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Futurism: “Too bad they were fascists”

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Futurism was an international art movement founded in Italy in 1909.
It unleashed the Future and had it run fast, leaping from the 19th century straight into the 20th.

All of a sudden so much mechanical noise – factory machinery, cars. airplanes. The artist and the poet, unable to fight those, unable to listen to the birds anymore, decide to join and herald the New Era, redefine the concept of Beauty and Truth.

A bunch of young Italian men, headed by F. T. Marinetti, declared war on the Past.
Went overhead and over the scale of ethics and values.
“Art, in fact, can be nothing but violence, cruelty, and injustice.”

In the end, were they the ones who heralded fascism, or were they proponents, sensors of that submarine of war and destruction?

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  • It’s strange how they declared war on the past but yet adapted ancient Greek pattern poetry into their works (although they were more extreme in their expression).

    I do enjoy Soggetti though.

  • Oh and boy, like the Futurist, that link of your’s was quite an attack on my senses (that red background is intense).

  • Eric Olsen

    I love the dynamism and vibrancy of the best Futurist visual art, but as you say, “too bad they were fascists,” worshiping the ends over the means.

  • Jack (visualsimplicity), indeed your site is at the other end of the scale from the link I gave. Very elegant, beautiful and sane.
    Yes, paradoxes abound. Marinetti himself wrote love poems to his wife, while in the the Manifesto he preaches “Scorn Women”.
    As for Soggetti, give us some links, will you?

    Eric, I believe the Futurists were even worse than that, They did not even consider theirs as a sacrifice, since sacrifice has some feeling in it. They worshiped destruction of all human values, of humanity itself. The joke is on them as their ideas were sent to the garbage while their work remains as another stage in Art’s experiments. Tamed by Humanity…

  • Oh boy Gino Soggetti links, that’s a tough one. Best I could find is here. Too bad it doesn’t show one of the most intense piece that came out of Futurism, a piece titled “Assaut”. I tried my darnest to find an image of it somewhere, but alas nothing turned up. Shucks.