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G4TechTV: What the Hell Happened?

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I am ticked off.

Rule # 1: Don’t ruin a good web site full of valuable information.

Rule # 2: Don’t mess with a man’s cable programming.

And by the way, could they be more original with the name? G4TechTV. Sounds like MSNBC or something.

The new G4TechTV web site does not like Safari at all. The layer that lets you get to the shows without having to go to the Shows page and scroll for ever and a day… That layer does not work in Safari.

What the hell happened to The Screen Savers pointer, the URL thescreensavers.com used to take you strait to the TSS Show page. Hello, change the pointer! How the ********* hard is that?

What the hell happened to the TSS show notes. Every day at the beginning of the show, they talk about 2 to 3 news stories that caught there eye. Where are the links in the show notes?

Where the hell are the years of archives from TSS? They are keeping the techtv.com domain for email, why not just leave the web site up until the web team gets everything ported over to g4techtv.com?

Is it just me or does this just seem like common sense? I understand it takes time to do things, but when its already there, its already there.

Both Sarah Lane and Kevin Rose have had to resort to using their personal blogs to post their tweaks and tips! What is wrong with that? According to Kevin they are porting one proprietary system to what…. another proprietary system. I am hoping that within these proprietary systems lives some standards, like XML for example. We can only hope.

At least G4 seems to know how to install and run a message board. Not that that is hard to accomplish.

I haven’t even started talking about the programming of G4TechTV yet. And I am not going to. The new station is horrid. I have never seen so many reruns in a two week time period then on this station, but G4 has always been like that.

The “merger” – if you want to call it that, has ruined TechTV. I used to watch a few shows on TechTV. Now I just TIVO TSS and don’t watch any of it. I play video games, I subscribe to video game magazines and web sites, but I don’t need to see the same review about the same game three times in two weeks (it has happened on G4). The video game programming on G4 is a lot of fluff. I still watch X Play if I have the time.

And they need to straiten out that web site. I refer a lot of answers to the knowledge found in the thousands of articles in the TechTV archive.

Originally posted at Breaking Windows.

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  • I completely agree. It’s as if Tech TV no longer exists. I loved most of the programming, and always considered the gaming and anime programs a distraction. Now that’s all that’s on.

  • Where the hell are the years of archives from TSS?

    No kidding! I just reinstalled WinXP (for the THIRD TIME!) this past weekend and desperately needed a tweak I’d seen a month or two back. Couldn’t find it – couldn’t find anything.

    I really, really dislike the strong gaming aim of the network. I tuned in to see computer/tech stuff, not more damn games. How many game-related shows does the world need? I’m sad to see that Invent This appears to have disappeared from the schedule, unless I’ve just missed it every time. I liked seeing all the freaks and their weird inventions, like the old man who build a table that washes dishes. Totally useless, but entertaining. I guess if it’s entertaining, G4T doesn’t seem to want it on their channel.

  • No wonder G4TechTV is a free cable channel now. I have about .5% interest in watching shows about video games. Much rather have the old Call For Help show back with Leo, Cat and company.

    As for the website content going away? Stupidest marketing decision they could have ever made. All that content, all the links and SE relevancy flushed for what? Ego?

    What a shame.

    Apparently some of the content is available. Check this page out: http://www.g4tv.com/feature.aspx?article_key=729

  • I just blogged this, Ken, good piece!

  • This reminds me of the Showtime web site, where if you have an IP outside the USA, they won’t show you anything. You just get a page saying that the site content is only available to the USA.

    You’d think teevee people would have learned from the debacle of the music biz, that if you don’t use the ‘net, it will just wait for you to drop the soap, and deliver a scene written by Tom Fontana.

  • At least you get it… Time Warner in NYC, just removed it from the listings!

  • They did mention that NYC no longer gets it at the end of Friday’s TSS. They said something about a Time Warner license dispute.

  • I believe that if a person wants to see how bad a merger is this, just watch the show, G4tv.com. Tina and Laura are horrible. I would go on but you have to watch it to appreciate how bad it is. As for some of the other shows, Arena, yeah that’s my idea of quality television, a bunch of people playing video games. Whoa, makes me almost wish “American Idol” was still on.
    Bad bad bad bad. Bring back TechTV in all its splendor. Let me say “Call for Help” with Wil Wheaton was far superior then anything I’ve seen of G4TechTV.

  • Ed Karges III

    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only person who doesn’t like the new G4TechTV. I liked the original ZDTV, then TechTV with Leo and Patrick. Now it’s all of these young geeks pretending that they know something about computers. Maybe I can change my Dish Satellite Programming and save some money since I don’t need G4TechTV anymore.

  • Mike

    I agree that the “new” TechTV stinks. I used to regularly watch The Screen Savers and Call for Help. Leo LaPorte and Patrick Norton were the best things going on either show. Now we have Kevin Rose’s know-it-all arrogance and Alex Albrecht acting like a 12 year old. TechTV apparently thinks nobody over age 14 watches or uses a PC for anything but gaming and piracy. I sent them an e-mail expressing my disappointment. Naturally there was no response. Thanks for letting me vent a little.

  • Mike

    Although I do like x-play… the ONLY video game show that should be on this channel!!! This show was on back in the good old days but it was called gamespot tv… I liked the days when the channel first aired, Leo and Kate were the perfect combo.. Kate added the fun to the show and Leo added his computer info with his down to earth attitude.. Its hard to find someone as technically supperior who can communicate publically. I also agree with Mike… Its like the new generation of computer nerds think they arent nerds! They try to appeal to everyone under 20.. Most of the people on the show nowadays could be Leo’s grandson or grandaughter.. ANNOYING!