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Gadgets: How Much Richer We Would Be If We Could Have Seen the Future

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walkmanI can remember buying a Sony Walkman in my younger days. Based on research provided by TradingAcademy.com, if I had chosen to invest $200 in Best Buy stock instead, I would have made $36,343 from the investment today. Now that’s what I call making the benjamins.

Another example from the past: many consumers spent $460 on an IBM typewriter. Their $460 would be worth $38,113 today, had they invested it in IBM stock.

If only consumers like me had crystal balls, we could have made fortunes by making only a few simple stock investments. We could be living much better financially today.

Mac users will be glad to know that in 1984 the Macintosh Classic computer sold for $1,500. However, if Mac lovers had invested that $1,500 in Apple stock instead of buying the Macintosh Classic, that same $1,500 could have brought them $100K today. That’s what I call making the benjamins big time.

Macintosh stock in 1990 was only $27.75 but is currently valued at a whopping $423.20. That says a great deal about the future of Apple and iGadgets in general. We can expect new Apple products for many years to come. I believe it’s safe to say that if we buy a share of Apple stock today the increase should be great over the next 15 years. Of course companies like Samsung have been determined to take Apple down for years. But being an Apple lover I feel many Apple users have a sense of loyalty to the company. There are many more gadgets bought today compared to 1990. So if you invest the cost of the New Apple iPhone 5S, approximately $800, it should be worth well over $100K in 2028. Note: that’s my personal opinion and not an expert’s so invest at your own risk. That’s where I believe Online Trading Academy can really help users learn how to invest money.

Investing money can be a very tricky thing to do. I suggest you do your research on any company you plan to invest with or buy stock in. Based on today’s market I believe the market for personal gadgets such as phones and tablets will continue to grow over the next 25 years. I believe this is where our society is taking us because we prefer smaller and faster gadgets.

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