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FX is an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange and commonly its usage on blogs will be in the context of Forex Trading, foreign exchange trading, or currency trading.  "FX" may also occasionally be used on blogs for something not related to Foreign Exchange trading. For example the FX Television Network or the Infiniti FX vehicle model.  These will be uncommon.

FX trading is the speculation on the increase or decrease of one nations currency versus another. Traders will participate in trading an FX pair such as the EURUSD. This pair represents the Euro vs. The US Dollar and trades as an individual vehicle similar to a stock.

Traders in the FX or foreign exchange market will most commonly be banks, hedge funds, or individual traders; they make up the smallest portion of the trading activity.  For individual Forex traders attempting to profit from trading or make FX trading their career, it is important that they gain the proper Forex Education before entering the market.

FX transactions are not always related to trading for profit. Sometimes one nation's currency will simply need to be swapped for another. For example, a foreign traveler to London will need to exchange their national currency into the British Pound.

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