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Funky Halloween: Hellish party treats for your tricks

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Planning a funky, hallowed party for Halloween? Well, there are ten key ingredients no worthy mixer can do without, ranging from CDs by Parliament and Michael Jackson to special Halloween candy and cult DVD treats.

Here, taste this soulful elixer for a Spooky JamFest. Your friends will talk about it for decades — if they can even remember what happened the next day:

1. Thriller by Michael Jackson, featuring Vincent Price. There is no Halloween Party without this fright night classic CD playing in y’alls neighborhood.

2. Halloween Hootenanny. Ambience is important, and if you don’t have Monster Mash and other sixties classics by the crew from Frankenstein’s lab, again, your authenticity is questionable.

3. 101 Spooktacular Party Ideas. Here’s a book replete with decor and interactive ideas for all budgets. It’ll help you create just the right ambience, with ghoulish style.

4. Saturday Night Live – Halloween DVD. Introduced by Wayne and Garth on the set of Wayne’s World, this hour-long compilation features frighteningly funny turns by John Travolta, Bill Murray, Adam Sandler, James Wood and others.

5. The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein by Parliament. George Clinton’s 1990 classic funk-blaster sends booties shaking on the dance floor. Includes such hits as Dr. Funkenstein, Gaming On You and Do That Stuff.

6. A tub of dat achingly sweet Laffy Taffy. True, the hip-hop song, Dat Laffy Taffy (Candy Gurl) is all the rage, and of course you’ll have that. But take it a step further: blow your guests’ minds by serving the actual Laffy Taffy candy by Willy Wonka as a treat. Umm, sweet sticky-wicked fun.

7. Vampire In Brooklyn. Eddie Murphy and Angela Bassett make blood-sucking sexy in this smoldering cult classic film. Run this steamy DVD in your chill-out room. It could lead some costumed Bride of Frankenstein down the aisle, fried hair in hand of her barbaric Mr. Right.

8. But not for long… Give any track from The Very Best of Chic a spin and your lovely Mrs. Frankenstein and her green-faced groom will report immediately to the dance floor for more rug-cutting.

9. The Haunted History of Halloween from The History Channel. Noted scholars and authors are interviewed about the roots of Halloween over the centuries. Clips from many horror films are included. If this piece doesn’t warm the crowd up for the big scare, nothing will.

10. Last but not least is Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, of course. “You can’t kill the bogeyman,” the children insist, but a hissing and shaking Jamie Lee Curtis hoped like hell that ain’t so. If there’s no demented killer with superhuman powers at your soiree, just pop in this DVD and watch the real fun begin.

So if you really want to make them shake dem bones this Halloween, dust off these funky party favors. Your friends’ dancing knees and chattering teeth will really go to-clacking over the best party ever: yours!

For more soulful Halloween tricks and treats, visit Viqi French Fever, the daily music blog.

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  • finally Dr. Funkenstein is getting some halloween credit.
    I’m thinking about being him for halloween but i can’t figure out how..

    nice job

  • jordan – i sure wish i could get my hands on you: i’d give you the transformation to dr. funkenstein you so desire!

    in my absence, try this:

    1. big, cheap afro wig (~$20 for any Korean wig store in the ‘hood). stick a bunch of stray shit in it (e.g., feathers, mardi gras beads)

    2. face paint (follow the album cover using black all over the forehead, adding emerald green for the eyelids

    3. black, long-sleeved t-shirt. add silver metallic-look fabric where shown. or if on a strict budget, use aluminum foil held onto the sleeves (temporarily) with straight pins.

    4. black sweat pants

    5. combat or construction boots

    and voila: you’ve got funk-to-go!

  • coltrane harris

    we love you doctor funkenstein, your funk is the BEST! ha-ha good one.

  • kianna