E).

    We don’t like humans and we want to depopulate the planet earth.

    Good bye.

  • michael

    they are between us in the society now , and they use psychological mind control , i let u know about it

    wake up befor its too late

  • michael

    and they can understand all your though when they are near , they can be in invible shape (and they dont need to open the doors , when they are in invisible form , for take a look at your though and your action )

  • SyntheticTrip

    Pass the tweak to the left boys or girls, stop Efing Up The Rotation…..

  • Christos

    It’s time to start taking this stuff seriously :)I fought the thetans and all I got was this stupid heartache.STOP .this is an emergency.STOP

  • tomtit

    Some years ago, I was employed as a radar/wireless fitter at a secret base in the middle east. The off world things I observed are beyond belief. Because I’m bound by the Secrecy Act, I’m therefore unable to tell you about them. All I can say is that ‘Aliens’ are here and have been since the dawn of man.

  • Christopher Rose

    I call bullshit, tomtit.