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Funny Scenes I’d Stop A DVD In The Middle Of To Watch Over Again — Part Three

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SPACED INVADERS When a group of Martians hear The War of the Worlds on radio, they rush to Earth on Halloween night, thinking their buddies are in trouble, resulting in one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. My favorite scenes are when the housewife throws the little green men out of her station wagon, thinking they’re misbehaving kids in costume, and when the Martians blow up what they think is a missile emplacement, but it’s really a silo filled with corn, burying them a moment later in popcorn. The best though, has to be when a perplexed Iowa cop tries to ticket an alien ship for going thousands of miles over the speed limit. Later they’re too heavy to leave the ground, until one of them thinks to flush the toilet!

CHRIS ROCK Guys! Have you ever caught your woman just looking at you…and not saying nothing? and “My job as a new father is to keep my daughter off the pole!

SPACE BALLS Mel Brooks’ send off is a must-see, for any Star Wars fan. I love the part where “Darth” stops the movie in the middle to review the videotape so the bad guys can cheat to see what happens next! “I can’t breath in this thing!” “The radar’s been JAMMED!”

THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC An eager young woman begins buying stock in a company, and the corupt board of directors tries to stop her. But in the end… “Miss Partridge! You are in control of the entire company!” “I am??????”

SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES A writer (Chevy Chase) is framed for a bank robbery, and he sneaks into his ex-wife’s (Goldie Hawn) house to talk her into defending him. Trouble is, she’s married to the District Attorney! The great scenes are… The stampede of dogs coming down the stairs during a dinner party. Goldie tries to get a reluctant St. Bernard to taste her latest batch of spagetti sauce. Chevy tries to explain to a judge how it was possible for him to have served dinner for the Governor and the District Attorney, but at the time having an arrest warrant out for him.

FOUL PLAY A San Francisco librarian (Goldie Hawn) gets caught up in a plot to kill the Pope. She beats up a midget Bible salesman and accidentally knocks him out a window thinking he’s been sent to kill her. Burgess Meredith tries his karate on a phony church secretary “She was a baaaaaaaad ole Mama!”

THE SILVER STREAK A cross-country train trip, results in several murders, and Gene Wilder being repeatedly thrown, pushed, or shoved overboard while it’s still in motion… resulting on him screaming “SON OF A BITCH!!! Favorite scenes… He “erotically explains to Jill Clayburgh the secret sex life of plants, and he hooks up with a car thief (Richard Pryor) who helps him sneak back on to the train by teaching him how to act black with some shoe polish, a hat and a radio.

SMOKEY & THE BANDIT If I have to tell you this story line, there’s no hope! “We jumped that bridge; did you see that?” “See Sheriff, I didn’t wreck her.” Boom!!!! “DUCK or you’re gonna be talkin’ outta your ass!” “Is she wearing a wedding…dress????” “She was!” “What’s she wearing now….Come back!”

HOGAN’S HEROES Two staff cars explode outside of camp, and Klink, Schultz, and Hogan dive for cover. When Klink can’t get Shultz to explain what just happened, he looks at Hogan and moans angrily, “If Berlin only knew one tenth of what I have to put with-one TENTH!”

AIRPORT In the midst of the first of many “disaster” films about a jet that gets crippled in an insurance scam, comes a breath of comedy in the form of Helen Hayes, who keeps stowing away on international flights. After some heroics, the airline gives her a free ticket and she replies sadly, “I liked it better doing it the other way!”

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    Can’t remember the name of the film – perhaps “hardware wars”? The flying toaster & iron, and Pcss Leia w/REAL danish pinned to her head.

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