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Gaining the Most Value from Guided Meditation

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Meditation has great value and potential to improve your health on both a mental and physical level. For many centuries, meditation was a common practice among the populace in scores of different societies and cultures. But the process proved less popular in the western world—until the latter part of the 20th century.

guided meditation

This was certainly a good development because as more and more people began to discover the enormous value of meditational practice, the more interest was garnered. The expanded interest has led to increased awareness which means many are seeking meditation as a solution to their woes as opposed to traditional – and commonly unhelpful – pharmaceutical treatments.

It is a good thing that so many are looking towards meditation as a potential solution to whatever woes they may currently be experiencing. However, a certain issue of practical concern raises its head: how can you meditate with the intent of attaining a specific outcome when you are not experienced in the process? The answer is that you need to work with a person who can run an effective guided meditation session.

guided meditation

What is guided meditation? As the name implies, this type of meditation employs a coach/guide who offers step-by-step instruction to those taking part in the meditation session. Such a group can then follow along with the guide to get better results. For those who are not familiar with how to properly meditate or even what to meditate on, the guide can provide the right direction needed to make the meditation sessions work in the most effective manner possible.

This leads into another critical point:

Meditating is neither random nor lacking in focus. Often, there are specific mantras that are more effective in certain scenarios. There will be certain definitive images which are best visualized during the meditation sessions. An experienced guide will know exactly what to visualize. Meditating under the supervision of a talented guide will aid in ensuring the visualization process is performed correctly so as to arrive at the desired end result.

In some instances, a theme can be employed in a guided meditation session. The theme could be personal empowerment, freeing oneself of psychic hindrances, anger management, or virtually anything else.

Of course, solo pursuits based on reading about how to meditate from a marginal blog do not always yield the desired and needed outcome. This is why so many offer group sessions in guided meditation or solo one-on-one sessions. The availability of such sessions certainly is a great positive for those in dire need of an effective means in which to meditate in a correct manner.

Muddling through meditation is never the best approach to follow. You may experience middling results but nothing of a substantial nature will be likely. Consider this the strongest endorsement of all for guided meditation.

Of course, the fact that such a creature as guided meditation exists is not the same thing as having access to an actual guide. And even if you do have access to a guide, this does not automatically mean the session will be one of definitive value.

There is a classic saying in antiquity that goes along the lines of, “Who watches the watchmen?” You could modify this question to ask, “Who will act as a guide when undergoing guided meditation?” This is not a flippant question; it is one that does need to be asked. The reason is that if your guide does not properly help you with getting the most out of your meditation sessions then what is the value of working with a guide? The answer is fairly obvious: you won’t get very far because your sessions will be unfocused and ineffective.

How can you improveme your meditational ventures if words such as “unfocused and ineffective” are bandied about? As most will correctly infer, you will be best served only by working with those guides with the ability to truly run a meditation session in the proper manner. This will not only make the session more fun, it will allow the session to deliver on all expectations.

It is a sad truth that anyone can start teaching guided meditation out of the local yoga studio or martial arts academy. To simply offer guided meditation classes does not mean you are capable of running a class.

Those enrolling should examine the credentials of the person offering the classes. Does the guide have an actual background in the process? Does he/she possess the appropriate amount of experience necessary to perform such tasks effectively? Has the guide attained any certifications from a reputable organization with high standards?

All of these questions should be asked because they will likely reveal whether the guide you are seeking help from truly does possess the requisite qualifications needed to deliver what is desired from the session.

It would definitely not make sense to seek out the help of guided meditation and end up enrolling in a weak session.

Guided meditation does have tremendous benefits and offers a great many ways in which you can attain improvements in your life. Traditional solo meditation does have benefits but it has to be done in the appropriate, correct manner. Guided meditation certainly has the potential to deliver on expectations, which is why it is so strongly recommended.

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  • I agree that it can be easier to learn how to meditate when you can benefit from the wisdom of someone who is very experienced with meditation. I also know that it is possible to become very adept at meditation by doing it on a regular basis.

    I have a different opinion about seeking out the credentials of a meditation guide. Where does someone get these credentials? And even if the guide does have credentials, how can the student know how valuable the credentialing organization is? Also, isn’t it possible to be an excellent meditation guide without having received any type of credentials?

    I am a Licensed Minister. I teach meditation all the time. Is my license enough of a credential? My students think so.

    I think the determining factor that people should look for when they decide to work with a meditation guide is whether or not they feel comfortable with the teacher. If students check within for their Divine Wisdom, they will find the perfect meditation guide for them.

    Blessings –

    Rev. Della