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Rap is a musical style. Rhyme, on the other hand, is a gift. Tooth and Nail Recording artist, Furthermore, displays this gift in true fashion on their sophomore effort, She and I.

There are lots of artists out there today that are great at rapping. Even recently in the hip hop/r&b scene, artists have been signed that have promise—artists that work unbelievably hard– and even though they are great at what they do—lack something in their music.
That is where rhyme comes in. It is like this overall feel to the music—an underlying flow that links the lines, words and syllables together in an almost artistic fashion. It is what makes rappers great.

She and I was a long time in the making. Originally slated for an April 2002 release date, the album has been pushed back numerous times, and the band, in the process, went from a threesome to just a duo. Listening to their effort, you wouldn’t know that just two people could pull off the sound that Furthermore so eloquently pulls together.
One drawback on the CD would be the repetition. While the lyrics flow and change up continuously, the beats, the sing-song choruses and the keyboards tend to, at times, become monotonous. However, the monotony isn’t enough to significantly take away from the albums overall talent and, when considering the album in its entirety, it’s a very minor point.
Rap fans will love this effort. Beastie Boy fans will love this album. I like hardcore music and I love this album. It crosses genres and becomes its own essence, flowing where it may. This album is an experience not to be missed; not to mention it sounds great in your car.

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  • Big Al

    Sounds worth checking out, however, I will look for it at someplace other than Tooth & Nail’s online site, as they are always out of stock of their own releases, and kind of smarmy about it, what with them being Christians and all that.

  • Solamente Frost

    darn smarmy Christians…

  • The Theory

    i loved thier first cd… can’t wait for this one. oi.


  • The Theory

    and I am listening to it now… very very good.


  • JB

    I think their suff is reall good, but i’m haveing trubble findin lyrics… If anyone knows where I could find some i’d be grateful.